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Crew of the USS Thunder-A

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Lt. Commander Savan

Lt. Cmdr. Savan is Chief Intelligence Officer currently assigned to the Embassy of Duronis II and the USS Thunder-A.


  • Birth Name: Savan v'Risalthis (Approximated from Vulcan)
  • Terran Legal Name: Savan Bergen - entered upon registration of adoption by Torin Marcus Bergen, SD 237604.30
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 236403.15
  • Place of Birth: T'vral Kol, Voroth Province, Vulcan
  • Planetary Citizenship: Terra - transferred from Vulcan effective SD 237701.01
  • Hometown: Santa Cruz, California, Terra
  • Telepathic Status: T5 (potential)/T0+ (current) [See note on Telepathic Skills under Appearance and Traits]

Appearance and Traits

Savan, recently after graduating Starfleet Academy in typical off-duty attire
  • Height: 1.98 m (6'6")
  • Weight: 97.52 kg (215 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Hair Style and Length: Savan varies the length of his hair, from shortly cropped to medium long, at which he points he ties his hair in a simple pony tail. He also varies his hair style. The one haircut he absolutely avoids is what he calls the "Vulcan bowl cut." When Savan first arrived on Earth with that hair style, his cousins repeatedly made fun of it, but he stubbornly kept it until age 14. At that time, when Savan later admitted he was possibly interested in a classmate, they suggested he change it to a more Terran style. They also added it increased his chances of going out on a date. He immediately cut since the new haircut would be more effective, hence a more logical choice. And it was.
  • Eye Color: Greenish with brown tint, with the exact color depending on the lighting
  • Skin Tone: Medium olive tone. When on Terra for an extended time or after visits to warm planets with sufficient UV exposure, Savan develops a dark tan.
  • Build: Lean and muscular with long torso and limbs
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Scars: There is long scar at the top of his skull from when he bashed his head against a rock while surfing. This is usually hidden by his hair, however.
  • Tattoos: Savan has a tattoo on his upper left back, above his shoulder blade. He usually won't discuss it, but it is for a friend who died while he was in college. He also has a Tahitian tattoo on his right leg, which was done by his adopted mother's family in Tahiti.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): When out of uniform, Savan tends to dress in a minimally decorated soft suit in neutral colors, underneath which he wears a solid-colored sweater or t-shirt. Sometimes, this can be long, short-sleeved, or sleeveless depending on the temperature. He also likes dress in one single color, with a strong preference for dark blue, white, black, and grey. For meditation, he wears a Vulcan robe but notably without any of the usual Vulcan markings. Due to living on Earth and spending time in humid tropical climates, he does enjoy wearing swim trunks and sun glasses, when the time and location are appropriate. As Vulcans are rarely seen tanning on beaches on Earth, Savan is an uncommon sight.
  • Voice: Savan’s voice has a warm, deep timber. Some have even said it is relaxing–at least when Savan is calm.
  • Manner of Speech: When in a professional context, Savan's speech borrows from common Vulcan locutions often heard in Federation standard. However, when speaking among close friends and family from his life on Terra, Savan quickly takes on a far more colloquial and almost human tone. Some wonder whether is his manner of speaking in Starfleet is some kind of affectation or a personal cover, a way to cover up for his more emotional nature. When asked, Savan insists that his formal way of speaking is an adaption of the usual, polite honorific speech commonly used by Vulcans. Casual speech is reserved only for close friends and families, he insists.
  • Physical Mannerisms: When on duty, Savan adopts an almost military posture, leaving his hands at his side or behind his back and keeping any unnecessary gesturing to a minimum. Off-duty, though, he is much more relaxed, looking almost like an entirely different person. When he is far away from anything Starfleet related, his body language looks almost human.
  • Facial Expressions: Savan shows a far more dynamic range than most Vulcans. Sometimes, he seems very serene.When confronted with items of interest, surprise or humor, he often cocks his right eyebrow. In the midst of stressful activity, he can look intense, even fierce. His gaze can be very strong at times. Obviously, this can intimidate some. Often, he will show an almost smile, not bearing his teeth, but it does convey friendliness. When in very comfortable situations, his expression looks almost human. With close friends and family, he will smile more openly. The sight surprises some humans the first time they see him like this.
  • Carriage: Because of Savan’s intense training in martial arts and sports, he moves with a graceful elegance and quiet power. In fact, there is an almost some feline, animalistic way to how he moves at times, especially when he is tight quarters or in combat. Generally, though, he walks with a clean, confident stride, more expansive than other Vulcans.
  • Telepathic Skills: Savan missed much of the mental training that occurs during young Vulcan adulthood. His adoptive father Torin only has some intermediate training, which he did teach to Savan. Savan also had some training from a Vulcan teacher on Terra, but it was nothing compared to what a Vulcan of the same age would already master. Several psychiatrists have recommended that Savan avoid for the time being any mental training necessary for the ability to meld, as his emotional boundaries may be too weak. Savan has only melded three times in his life, and it was an intense, often uncomfortable experience for both Savan and the melder. That said, Savan does possess some intuitive abilities, often able to detect subtle emotions from others. His lack of learning strict mental disciplines can make him more telepathically pliant, which could cause dangers from telepathic species. Challenges aside, there is nothing in Savan's current physiology that would prevent him developing his telepathic skills like any other Vulcan. Hence, he is a potential T5. However, in practice, his lack of training and concurrent psychological issues make his practical status T0+.
  • Special Skills: Savan is highly trained in martial arts, holding expert status in Suus Mahnaand Wushu. He has advanced training in Klingon Mok'bara. He has also studied other martial arts traditions. His preferred weapon is the Vulcan lirpa, followed by the ahn-woon. His Mok'bara instructor noted, however, that the Vulcan is a formidable opponent with the bat'leth. "Not bad for a kid from a planet of pacifists," he joked.

Attitudes and Interests

Attitudes and Outlooks

  • Ambitions and Goals: Savan joined Starfleet with the idea of contributing to the understanding between species, especially as it was through an alien species, humans, that Savan was able to create a new life. But his reasoning to join Starfleet was also emotional: Savan was inspired by his mentor David Ironwood and the qualities of loyalty, dedication, and perseverance he embodied. Savan is sometimes uncertain if Starfleet will be his long-term career. He considers that he could return to Terra to join the planetary parks service when he is older. He also entertained become a full-time martial arts instructor, as he does enjoy teaching.
  • On his appearance: From the end of high school, several humans have considered Savan rather attractive. As he has grown into maturity, especially with his intense physical training, he has gained his share of attention. (Savan admits that he did "indulge" himself during college because of this.) Regardless, he is still sometimes baffled by the reaction of others to his appearance. He states that, like any Vulcan, he does appreciate beauty and may be more expressive about what attracts him. With the indulgences of young adulthood behind him, he now tends to be amused by how much time humans spend idolizing others. Issues of attraction aside, there is something subtly wild about Savan's physical appearance. Even though he's neat and well-groomed, his height, swarthy skin tone, and build create an almost heroic look–perhaps, much like the Vulcans of old, far before the Time of Awakening.
  • Nicknames: “Suave” and “Suavan”: While in both high school and college, several classmates were interested in Savan because of his good looks. Finding humor in the attraction to the sometimes reserved Vulcan—Savan would often become uncomfortable—his best friend and classmate John Torres would eventually call him "Suave" or, playing of his name, "Suavan." Savan does not share this name with ship mates, but it is still used by his close friends from high school and college. Upon hearing his nickname, Savan tends to smile despite himself. / “Sav”: Savan’s cousins Taurin and Tarek will sometimes call him Sav.
  • Personal Philosophy: One of Savan’s friends in college at the University of California joked half-seriously that Savan “aims to live long and prosper on his own terms.” While it was meant to be taken humorously and Savan found himself laughing the first time he heard it, he later found the description to quite “logical and accurate."
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Savan expresses interest in traditional Vulcan philosophy, but also pre-Surakian belief systems. He meditates twice daily upon rising and before going to sleep. He also maintains an altar, though it not traditionally Vulcan.

