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Character Type General NPC
Biographical Information
Homeworld Vulcan
Born January 3, 2355
Age 29
Physical Description
Species Vulcan
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Starfleet, USS Independence-A
Job Description Nurse
Rank 01-Ensign-Teal.jpg

Professional History

  • Transferred to the USS Independence-A in early 2384. Her roommate is Ensign Bolivar.
  • Doctor Hayden Reynolds ordered her to oversee the recuperating Lt. Quinn Reynolds after the incidents on TE-IV (238501.08).
  • She continued working on Quinn Reynolds's case until she was discharged from Sickbay (238501.14).
  • When the Independence was flung across the galaxy in March 2385, she was requested specially for Doctor Reynolds's triage team (238503.07).
  • When NP William Wittburn was prematurely discharged in late March, T'Ren oversaw his return to Sickbay (238503.20).
  • Upon Wittburn's readmission to Sickbay, she oversaw his case, first under Doctor Reynolds, then under Doctor Mal-ten.
  • Attended to Lt. Marcus Dickens when he regained consciousness on 238403.24.
  • Prepared extensive charts for new CMO Satscher on recent patients Wittburn and Dickens.
  • Reported to Doctor Mal-ten that the Independence was lacking in its motor assist bands, at least in Ensign Wittburn's sizes (238503.26).
  • Visited Deep Space 17 with Dr. Reynolds and Nurse Elizabeth Hathaway. While there, discussed the possibility of attempting a mind meld with Dr. Reynolds at his request (238504.07).
  • Explained to Lt. Cmdr. Lily Ventu that she had offered Dr. Reynolds advice in Vulcan meditation techniques, and had guided him through a mind meld. Offered similar services to Ventu, which were declined (238504.11).
  • Delivered the PADDs to Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Satscher that informed the physicians of their transfer to the USS Tiger (238505.05).