Outpost Echo

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“Et Dabis, Et Belligeratis Capto.”

We Supply, You Fight and Explore

Outpost Echo is a Federation space station in the Tempest Sector.


In the age of exploration, Watchtower class stations, like Outpost Echo, were used to guard new frontiers and were made to be built quickly and put into place with minimal issues. The hull of Outpost Echo has been used many times before, being continually torn down and re-assembled in modular pieces. Considered old by many standards, with the opening of the Tempest Sector to exploration, Starfleet ordered the construction of this station to give ships operating in the sector a closer hub for re-supply and its strategic advantage to the Tholian Assembly.

General Specifications

  • Name: Outpost Echo
  • Class: Watchtower Class Outpost
  • Motto: "Et dabis, et belligeratis capto" ~ Latin


  • Overall Total: 2700
    • Civilians: 600
  • Starfleet Total: 2100
    • Officers: 300
    • Enlisted: 1800
  • Maximum Capacity: 4600


  • Diameter: 849 m (widest point, docking bay)
  • Height (overall): 921 m
  • Number of Decks: 307

Energy Production Systems

  • Primary: 1 fusion generator
  • Secondary: Solar collectors


Outpost Echo is equipped with 15 Type XII phaser arrays strategically placed to cover all angles and areas of the base. In addition, it boasts 12 torpedo launchers capable of firing quantum or photon torpedoes, or launching probes.