Tempest Sector

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Tempest Sector
Tempest Sector

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The Tempest Sector is a section of space located to the galactic south of the Tholian Assembly. It is relatively unexplored as the Federation has yet to focus its exploration efforts towards it. Recently, exploration has shown that the sector used to be inhabited by an ancient race called the K'Thon. As of 2391, the Starfleet has assigned the USS Victory to begin studying the uncharted territory.

It is part of a larger southern region known as Nashira Rho.

Notable Places

The tempest sector is not an empty wasteland as once believed. Though many of the star systems are dead and dying, races do flourish on the few inhabitable worlds. Some of the most notable is the medium sized Ivuni Nation States, the inter-galactic trading hub Trapper's Point and massive nebula Orthica's Bane.

One place that all species of the tempest sector avoid is near the far galactic west of the sector, the Phantom Realm. Every species with warp capability have horror stories about that sector and refuse to enter it no matter what the cost.

An interesting planet is the Ammonia planet, located near the center of the area.

Federation Presence

The Federation presence in this sector is minimal with only the USS Victory, USS Ariel, and Outpost Echo presently in the sector. Starfleet Command has expressed interest in a more thorough study of the sector, but has met resistance from the Tholians. For now, the small squadron would be the only ones in there.