Personal Habits

  • Daily Habits: When on a normal day shift, Savan rises daily between 0300 to 0400 hours. His morning routine consists of bathing, meditation, and one to two hours of physical traning before eating breakfast. He also is meticulously groomed. On occasion, unlike most Vulcans, he does grow a beard. Savan does go to bed regularly at 1130, after a period of meditation.
  • Diet:In keeping with Vulcan custom that he adopted in childhood, Savan is usually a vegetarian. However, after having grown up on Earth, he has acquired a taste for spicy or strongly flavored cuisines. (His friend John Torres inspired his like for Mexican cuisine, in particular.) After spending time throughout the Pacific, Savan does eat raw fish on special occasions.
  • Drink: Savan mainly drinks strong coffee, Vulcan and Terran teas (with a strong exception of peppermint), and water. On occasion, he does have Mexican-style hot chocolate. Savan also drinks alcohol but only on limited occasions, when he describes it as an “unnecessary but pleasurable indulgence.” He does have an affinity for Japanese sake. However, he will avoid Romulan ale and tequila, as he has noted that both spirits produced “somewhat regrettable after-effects.” He has admitted that he did partake of too many “indulgences," including tequila, while he was a university student.
  • Living spaces: Savan prefers a clean and minimally decorated room but does like the scent of incense. He often includes one or two orchid plants. On display are his weapons (including a lirpa and a bat'leth) as well as a surf board and a canoe paddle. He also has a table for personal mementos and holophotos, as well as an altar.

Abilities and Interests

In a moment rarely captured, Savan is seen smiling with a high school friend on a beach.
  • Favorite Places: His hometown of Santa Cruz, where he first felt at home. Also wild or isolated places, including Alaska, the Yukon, and the Tuamotu Archipelago. He is also fond of beaches in tropical climates and will not miss the opportunity to get into the water. That said, he has yet to visit Risa and looks forward to the chance. He is fond of the Voroth Sea on Vulcan, one of the few places he misses on the planet of his birth.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Savan is an undeniably an active outdoors person. His main pastimes include martial arts, hiking, wilderness survival training, surfing, swimming, and outrigger canoe paddling. He is also developing an interest in holophotography. Savan also enjoys dancing, both as an artistic practice and as a social activity. (Savan taught an extracurricular tango class at the Academy his senior year.)
  • Dislikes: Bureaucracy, Vulcan snobbery and arrogance, tequila, closed-up spaces with no views
  • Likes: Open natural spaces, the ocean, and, though Savan would not readily admit this and has not indulged himself in socializing much of late, bars
  • Languages: At the Academy, Savan showed a strong skill in languages, showing a mastery for Romulan and, to a lesser degree, for Klingon as well. (He liked to use his Klingon to challenge his mok'bara instructor during sparing practice.) He also studied Cardassian to a high level but gradually found he did not care for it. Through his studies in high school and university, Savan also learned Terran languages of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin, as well as some Andorian and Deltan. Savan also learned some Mandarin Chinese as a result of his studies of wushu. Note on Vulcan language: Savan obviously speaks Vulcan fluently. However, until his late teens, Savan spoke only a young adult's version of the Vulcan standard dialect as he had left at age 12. His adopted father Torin later schooled him in Vulcan language. On occasion, Torin's father Selon also provided instruction during visits. During his studies at the University of California, Savan took coursework so he could have a strong fluency. While colloquially fluent, Savan does has a light accent in Vulcan, though it's difficult to place. Also, he is not familiar with scientific, technological and military terms and vocabulary, so he would be challenged if put into a situation that required such fluency, as on board a Vulcan ship. He has thought of contacting his uncle Staran for suggestions on the best way to learn this, but Savan hasn't had time.
  • Musical tastes: From Terra - jazz (especially, 20th century artist Miles Davis), classical Indian music, tango / From other worlds: Andorian blues, Vulcan lyre / Savan also like to work out to beat-driven music that developed from a late 20th/early 21st century Terran musical form called house.
  • Pets: When Savan was a child on Vulcan, he had a pet sehlat. But he was unable to bring him to Earth, so it was given to a cousin. While he does not miss Vulcan much, he still misses the sehlat. He is also fond of cats and kept two while in college. They now live with his adopted parents.
  • Relaxation: Savan tried to learn the Vulcan technique of deep body relaxation, which many has said is better than the Terran vacation. He has yet been unable to and has lost interest in any case. For short-term relaxation besides meditation, Savan likes to soak in herbal baths (similar to Japanese ofuro) as well as steam and sauna. Due to his Vulcan physiology, he can endure rather high heat settings. When he has more time, he actually enjoys the Terran-style vacation but likes to keep his activity to a minimum. In particular, his preference is a sparsely visited beach in a tropical climate, where he can swim, just float in the water, or lie in the sun to tan. That said, he likes Tahiti, Bora Bora and the Tuamotus, all of which where introduced to him by his adopted mother Tevai.

Relations with Different Species

  • On Humans: In general, Savan appreciates humans and respects their culture. Terra became his home when he would have been rejected on his home world. For humans unfamiliar with his background, his relatively friendly demeanor compared to the rest of his species throws them off at first. In general, Savan gets along very well with most humans and enjoys most social customs.
  • On Tellarites: Savan is not proud of his attitude towards Tellarites, but he finds their argumentativeness provokes a great deal of irritation and frustration. He manages to keep these feelings suppressed but prefers to avoid Tellarites in non-professional contexts.
  • On Vulcans: Savan prides himself on his Vulcan heritage but has an admittedly difficult relationship with the Vulcans themselves. He does tend to do better with part-Vulcans or Vulcans who have been raised on other worlds or who simply do not fit into the rigorous structure of Vulcan society. For all their supposed non-emotionalism, Savan often detects a good deal of hypocrisy. He has noted that his presence in the company of other Vulcans can inspire among them feelings of arrogance, fear, disgust, and suspicion. Of course, this may not be detectable to humans, but Savan can usually sense them. When told that Vulcans have no emotions, Savan usually retorts quickly and quotes the memoirs of legendary, late Ambassador V'Lar: "Upon observing the passions in humans and other species, many in our society have insisted our superiority and that we do not have such ‘primitive’ emotions. But this is false. The emotions of the humans are our own, and it would be in our best interest to acknowledge this.” Savan tends to avoid Vulcans socially but has no issues working with them in a professional context. He will tend to modify his behavior to seem more Vulcan but will keep conversation to a minimum and try to exit the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Other Species: Unlike other Vulcans, Savan does like Andorians for their strong martial quality. He is fascinated by Deltans but is hesitant to meet any after his intense experience with Irian. Savan has gotten along rather well with Klingons, thanks to his mok’bara training and his high fluency in Klingon. Being around Klingons for a sustained time can bring out deeper, more “primitive” emotions, so Savan has learned to moderate his company with this species.

