Arianna Sarrin-Devar

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  • Real Name: Arianna Sarrin-Devar
  • Race: Betazoid
  • House: 13th House of Betazed
  • Birthdate: 233004.17
  • Birthplace: Temple of Karawati
  • Eyes: Dark Brown/Black
  • Hair: Sandy Blonde
  • Height/Weight: 5'3", Unknown
  • Date of Death: 2372


Brief Biography

Arianna was the daughter of a Karawati Priestess and Betazoid nobleman, but did not belong to any distinguished House, therefore, when she married Devyn she took his surname and hyphenated it to her maiden. Arianna inherited her mother's exotic looks and the uncommon "blonde" tresses that are a rarity amongst her people. It was told to her at a young age that Karawati deemed the blonde Betazoids the keepers of the temples, although Arianna had much more decided for her life that veered her away from the religion -- that was school, where she eventually met Devyn and became a well known Geologist.

Arianna was a main stay in Alana's difficult child hood when she endured excessive treatments for her telepathy. She cried for the welfare of her young daughter, finding it hard to pick to lesser of two evils: The complete numbing effects of Vulcan training or the madness of her telepathy. She would often fix her youngest daugher Amathalea Tea to sooth her nerves. Alana named her son after Arianna's father, Keiran Sarrin.

Arianna was on Devyn's ship when it was captured and destroyed by Mirror Alliance members. Biosignatures of Devyn, Arianna and Arista were found in the proximity of the massacre, leading Star Fleet officials to originally conclude they were deceased. However, it has never been completely confirmed with bodily evidence. In the revelation with the Mirror Alliance, Mirror Devyn specifically said to Alana that the family she knew in her reality were killed by members of the Alliance, but that there could be chance that Galwyn could be alive. This fact would prove true in 2384.