SS Annabelle's Lament

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"All right, let's get started. Six days ago we lost all communication from the registered Federation freighter the SS Annabelle's Lament. Three days ago the science survey vessel USS Poseidon found the remains of the Annabelle's Lament within the vicinity of the Geneva VI, and contacted Starfleet. To make a long story short, Starfleet wants us to find out what destroyed the Annabelle's Lament." -Lt Commander Sal Taybrim, StarBase 118 Ops

The SS Annabelle's Lament was a Norkova refit of the older Antares class Federation freighter under the command of Captain Gij Arrhimen. It was considered one of the best and most reliable freighters in the sector until its unexpected destruction in 2392.

The Lament had a standard route that connected with Federation colonies and outposts in the Trinity sector and along the outskirts of the Jenatris cloud. It most frequently carried terraforming equipment and colony supplies, ore and passengers.

On 239207.16 The Annabelle's Lament picked up cargo from the independent Miranda VII Spaceport, before continuing on to the Geneva VI Cargobase to start her delivery run. The Lament exploded a half a light year after leaving Geneva VI Cargobase , killing all 65 passengers and crew. The circumstances of her destruction were highly suspicious. Gij Arrhimen's brother Haz Arrhimen, a Starfleet Captain, demanded an investigation, which fell upon the shoulders of the crew of StarBase 118 Ops

The remains of the Lament were gathered up by the USS Poisedon, and brought to StarBase 118 for a complete investigation. Dr. Solok was the one to identify the bodies and sort the remains to be returned to the families for burial, while the rest of the crew started investigating the causes of the freighters demise. Lieutenant Kellan Joran discovered that two of the materials carried on the Annabelle's Lament - the exotic alcohol Gold Dew and the terrafoming chemical calcium trisulfanese would be combined together to make a sticky putty that had an explosive reaction when hit with any sort of charged or phased energy. While an accident might have badly damaged the freighter, the widespread destruction led the teams to conclude that there was intentional tampering to the Lament's cargo before she left Geneva VI.