Personality and Psychology

In one of his most remarkable traits, Savan is far more open emotionally expressive than what is typical of average Vulcans. The personality trait is a result from early Trellium D exposure at age 10 and his subsequent development of ESFD (Emotional Suppresion Failure Disorder), which rendered him unable to develop the complete set of skills and techniques to suppress his emotions like a normal Vulcan. Instead he has to found his own way to work with his inherent Vulcan passions. Moreover, Savan grew up on Earth from his early teens, so exposure to non-native cultures has also made significant changes to his overall temperament.

In terms of general personality, Savan is regularly described as friendly. Nevertheless, Savan remains somewhat reserved when compared to humans. On a unique note, Savan does have an occasional habit of smiling and even laughing or, more usually, almost smiling. Equally, Savan can express on occasion emotional upset, such as anger or sadness, though he is more likely to retreat into privacy on those occasions or wait for the emotional climax to pass before discussing it. Savan has regularly explained that Vulcan emotions are far stronger and wilder than those of humans, therefore requiring far more attention and discipline. Due to his ESFD diagnosis, Savan does have to regularly moderate the intensity of his emotions. Extreme emotions, whether positive or negative, can actually have a negative impact on his psychological well being, undoing his usual reserve and producing behavior that can be erratic, disruptive or even dangerous. However, Savan maintains a regular program of intense physical exercise, meditation, and sport. Coupled with regular medication, ESFD generally causes no problems.

It should be noted though that Savan, despite his emotional expressiveness, has not turned his back on logic in favor of his passions. In this sense, Savan would not be considered as one of the V'tosh Ka'tur (Vulcans without Logic), which is understandable as his psychological condition is medical. Instead, Savan has dedicated himself to finding internal harmony between the path of logic and his undeniable emotional nature.

Savan places high value on his personal friendships, though he has preferred a small circle of family, close friends and intimates. He will go beyond the limit to ensure and protect the well-being of those he values.

Similarly, Savan has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. In this sense, he has adopted traditional Vulcan values to the letter. He will voice his opinion but will follow out orders. He will also do whatever it takes, with regulation, to protect his comrades. In this sense, he can deviate from the Vulcan norm in that he would not sacrifice one or a few comrades to save a larger group.

Another strong character trait is intensity and dedication. Savan will apply himself completely to both work and leisure. Besides his openness and relative friendliness, Savan’s intensity is frequently noted by non-Vulcans. Most frequently, he is described as “passionate” and “deeply dedicated” to his interests, personal and private.

Family and Personal Relations

Family Relationships

Name Visual Background Information
Varis (deceased)

Father | Buried, V’ral Kol, Voroth Province, Vulcan

Varis, Savan’s father, a few months before his passing at age 36
Born in Shi'Kahr, Vulcan, Varis showed a promising career as a geologist. He married T'Val at age 24. After exposure to Trellium D and consequently developing severe ESFD, Varis found himself unable to function, lost his post and had great difficulty with losing emotional control. He tried various medical treatments and even attempted an arcane ritual with a Vulcan priest, but all attempts failed to improve his worsening condition. Toward the end, Varis began to regularly hallucinate. Feeling he had no alternative, Varis committed suicide at age 36. Though raised in the Vulcan way—especially as he was raised in a somewhat prominent family in ShiKahr—Varis became very expressive about his feelings about his family before his passing. In a moment of lucidity, Varis left a final holographic message for Savan, who finally watched the recording at age 18. Varis' final message: "Savan, I realize you will not have the future I had hoped for you. But I trust in your ability to find your own path, even if it means you leave our planet for other worlds. I apologize I can not fulfill my duty to you as a father. And forgive me for this final outburst, but I need to tell you this as my time is now short: I love you, Savan and that you have brought me much joy as my son. Live long and prosper, my child."
T'Val (54)

Mother | Botanist (Retired - Medical Reasons) - Voroth Province, Vulcan

T'Val, Savan’s mother
Born in T'Vral Kol, Voroth Province, Vulcan, T'Val was a botanist in the Vulcan Colonial Corps. Like her husband, T'Val suffered from severe ESFD after exposure to Trellium D. Following Varis' death, she became extremely withdrawn and, unable to properly care for Savan, found the most logical decision was to transfer custody of Savan to her older brother, Staran. T'Val now lives in a remote care center in a rural area of Voroth Province, where she maintains the facility's arboretum and garden. Savan has a difficult relationship with his mother because of her ongoing condition. He last saw her before he entered Starfleet Academy. Under the effects of ESFD, T'Val was overjoyed to see her son and expressed her love for him. However, she felt deep embrassment at her mental state and said that she does not want to see him because of her disorder, preferring a life of seclusion. Doctors say that T’Val’s condition is stable but that it is unlikely she will ever improve.
Staran (72)

Uncle | Commander, Vulcan Self-Defense Fleet - ShiKahr, Vulcan

Staran, Savan's maternal uncle and a commander in the Vulcan self-defense forces
Born in T'Vral Kol like his sister, Staran considered entering Starfleet but, because of family obligations, decided to serve in Vulcan's self-defense forces. While Staran was a sub-commander on a cruiser in the Vulcan home system during the Dominion War, he received news of his sister's accident. He did his best to raise Savan after receiving custody, but as a disciplined, logical officer with heavy responsibilities, he could not handle the emotional and often unruly child. While Staran had difficulty in maintaining contact with Savan because of his ability to accept his nephew’s condition, he did reach out finally to Savan after he entered the Academy to say that he was impressed by his young nephew's perseverance and ability to rise above the adverse conditions that were presented to him. Savan appreciated the message deeply. The two now stay in occasional contact. Savan will to reach out to his uncle when he needs a clear viewpoint, unfettered by emotion. Currently, Staran now holds the rank of commander in the Vulcan fleet. Following the threats posed to Vulcan since the Dominion War and the later collapse of the Romulan Star Empire, Staran would prefer a return to the days of the Vulcan High Command, when Vulcan could protect itself more effectively. While Staran does not at all favor the militarism and climate of deception that arose at the end of that High Command's era (before being dismantled in the 22nd century) and does believe in the more pacifist philosophy of the present, he considers the reliance upon Starfleet and his planetary government's overt avoidance of the use of force as illogical and potentially threatening for all of Vulcan. For the time being, though, he usually keeps this opinion to himself. On a related note, he notably does not trust most Romulans. Though he now maintains a residence in the capital with his wife, Staran prefers the simplicity of the life on board his ship, especially with missions that take him away from the politics of the home system.
Torin Marcus Bergen, PhD (66)

