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The sehlat holds the same omnivorous ecological niche in Vulcan's mountains and woods that the bear does on Earth. Its six-inch fangs are used almost as much to penetrate thick rinds or uproot stubborn grasses as to bring down small herd animals or other prey. Sehlat are roughly bobcat-chaped, although the largest can stand 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder. Sehlat are pack animals, although they hunt individually as often as not. Domesticated very early in Vulcan's history, they have been used as hunting beasts, guard animals, and (by now almost entirely) pets. Wild sehlat can only be found in the farthest northern reaches of Tat'sahr and Kel, or in the T'ralor Preserve. Their furry coat, which ranges from gold and reddish-orange to gray or even black, actually insulates them from Vulcan's heat.

  • Size: 1-2.5m long
  • Form: quadruped, furry, with large ears and six-inch fangs

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