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Caitríona Cayne SIMs

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 236406.11.

((Alleyway, Nassau, Ma no Umi))

:: Caitríona was focused on the men who now surrounded them as a group. She hated when people loomed over her, even more so when said person was aiming a phaser at her. Damn it, how she hated those things. It was a bit of a relief to not have one on her but she would be a fool if she said she didn't know why it was a necessity. Her blue gaze slowly drifted to the front of her. Someone had asked the Orion woman her name and that caught her attention. ::

Theeda: You can call me... :: She licked her lips, pointedly tapping them with a forefinger. :: ...Theeda.

Smith: Well it’s very nice to meet you Theeda. My friends call me Kid. My captain here :: motioning to Corliss :: would very much appreciate it if your men would drop their weapons now we’ve made each other’s acquaintance.

Fortune: Oh yes. Pleased to meet you, where ever are my manners? Marisol. :: She wiggled her fingers in a manner of a wave. :: I have an allergy to violence, particularly, violence towards me. Would you ever so mind?

Marshall: Look, we just want our stuff and we'll be on our way. There's no need for any of this to get messy.

:: Cait looked over at the Commander. Was it really such a good time for a "lowly human" to be so vocal - probably not. She still didn't know these people, not personally anyway. Reading people's files and "people watching" can only get you so far. Marshall was their leader right now, and a leader looks after their pack. Caitríona wondered if this was Marshall's way of drawing attention to her if things were to get heated, and if so, that was quite an admiral quality. ::

Theeda: Is that so?

Smith: Now that’s sorted. My Captain here had a question for you.

Fortune: :: Corliss clapped her hands together, nodding energetically. :: Oh do I ever! You took a little something of mine, two things, if I'm quite honest. I have need of them back.

:: lub-DUB, lub-DUB... Her heart was beating so fast in her chest it was almost like she could hear it. Theeda - if that really was her name. - made her more nervous than the weapons. She moved forward, grabbing at Marshall. Cait opened her mouth, inching her foot forward but she stopped herself. They weren't in a position of power here and these situations could always escalate quickly. ::

Theeda: What are you offering? Dark mysteries? Private secrets?

Fortune: Perhaps an exchange? Or a favor? I do so adore giving favors to others. You do have us quite outnumbered. :: She made a motion around them to the henchman. :: It's not like we could get in a brawl. How...barbaric.

:: Oh Caitríona hoped this "Captain" wasn't giving them any ideas. She already had her face punched today - and by a sign of all things! ::

Theeda: No, I suppose that wouldn't be in your best interest. :: She tilted her head at Jo. :: I'll take the humans off your hands. You do have more than you seem to know how to handle. What else could you offer?

Fortune: :: She hummed, her eyes lazily skating around, as if thinking things over. :: I don't like getting my hands too dirty, but I'll be glad to knick something nice and glittery just for you, if you'd like.

:: Caitríona noticed the Orion pull out the very thing they had chased her down here for. The credit chit glistened in even the slightest light that made its way down this dark alley. ::

Theeda: You do realise how much this has on it, don't you? Now, ask yourself... why would I need you to steal something for me, when I've already got this? :: Her lip disappeared behind gleaming white teeth again, before she relented. :: But, I suppose having someone who isn't me do a job would be good for business.

Smith: Response

Fortune: I never like working for others. But I like working with others. So fair's fair, you'll give us back our belongings, we'll get whatever it is you'd like, and then we wash our hair of each other, yes?

:: Nodding along with what the "Captain" was saying, Caitríona hoped this would quickly be the end of it. The quicker they were away from this woman the better, even more so in the Commander's case. ::

Smith: Response

Fortune: That one's wrong too? I swear I heard it right.

Theeda: There's a bar near here. Hazy Pour Club. The owner, slip of a Risan, has a Horga'hn behind the bar. You get me that... :: Another tap on Jo's skin. :: ...I'll give you what you need.

