Trapper's Point

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Trapper's Point is the name of a station located near the edge of Tholian space and is considered a neutral location by many of the powers located in the quadrant and the sector. Not a large place, it has gone relatively unnoticed by the Federation until it's exploration in to the Tempest Sector.


Estimated to be over several thousand years old, none of the present inhabitants really know where it came from or when it was truly built. As long as any space faring race could remember, the station had always been there. It had first started out as a home for wandering merchants, but later became an acceptable meeting point for neutrality. A strong black market exists on the station and is unregulated as no power exercises a claim over it.

Statistics & Population

  • Name: Trapper's Point
  • Overall Population Total: 16,435
  • Maximum Capacity: 34,000

Onia img.jpg
Stellar Cartography
Region Abeka
Sector Tempest Sector
System Ashak System
Sun(s) Ashak
Moon(s) 1
Orbital Radius 6.08 AU
Eccentricity 0.1881
Class I
Diameter 23046
Atmosphere toxic
Hydrosphere 0%
Climate Gaseous
Blackbody Temp 0.77°K (-271.38°C)
Gravity 3g (earth = 1)
Primary terrain NA
Points of interest None
Length of Day 213hr
Length of Year 432 days
Native species None
Other species None Noted
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities None
Imports NA
Exports None
Affiliation None
Government None