Nashira Rho

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Nashira Rho
Nashira Rho

Nashira sector image.jpg


Nashira Rho is the name given by stellar cartography that covers a region of space from south of the Tholian Assembly to Rigel. The majority still considered unexplored, Nashira is divided in to 36 sub-sectors of space which, for the most part, are unclaimed by any specific race .

Named Sectors

  • NR-A1 - Tempest Sector
  • NR-A3 - Cestus Sector
  • NR-A4 - Vor’Cha Sector
  • NR-B5 - Mulphien Sector
  • NR-B6 - G’Roth Sector
  • NR-C1 - Typerias Sector
  • NR-D4 - Betelgeuse Sector
  • NR-F6 - Rigel Sector

Region Map