Cousin and adopted father | Professor of Interspecies Anthopology, University of Caliornia - Santa Cruz, California, Earth

Torin, a Terran/Vulcan anthropologist and Savan’s adopted father
The only son of a former Vulcan Starfleet officer Selon and a human mother in Federation Ambassadorial corps, Stephanie Bergen, Torin was raised between San Francisco and Vancouver. After joining Starfleet, his father Selon grew progressively enamored with alien and particularly human cultures—including human women. As Bergen was the last in her family line, she notably insisted Torin take her family name. (Selon knew to not object to his wife.) However, Torin only uses his full name for academia and legal affairs nowadays. For all other interactions, he uses only his Vulcan first name. Because of Selon’s fascination with humanity and his mother’s strong personality, Torin was raised mainly in the Terran tradition. His father did school him in Vulcan language and philosophy, however, to give him the chance to discover the Vulcan way for himself. Yet, unlike many Vulcan fathers, he insisted his son follow his own path. Torin thinks this may be due to that the remaining, though usually undiscussed, influence of a few family's ancestors who may have been V'tosh Ka'tur. With age, Torin has progressively embraced Vulcan culture over the years and shared it with his family. Savan's presence in his life only served to increase his interest in his fathers culture. After several research posts, he currently serves as a professor of interspecies anthropology at the University of California. He lives in Santa Cruz with his wife of 35 years, Tevai. He expressed some disappointment that Savan joined Starfleet instead of pursuing a career in the planetary parks service, partially as he has truly considered Savan as his own son and wanted him to stay near. However, Torin remains supportive of Savan's career decision but is not sure if Savan can follow such a by-the-book career path. During a visit home Savan’s last year at the Academy, Torin told him: "Savan, because of the circumstances of your life, you have grown an appreciation for the wild and unconstrained. You need to honor this within you, lest this passion overwhelms you one day."
Tevai Heremoana Duval, MD (60)

Adopted mother | Doctor of sports medicine - Santa Cruz, California, Earth

Tevai Duval, Torin's wife and Savan's adopted mother
Born and raised in Tahiti, Tevai Heremoana Duval is a noted former surf champion. Following her surf career, Duval became a doctor specializing in sports medicine. Duval admits that she found Savan's presence initially challenging when he first arrived, finding difficulty in supporting Savan's deep emotional problems. But the two became close after Savan, then age 14, went on a surf trip home with her and her sons to the South Pacific. After the trip, Savan opened up and told her that the trip was the first time he had been happy since before the accident. Duval now considers Savan like her own son.
Taurin “Tau” Michel Bergen-Duval (31)

Cousin and adopted Brother | Profesional surfer and surf instructor - Malibu, California and Tahiti, Oceania, Terra

Taurin, or Tau, Savan’s cousin and adopted brother
The eldest son of Savan's adopted father Torin, Taurin is three years older than Savan. He is a champion surfer and has won several planetary competitions. Taurin now splits his time between the South Pacific and Southern California, where he has become a leading surf teacher. He still occasionally competes but has realized he prefers the role of coach and teacher. His nick name is Tau. Taurin has shown more interest in Vulcan culture than his younger brother and has even learned to speak conversational Vulcan but finds it difficult–like most things from that planet. Savan has looked up to Taurin as an other brother, especially as Taurin helped his brother adapt to life on Earth and understand Earth customs and culture. Notably, Taurin was the first person to insist that Savan get rid of his typical Vulcan haircut. Out of the two brothers, Taurin is the quieter, more introspective one.
Tarek Marama Bergen-Duval (28)

Cousin and adopted Brother | Swimming coach - Melbourne, Australia, Terra

Tarek, Savan’s cousin and adopted younger brother
Torin and Duval's youngest son, Tarek is a year younger than Savan. Tarek was also a competitive surfer but also pursued competitive swimming. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and serves as a university coach. While he is called Tarek by his father, his mother and friends often call him by his Tahitian middle name, Marama. Tarek appreciates his Vulcan heritage but associates far better with his human side. In fact, for Tarek, being Vulcan is just like being a particular ethnicity on Earth. Despite Torin's efforts, Tarek gave up learning Vulcan at a young age. But thanks to Savan, Tarek has a learned a few things, including the basic of using the lirpa and rudimentary Suhs Mahna. Tarek made a point to thank Savan for that training when it saved Tarek from a concussion during a bar fight in Sydney. Tarek has a much more humorous relationship with Savan and will regularly joke around and try to make his cousin laugh, especially in public. Tarek is often successful.

Close Friends

Name Visual Background Information
John Torres (29)

Best friend | Architect - Mexico City, Mexico, Terra

John Torres, Savan’s best friend since high school
Savan met John sophomore year at the Interspecies Day School of California, where Torres' family enrolled him so he could get a better understanding of other species. The two became close friends and later shared an apartment while attending the University of California. At that time, Torres would regularly introduce Savan as "the baddest ass Vulcan you'll ever meet," to which Savan would often cock his eyebrow and frown. Nevertheless, Torres’ introduction would often lead to interesting experiences while they were in college. It is partly because of Torres—or, in Savan’s words, “John’s fault”—that Savan will no longer drink tequila. (In fact, the smell of it and similar spirits makes him nauseous.) Torres has calmed down quickly after graduating university. Now in his late 20s, John is now married and works as an architect in Mexico. Torres and his wife have one child, Isabela, for whom Savan is the proud godfather. Torres is the person who has the easiest time in making Savan laugh, even more so than Tarek. Torres has no hesitation about telling Savan the truth about what he think and has not problem in calling Savan out when he feels his friend is out of line or simply out of touch. Though they have argued on occasion because of this, Savan appreciates Torres' honesty. Despite the distance and current professional responsibilities, Savan and Torres stay in close touch. After his family, Torres is the first person that Savan will visit when on Earth.
David Ironwood (55)

Mentor | Retired Starfleet Marine - Sausalito, California, Terra

David Ironwood, a former Starfleet Marine who mentored Savan
A former Starfleet Marine, Ironwood received several commendations during the Dominion War. Shortly thereafter, he left the service and returned to Earth and became a teacher. Ironwood met Savan in a tactical training class during Savan's senior year at university. Seeing a natural talent, Ironwood eventually gave him private instruction and later encouraged him to join Starfleet. Through his old contacts, Ironwood notably got Savan the rare opportunity to train with a group of Starfleet Marines in Alaska. Savan considers Ironwood to be the first mentor in his life and holds him in high esteem. He will drop everything to assist his teacher should he need it.

Intimate Relationships

As Vuclans go, Savan is quite unique in his relative openness to romance and intimacy. After adapting to life on Terra, Savan admitted at age 14 to his cousins that he was interested in a classmate. While that classmate didn't return his interest, Savan became more and more open about possible romantic feelings and interest. His first serious relationship was with Sarinae, an Ardanan student, who put him in touch with his romantic feelings and helped him to see the beauty in them.

