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The comic book series "T'Senara" is the namesake of the illustrated fictional Vulcan cape-wearing doctor who was also a galactic superhero[1].

Vulcan Doctor turned Galactic Superhero T'Senara

One edition of the comic featured the fictional Vulcan doctor-turned-superhero T’Senara single handedly bringing down a Borg Cube with nothing but a hypospray and a phaser rifle[2].

One of T'Senara's catch phrases is "just lay back and relax, while I save the galaxy"[3].

The T'Senara comic was a favourite of the Emergency Medical Hologram Mark VII.


  • Edition 1: "T'Senara: The Birth of a Hero": This edition introduces T'Senara, a Vulcan doctor with a mysterious past and a destiny that reaches far beyond the confines of her medical practice.
  • Edition 2: "T'Senara and the Secret of the Cape": T'Senara discovers the cape that will become her trademark. The cape is revealed to have unique properties that aid her in her heroic endeavors.
  • Edition 3: "T'Senara: First Contact": T'Senara has her first encounter with a dangerous alien species, testing her abilities and setting the stage for her future as a galactic superhero.
  • Edition 4: "T'Senara and the Mind-Meld Mystery": T'Senara uses her Vulcan abilities in a new way, combining her medical knowledge with her mind-meld ability to save a patient's life and solve a complex interstellar mystery.
  • Edition 5: "T'Senara: The Hypospray Heist": A critical medical device is stolen from T'Senara's clinic, leading her on a galaxy-spanning adventure to retrieve it and uncover a larger conspiracy.
  • Edition 79: "T’Senara and the Changeling Conspiracy" [4]
  • Edition 121: "T'Senara: The Genesis Device Dilemma": In this edition, T’Senara was attempts to interrogate the Breen villain “Kroll” using a mind-meld, but he resists with genetically modified mental defences. [5]
  • Edition 128: "T'Senara and the Gates of Gre’thor"[6].
  • Edition 134: “T’Senara and the Gorns from Subspace[3].