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  • Real Name: Devyn Devar
  • Formerly: Ambassador of Betazed, Former Lord of Divine Peace and Protection of the 13th House of Betazed
  • Race: Betazoid
  • House: 13th House of Betazed
  • Birthdate: 233312.07
  • Birthplace: Betazed
  • Eyes: Dark Brown/Hazel
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Height/Weight: 5'll", Unknown
  • Date of Death: Unknown


Brief Biography

Husband of Arianna Sarrin-Devar and father to Alana and her three siblings (including half sister, Carmen Rogers). He was the elder son of 13th House Female Heiress, Katiya Devar who married a Betazoid artisan by the name of Sorin Gavel (he, of course, took her surname). His mother, being a highly respectable citizen and noble, was titled The Divine Lady of Peace and Protection. The title passes to each head of the 13th House.

Devyn grew up in a household with one younger sister by the name of Raina. As an adult, Devyn accepted the role of Divine Lord of Peace and Protection when Raina refused any connection to the house.

A delegate and Ambassador of the UFOP and Betazed, Devyn became an influential figure for male Betazoids and fellow delegates alike. Most men in Betazoid culture have often been perceived as the lesser sex, giving in to the influence of their female counterparts. Devyn became the exception when he took the reins of the 13th House, setting a definite marker and helping clear the way for equality of sexes.

He had an affair with Wilma (Carmen's mother), though his infidelity was not a reflection of how much the man loved his family. Wilma Rogers was a Terran woman, who worked closely as an Administrative Assistant in his circle. Though he cared for Wilma greatly, most believe his adultery to be a result of problems at home (i.e. the stress of having a daughter, Alana, that was sick with psionic noise).

He was known for his passion on the written word and how his speeches rolled from his mouth with such fire and passion. It was from this commitment and dedication did Devyn become one of the most notable figures of StarFleet.

However, the man's life was cut short by negotiations held near the Nuetral Zone. Revelations in the Mirror Universe led Alana to the real reason of her father's death -- he was imprisoned and murdered by the Mirror Alliance members.