During his studies at the University of California, Savan developed a progressively active social life, frequently attending events, parties and bars around and off campus. (This was partially at the encouragement of his best friend John Torres.) Savan dated a few humans for brief periods (for a few weeks to three months at most), and had other “intimate interactions,” as he calls them, but none led to a significant long-term relationship. During the beginning of his junior year, he met Irian, a Deltan. While the relationship never became a romantic one, Savan was very overwhelmed by the whole encounter.

The rigors of his security training at Starfleet Academy left Savan little time for any romantic pursuits. Savan did develop a close relationship with Magna Roman cadet Gnaeus Aelius Galeo, whom Savan calls his th’y’la, to express his deep connection. To this point, the relationship, though deep, is not a romantic one. Prior to graduation, Savan had some interest in a younger cadet, Vresan, a Romulan refugee. After the two became friends, Vresan said that Savan reminder her of a famous Romulan hero, adding that it was always her dream to meet him. Because Savan was assigned to oversee her group as a senior cadet, the two eventually decided that any fraternization would be against regulation.

As Savan has gotten older, his attitude towards relationships and romantic interactions has become more mature and admittedly more restrained. That said, on occasion, when he is sufficiently attracted to someone, he will flirt, though more subtly than most humans. When he does have problems with affairs of the heart, he will turn to his adopted parents, who both offer appreciated advice. If he needs a brutally honest opinion about a relationship–with the exception of Galeo–he'll turn to his friend John Torres. Seeing Savan's intense focus on Starfleet and duty, Torres has repeatedly told Savan to avoid the usual trap of many officers–marrying their career.

Name Visual Background Information
Sarinae (29)

Former girlfriend | Artist - Stratos, Ardana

Sarinae, Savan’s first serious romantic interest
Savan met Sarinae, the daughter of an Ardanan representative to the Federation Council, in philosophy class during his junior year of high school. After spending much time over the following summer, the two began to date. Initially, Savan had a challenge in opening up to her, but he eventually relaxed and became himself. The relationship went very well but ended after she returned to the capital city of Stratos to continue her education. Though they maintained contacted for a year, they fell out of touch and have not spoken for 10 years. However, Savan still remembers her fondly and credits Sarinae for showing him to not being afraid of his feelings. Recently, a high school classmate told Savan that Sarinae is now a respected artist on Ardana and still single.
Irian (33)

Current career unknown | Location unkown

Irian, a Deltan who was an exchange student at the University of California
During the beginning of his junior year at university, Savan became drawn to a Deltan exchange student, Irian. The two spent a significant amount of time over a few months, discussing a variety of topics and often exploring the surrounding wilderness , and Savan later expressed his feelings and how he wanted to turn the relationship into something more. While not under an Oath of Celibacy—only required for Deltans in Starfleet and other kinds of similar interstellar posts—Irian chose to not turn the relationship into a romantic one despite his desire to do so–especially as he was uncertain how contact with a Deltan would affect a Vulcan as sensitive as Savan. Nevertheless, Savan was deeply effected by the experience and Irian’s subsequent return to Delta IV, which, along with other occurrences, made him decide to take a semester off. Savan still has often vivid dreams of Irian, but he finds them overwhelming and discusses them with absolutely no one. He has considered looking for Irian at times but has chosen to focus on his career in Starfleet. That said, Savan is unsure and, perhaps, even afraid of what might happen should he meet Irian again.
Gnaeus Aelius Galeo (26)

T’hy’la | Starfleet Cadet - San Francisco, California, Terra

Gnaeus Aelius Galeo, a Starfleet Cadet from Magna Roma
While Savan’s intense schedule at the Academy left little free time, Savan did develop a particularly close relationship with a cadet from Magna Roma, Gnaeus Aelius Galeo, who was in training to become a marine. Several cadets thought the two were romantically attached, but both insisted their relationship was a fraternal one. While they were rarely seen together at social events, they were usually only seen together sparring or training in the gymnasium or in the mess hall after all. The only time they spent together off campus were on hikes and one short trip during a break to see Roman and Greek ruins in the Mediterranean. Galeo also taught Savan the basics of Magna Roman military physical training. For a long time, Savan did not know how to define their relationship, which was closer and more important than a regular friendship, even a strong one like he has with John Torres. When Savan explained the situation to his adopted father Torin, Torin suggested the Vulcan term th’y’la, which was probably not taught to Savan since his Vulcan education stopped so early. Torin did make note of the word’s ambiguity, as th’y’la can mean "friend," “brother," or “lover.” Eventually, Savan told Galeo how he appreciated their friendship and explained the word th'y'la to him. To Savan's surprise, the Magna Roman smiled and offered that there was actually similar word, erostoïs, that developed in one of his planet’s prominent ancient cultures—one very similar to Ancient Greece on Terra. It is still used today, added Galeo. Since then, in private, Savan refers to Galeo as his th'y'la, while Galeo calls him his erostoïs. In a sense, the relationship remains a mystery to Savan, as it touches a part of him so deep he can barely understand it. He does know, however that he would sacrifice himself without question to save Galeo if his th’y’la’s life were ever in changer. Savan keeps remains in touch with Galeo and keeps his picture next to his family mementos. Galeo will finish his marine training and graduate from the Academy over the next year. Savan secretly hopes they can be posted together. Savan's best friend John Torres has tried a few times to express his thoughts on what Savan's relationship to Galeo actually is, but Savan has cut him off every time. It's the one topic where Savan will not take his friend's advice. Torres gave up eventually and decided to let Savan figure things out for himself, though he thinks the nature of their real relationship, though still unfulfilled, is clearly obvious.
Vresan (22)

Former subordinate in cadet training group | Starfleet Cadet - San Francisco, California, Terra

Vresan, a Starfleet Cadet from a Romulan background - San Francisco, California, Terra
Vresan is the daughter of Romulan refugees, who, despite many challenges, was admitted into Starfleet Academy. During Savan’s final year, he was assigned to oversee her first-year training group of cadets. The two felt an immediate attraction that was for awhile left unspoken. Eventually, Vresan told Savan that he had the likeness of a great Romulan war hero whom she had always dreamt of meeting. Given the intensity of the attraction, the two briefly considered starting a relationship. But both have a strong sense of duty and discipline and decided against it, as it would be a distraction to their professional relationship. Before Savan left the Academy, Vresan told him in private, “We may be creatures of duty, but in the near future, we will no longer need to be concerned about regulations." She then reached her index and middle finger held together and touched his. “And one day soon, I will find you.” Savan smiled.

Starfleet Relationships

Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder-A

Name Visual Background Information
Paul Scudder
Paul Scudder, former counselor at the Duronis II Embassy
Shortly after reporting for duty on the USS Thunder-A, Savan met Counselor Paul Sudarshan Scudder. The counselor had been treating a rescued slaved from the Zone who tried to flee the ship with a nurse as hostage. The interaction between the two officers turned out to be just as dramatic as that with the slave, who was later named Kaumari. While Savan and Scudder's relationship could be argumentative, even antagonistic, at times in professional settings–as sometimes is the case with Vulcans and other species–Savan eventually developed a strong fondness for the counselor. A series of trying events at the Embassy thwarted planned social activities during their first shore leave. At the end of that leave–remarkably right after both Scudder and Savan received a Captain's Commendation ribbon–Scudder revealed that he had been suddenly transferred to the USS Darwin-A in the Delta Quadrant. With that news, Savan finally realized the actual nature of his feelings for Scudder, which he then revealed the night before Scudder departed from the Embassy.


  • SD 236403.15 - Born in T’Vral Kol, Voroth Province, Vulcan to Varis and T'Val.
  • SD 237405.02 - Savan (age 10, Earth years) and his family are on a transport to the V’Radan colony when, following a containment breach in the storage hold, Trellium D is released into the ship’s air supply. Savan and his parents suffer from Trellium D exposure, leading to critical health problems. The final diagnosis is Emotional Suppresion Failure Disorder (ESFD).
  • SD 237506 - When Savan is 11, Savan’s father, unable to cope with ESFD, commits suicide. Two weeks later, his mother T’val, devastated by the loss, transfers custody to her older brother, Staran, then a sub-commander in the Vulcan self-defense fleet.
  • SD 23760415 - Unable to raise Savan due to the the child’s emotional problems, Savan’s maternal uncle Staran transfers custody of Savan to his half-Vulcan cousin, Torin Marcus Bergen, an interspecies anthropologist on Terra.
  • SD 237604.30 - Savan’s adoption is registered on Terra, and he is given the legal name Savan Bergen. Savan is 12.
  • SD 237701.01 - Savan’s planetary citizenship is transferred to Terra from Vulcan.
  • SD 237809.05 - After a year of private study and therapy, Savan (age 14) is enrolled at the Interspecies Day School of California, located in San Francisco.
  • SD 238206.25 - Savan (age 18) graduates from IDSC as class valedictorian.
  • SD 238209.01 - Savan starts his studies at the University of California.
  • SD 238501.15 - After a very lackluster first semester his junior year caused, in part, by an overactive social life and personal problems, Savan takes a leave of absence during the 2nd semester. He hikes several mountain ranges on Terra.
  • SD 238609.02 - Savan (age 22) returns to the University of California.
  • SD 238610.12 - Savan (age 22) begins study at the private tacitcal academy established by retired Starfleet Marine David Ironwood.
  • SD 238712.12 - Savan (age 23) graduates with a BA in Environmental Studies with High Honors from the University of California.
  • SD 238805.25 - After a four month intensive, Savan (age 24) is awarded status as a Suus Mahna expert, the second highest ranking, by the Interplanetary Martial Arts Association.
  • SD 238807.07 - Through a connection via his instructor Ironwood, Savan trains in the wilderness of Alaska with a group of Starfleet Marines, his most challenging survival experience to date.
  • SD 238901.04 - Savan (age 24) enters Starfleet Academy. Interested by both the marine corps and security, he ops to major in the latter.
  • SD 239301.20 - Savan (age 28) graduates from Starfleet Academy with a major in security. He takes the weeks off before his cadet cruise to travel Terra with his adopted family.
  • SD 239303 - Savan arrives at Starbase 118 for his cadet cruise.
  • SD 239303.15 - Savan reports for duty as tactical/security officer on the USS Thunder-A, assigned to the Federation embassy on Duronis II.

Personal History

Early Childhood

Savan was born to two young Vulcan researchers—Varis, a geologist, and T'Val, a biologist, both of whom had promising careers in the Vulcan Colonial Corps, often assisting with new Federation colonies. The couple married at an early age, shortly after completing their university studies. While in their mid-twenties (Earth standard), T'Val gave birth to Savan in the city of T'Vral Kol, at her family estate that overlooked the Voroth Sea. Much of Savan’s early childhood was without incident and quite typical of Vulcan children. The only exception was that he accompanied his parents to two new Federation colonies at age 5 and age 7. On each occasion, the family spent a year away from Vulcan. His parents appreciated the chance to interact and learn about alien cultures. This gave Savan an early exposure to other species and fostered his curiosity about other worlds and cultures, a quality encouraged by his parents.

The Accident

On Stardate 237405.02, when Savan was approximately 10 Earth years, he once again accompanied his parents. Their journey meant to take them from Vulcan to the then-new Vulcan colony, V’Radan. During the final leg of their journey, the independently run transport became caught in an ion storm, causing irreparable repair to the warp drive and leaving the ship with no option but taking refuge in a nearby unexplored solar system. Unbeknownst to the the Vulcans, the transport was carrying a large shipment of Trellium D that had been safely contained. However, a breach in the containment field and other events led to the gradual release of Trellium D into the ship’s ventilation system. Eventually, Savan’s parents suffered from moderate exposure. While the exposure did not lead to the violent, irreparable state that had been seen on a Vulcan ship in the 22nd century, Varis and T'Val both lost control of their emotional suppression, leading to progressively worse states of paranoia and rage. After the couple nearly killed the ship’s captain, the physician managed to put sedate them and put them into stasis. Savan had been in a different area of the ship and suffered a lesser degree of exposure. While the exposure was not fatal for his parents,it would soon become apparent that they would never fully able to recover.

The Aftermath

In the months after the accident, the family was treated first in a Federation medical facility and then transferred back to Vulcan. Initially, it was thought that the family could regain a normal life, but this proved to be impossible. Varis' treatments–which even included an arcane ancient rite with a Vulcan priest–proved to be ineffective. Faced with the end of any career and irreparably permanent loss of emotional control, Varis evetually committed suicide about two years after the accident. T'Val managed to show more improvement but the loss of Varis affect her deeply, leading her to seek refuge in a Vulcan clinic located in Voroth province. Before going into retreat, T'Val passed custody of Savan to her older brother Staran, an officer in the Vulcan self-defense fleet. Despite his initial and genuine efforts, Staran soon realized he would be unable to raise the child on Vulcan. The Trellium D exposure, coupled with the loss of his parents, left Savan unable to develop the emotional suppression common in Vulcans, consequently rendering him unable to effectively function and thrive in the rigorous education expected of the average Vulcan youth. A near fatal attack on two schoolmates led to Savan's permanent supsension from the Vulcan school system, leading Staran to look for some way to send the child off-world for a better life.

Evantually, Staran was able to find his distant cousin Torin, a half-Vulcan who was an interspecies anthropologist in Northern California. Torin’s father, Selon, joined Starfleet and married a human female. Despite his father’s preference for alien cultures, Torin did learn much from Selon and managed to raise his own two sons with some Vulcan culture and taught them basic mental disciplines in order to help contain any vestigal Vulcan drives, all the while knowing their dominant human blood left them for all intents and purposes humans in the eyes of fellow Vulcans. (Their Vulcan features do make other humans consider them as Vulcans.) While Torin could not consider himself a pure Vulcan, he did pride himself on his Vulcan ancestry, over the years, and was eventually able to reestablish and restablished contact with his father’s family.(Selon had a falling out with his father when he joined Starfleet and later did not invite his family to his wedding.) Thankfully, the family hailed from the small city of T’Vral Kol, located on the shores of the Voroth Sea, Vulcan's largest ocean. In keeping with the general culture of T’Vral Kol, the family was far more liberal and open-minded compared to Vulcan's elite, who have congregate around the capital, Shi'Kahr. (Notably, Varis belonged from such a notable family but, having found the environment repressive at times, preferred the more relaxed environment of T'Vral Kol.) It is through this link with his family in T’Vral Kol that Staran was able to learn about and communicate with Torin.

Savan, the summer following graduation from the Interspecies Day School of California in San Francisco, Stardate 238206.25

Relocation to Earth

After several months of long-distance discussion between Staran and Torin, Torin traveled to Vulcan to meet Savan to see if the adoption would be welcome. After a few positive meetings with the child and his uncle, Savan took the then 12-year-old Savan into his custody and brought him to Santa Cruz. Savan soon proved to be an entirely new challenge for the adoptive father. Unlike his own children who were of a mixed background—and hence with more moderate human traits—Savan was a pure Vulcan who possessed the strong emotions and passions of his ancestors. In some ways, Savan had the raw, unfiltered rage fit for a Klingon youth—an emotional quality that Torin knew came from Savan’s loss of his two parents and the inability for Vulcan society to accept him or his parents. Moreover, the prescribed medical and psychiatric treatments from Vulcan and Earth proved only to be moderately effective at best. As an anthropologist, Torin contacted parents of mixed species children for desperate advice. The parents of two part-Klingon children had found one successful outlet for their children: intense physical activities that required immense discipline. Their advice proved to be an effective channel for Savan. Torin managed to enroll Savan into various martial arts classes and wilderness survival programs. Then came the ocean. Torin's wife, Tevai, was a human and originally an accomplished surfer from Tahiti. Already in their late teens, his sons, Tauvin and Tarek, had proved highly successful in their mother's posrt and eventually taught Savan the art of wave riding and competitive swimming. As the human expression goes, Savan took to the sport like a fish to water. Tevai and his cousins would eventually take Savan on trips around Terra to different surf spots, including Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia and Indonesia. It was during these travels that Savan discovered a love for the sea and tropical climates.

Late Teens in California

Despite the initial challenges, Savan had managed to successfully adapt to life on Terra by the time he was ready for high-school. When Savan was 15, Torin enrolled him in the prestigious Interspecies Day School of California in San Francisco, which boasted rigorous programs and students from across the Federation. He managed to develop several friendships with humans, most notably, his best friend John Torres, and later graduated as class valedictorian. Throughout high school, he participated in several extracurricular martial arts events. Notably, he even dated a classmate, Sarinae, during his senior year. This was a first for any Vulcan student attending IDSC.

College and Preparing for Starfleet

Savan at the end of his wilderness training with a group of Starfleet Marines in Alaska.

Savan's love for nature and wild spaces inspired him to pursue environmental studies at the University of California. His original plan was to enter the planetary parks service. He was also admittedly happy that his best friend John Torres was going to the same school. The two friends shared an apartment for much of the time during their studies, which Savan enjoyed but confessed it was not the most productive environment for academics. Savan admits that university was perhaps his wildest and most unruly time as an adult but appreciates he had the chance to explore human life. It is from a few "incidents" during college involving Torres that Savan developed an ongoing disdain for tequila. His first semester his junior year was very lackluster. (This was part due to his social life and also his frustrated relationship with a Deltan, Irian.) As a consequence, Savan took a few months off to hike around Terra to clear his mind. He returned for a stellar senior year that fall. During that time, Savan intensified his martial arts training, eventually meeting a former Starfleet Marine David Ironwood. Seeing Savan's high skill level and natural abilities, Ironwood introduced him to modern tactical training and the use of energy weapons.The retiree eventually inspired Savan to apply to the Academy, helping him to overcome his personal concerns about his ESFD. Prior to joining the Academy, Savan served as Ironwood's assistant. During this period, Savan is awarded expert status in Suhs Mahna from the Interplanetary Martial Arts Association. His teacher Savrak, also a former Starfleet officer, admitted to Savan that he was initially skeptical of Savan because of his condition, but realized his judgment was in error. Ironwood was later instrumental in securing for Savan the opportunity to train with a group of marines in Alaska for three months, prior to his arrival at the Academy. Savan says the experience was the most challenging physically in his life up to that point and deeply appreciated the training. He has also repeatedly said that it gave him an edge for his training in security at the Academy.

Starfleet Academy

Dates of Attendance: 238901.04 - 239201.09

Campus: San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector

Major: Security

  • Specialization in Diplomacy, Survival, Tactics

Minor: Comm/Ops

  • Specialization in Languages (Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan)

Additional training with Starfleet Marine Corps

Even with a full 60-credit load, Savan's performance at the Academy was generally superior. His previous martial arts, survival and early tactical training allowed him to excel in his main security coursework. He also showed an aptitude in languages. In particular, professors noted that his natural proficiency in Romulan and greater emotional openness could be a future asset to Starfleet Intelligence.The repeated, though minor, concern from some professors was that it appeared Savan could be understimulated by the day-to-day routine and tedium, not to mention, the enclosed space of a starship. Also, there was one very challenging course for Savan: captivity training. His difficulties were most likely due to his ESFD, but he refused to be given any special medical exception. Hence, he barely passed the course. In contrast, Savan usually performed best in on-the-ground scenarios and in wilderness settings, making him ideal for away team missions and planetary postings.

The heavy course load did take a notable consequence on his social life. While liked by most of his classmates, he had little free time to develop the usual camaraderie that most cades enjoy. As Savan had already had an outgoing social life during his civilian university experience, he felt it unnecessary to repeat the experience. However, he did lead the Academy's martial arts club his senior year and taught recreational courses in Suus Mahna and Wushu.

Also available for review: Starfleet Academy Transcript.

Medical Evaluation

Clinical Evaluation

Because of exposure to Trellium D at the age of 10 during a breach on a transport vessel, the subject developed a challenging condition known as Emotional Suppression Failure Disorder (EFSD), as it is commonly called nowadays in Federation Standard. This condition was most famously encountered by the USS Enterprise NX-01 in the 22nd century, when the ship encountered a Vulcan ship whose crew had been exposed to massive amounts of the compound. Similar to Bendii Syndrome that affects elderly Vulcans, ESFD causes the loss of a Vulcan's ability to suppress emotions. More spectacularly, it can produce agitated, progressively violent states, psychosis and paranoia. The cause for the lack of emotional suppression arises from severe neurological damage produced by Trellium D.

Medical records from the period of the subject's accident indicate that the subject suffered only moderate exposure. His subsequent ESFD does not produce the more troublesome effects but has greatly inhibited the subject’s ability to suppress emotions in the normal Vulcan manner. Per review initiated by Savan's first adoptive guardian on Vulcan following the subject’s aggressive attack on a classmate, it was recommended that the subject be raised around more emotionally expressive species. His condition progressively and dramatically improved after moving to Terra under the supervision of his adoptive parents and the use of alternative therapies. Despite the often debilitating nature of ESFD on young Vulcans, the subject succesfully integrated himself into Terran society, completing high school and college while developing a rich social life. There has been no record of assault, terroristic threatening or other behavior usually associated with ESFD since the subject has lived on Terra.

Per the most recent evaluations performed at Starfleet Medical, it is the majority opninon of this board that the subject is deemed fit for duty. The subject has developed a personal management program consisting of meditation and intensive physical activity, coupled with medication. Given the usual debilitating circumstances of this condition, the subject has demonstrated a remarkable resolve. Should the subject continue with his management program, he should expect no unforeseen problems. Additional documentation from instructors in Starfleet Academy Survival Training and Starfleet Marine Corps indicated that the subject has had no problem in performing in usual high-stress situations expected with Starfleet service. The one exception may be captivity under hostile forces, which may provoke ESFD symptoms due to similarity to the initial traumatic accident.

The board recommends that the subject and commanding officers should take care for the subject to absolutely avoid all situations where he would be exposed to psychoactive substances, aggressive telepathy, or all situations that parallel those of childhood trauma. It goes without saying that all exposure to Trellium D or substances similarly harmful to Vulcans should be avoided at all cost.

The majority opinion of this board also recognizes the dissenting minority opinion. However, we believe that this opinion is not entirely derived on evidence but instead based upon an unfair prejudice as the subject does not fit into the psychological norm of his planet.

Signed Commander D.T. Metzger, M.D., Psy.D.

Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Academy, Psychological Evaluation Board

SD 239301.04


In the light of recent studies, the board would like to indicate that more advanced stages of ESFD may have effects similar to Bendii Syndrome. Notably, the sufferer of ESFD may indirectly and unconsciously project his emotions onto others in his immediate environment. As the subject does not currently present a diagnosis of advanced ESFD at this time, there is no immediate concern for any accidental projection of emotions. However, the subject should consult with a professional upon any signs of advanced ESFD. This may become a concern later in life with the onset of old age.

Signed Commander D.T. Metzger, M.D., Psy.D.

Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Academy, Psychological Evaluation Board

SD 239302.02

Dissenting Opinion

The toxic effects of Trellium D and similar substances on Vulcan neurology have been long documented since the 22nd century. It is this clinician’s opinion that the subject may present more violent characteristics of ESFD after assignment during averse conditions and is therefore unfit for duty in Starfleet. While the majority opinion of this board has ruled in favor of the subject’s ability to serve successfully because of his ability to manage his condition until this time, it is still undetermined how the subject will perform in the high-stress scenarios common to the role played by a security officer or during deep-space assignments. This clinician also highlights that other sufferers of moderate ESFD have often developed more dramatic symptoms unexpectedly and, notably, with unfortunate consequences both for the patient and others.

Signed Lt. Commander Sorin, M.D., PhD

Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Academy, Psychological Evaluation Board

Starfleet Liaison to Vulcan Medical Academy

SD 239301.06

Starfleet Medical Record

Also available for review: Starfleet Medical Record

Visual Identification

Savan in one of his usual off-duty outfits, a white jumpsuit.
Usually opting for some restraint on duty and during more formal occasions, Savan limits his expression to a slight smile when expressing positive emotion.
Savan poses in a 21st century Terran suit, which he occasionally uses when he dances tango. The neutral expression is the same that he usually uses when on duty.
Savan's family and best friend John Torres threw him a party at his favorite Japanese restaurant in San Francisco following his graduation from the Academy. In this photo, he has visibly had too much sake and is smiling.
Savan at a waterfall in the Sierra Nevada, California, where he often enjoys hiking

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239302 Graduated Starfleet Academy Security Cadet
Ensign 239303.15 - 239306.28 USS Thunder-A Tactical/Security Officer
Lieutenant (JG) 239306.28 - Present USS Thunder-A Tactical/Security Officer
Lieutenant 239309.04 - 239402.09 USS Thunder-A Tactical/Security Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239409.02 - Present USS Thunder-A Tactical/Security Officer

Awards and Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
B-Plot Award 239406.23
Embassy of Duronis II
For those simmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot.
Awards DutyPost SiskoTacticalCrossAward 2011.jpg
Sisko Tactical Cross 239406.30
Embassy of Duronis II
Awarded to those tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239302
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239304.29
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 239306.28
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the Federation. The required gallantry, while of a lesser degree than that required for the Distinguished Service Ribbon, must nevertheless have been performed with marked distinction.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239306.28
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
War of Shadows Ribbon 239306.28
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who participated in the War of Shadows in 2393.
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Medical Science Ribbon 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who participate in, and successfully find a cure to a deadly, infectious disease which threatens to infect an entire planet or crew.
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Orion Syndicate Service Medal 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against the Orion Syndicate.
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg
Romulan Campaign Medal 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against the Orion Syndicate.
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
War of Shadows Ribbon 239402.09
Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awarded to an individual who participated in the War of Shadows in 2393.

SIM Archive

Starfleet Academy

  • Arrival at Starbase 118 - Before Savan arrives at Starbase 118 for his cadet cruise, the Vulcan sits in the observation lounge of the USS Helios and meditates on the life events that brought him to this new chapter in his life.

Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder-A

  • Reporting for Duty - Savan reports for duty as tactical/security officer on the USS Thunder-A in the middle of a red alert... and with a dark golden tan that draws attention.
  • All Sims by Savan = Complete Archive of Savan's sims on Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder-A

Current Assignment

Current Posting

Savan was pleased to see that he had been assigned as a security officer to the Embassy on Duronis II for his first assignment out of the Academy. He was not certain how he would be able to handle a long-term deep-space assignment. Given the ongoing Romulan influence on the planet, he finds that the post may give him an opportunity to put his Academy training in Romulan to use, not to mention some of the basic intelligence coursework he took as well. On a personal note, Savan looks forward to taking advantage of the warm tropical climate found in some areas of the planet, as well as the large oceans.

However, Savan is not certain if he is sufficiently prepared for his dual role as tactical/security officer when on board the USS Thunder-A, the embassy's assigned starship. While he did well in his coursework in space combat, he has always been far more comfortable on the ground with a hand phaser or even his bare hands. Always one to rise to the occasion, however, Savan already plans to improve on his tactical skills as much as possible.

Crew Manifest

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Commanding Ofc.
Toni Turner
Executive Officer
Geoffrey Teller
Chief of Security
Krindo Pandorn
Security Officer
Dar Elandra
Marine Ops.
Hannibal Parker
Rode Mitchell.jpg
Rode Mitchell
Wes Greaves
Ben Garcia 2.png
Second Officer/HCO
Ben Garcia
Chief Medical Officer
Addison MacKenzie
Medical Officer
Quen Deena
Alieth ltcmmdr.png
Medical Officer
Chief Counsellor
Alexander Brodie
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Chief Science Officer
Lorian Lovar
Science Officer
Tara Wilkins
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