:: Cayne moved one foot in front of her again. There was a crazy look in this Orion's eye and she didn't like it. Something worried her about this - would she take Marshall with her as some sort of leverage? ::

Fortune: Sounds like a deal if I've ever made one. Now, if you could?

Theeda: :: Not paying attention. :: And just to make where you stand perfectly clear...

:: She watched the Orion move quickly - so quick it was over in a second. The Orion's hand moved towards the Commander's abdomen. She saw her shirt darken - almost as if it was getting wet, and then her hand blocked her of the shirt but within seconds she could see blood start to seep through Marshalls' fingers. In the hand of Theeda, another glistening light catching her eyes, a knife. ::

Cayne: No!

Theeda: Don't worry, darling, it's only a flesh wound.

:: This time she did move. No more inching forward, and this was more like a sprint. She quickly made her way to the Commander's side as she stumbled backwards, already reaching her hand to support her back while her other hand covered Jo's now bloody fingers, forcing her to press harder. She looked at the Orion woman, she felt nothing but hatred for the woman. Violence was never a solution in Caitríona's eyes and when she looked into the eyes of the Orion, all she could see where the eyes of a mad woman. ::

Cayne: You monster.

Theeda: Don't try and find me. Once you have the Horga'hn, I'll find you. :: She grinned, almost gleefully at Corliss. :: It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Captain.

Fortune: ::Corliss nearly glared at her, but she gave a shrug with one shoulder.:: It's been something.

:: As the Orion and her lackeys disappeared, she helped the Commander down onto the ground still keeping her hand pressed hard into the woman's abdomen. She looked into her eyes, watching her carefully as they set down. ::

Cayne: It's going to be okay, Commander. I may be new here but I am accustomed to situations like this. :: She smiled softly. :: Let me give you something for the pain.

:: Cait ripped the satchel around her shoulder from herself using the hand that was previously on the Commanders back, her other hand still pressing into the wound. She placed the satchel on the ground and quickly she opened it up revealing a med-kit. She looked to the other two as she grabbed a hypo-spray from the kit. He hands moving quickly, already knowing she had previously loaded it with Terakine, she flicked the controls of the spray, changing the dosage to 20cc. With a smooth movement, the spray was pressed into the Commanders neck where her artery is, a slight -whoosh- as the chemical is released into the bloodstream. ::

Marshall: That... that feels good. Floaty.

Fortune: You're good at what you do. Need some help.

Cayne: :: Looking up at them. :: I need one of you to press down on the wound.

Fortune: Here.

:: She turned to the medkit again. Specifically, she was looking for the trauma kit that was inside. It was a smaller box that contained everything she would need for a situation like this. Specifically a dermal regenerator, sterile wipes and pseudocutean dressing. Once the kit was open in front of her and taking the dermal regenerator in her hand, she turned her attention back to the Commander. ::

Marshall: How's it looking? It feels like I've been stabbed.

Cayne: There is a lot of blood - I am going to need to close the wound temporarily.

Fortune: I'm worried about trapping any little nasty bugs in, but having a small stomach bug would be infinitely better than bleeding out in an alley.

Marshall: Infinitely. Yes. Good word. You have a way with them.

Cayne: I am going to lift up your shirt a little Commander. :: She nodded to the person who was pressing down on the wound. ::

Fortune: Okay...okay...

:: Flicking the dermal regenerator on with one hand, she helped lift the Commanders shirt with the other and quickly moved the equipment into position. It was hard to see - it was so dark and the blood was covering the stomach. Caitríona was used to this though, this was her duty, it was her job to know how to do this. She found the position where the first corner of a small slit was and held the regenerator in place, slowly moving it down its length. It wasn't a big cut - but that just meant it was deep. Now that the bleeding has stopped she was able to grab some sterile wipes from inside the kit and used them to clean up the blood that soaked into the skin of the Commander leaving a slightly reddish tinge, but there was still a small slash that was open. ::

Marshall: Hey! That tickles.

Cayne: Now, I've sealed the blood vessels inside so the bleeding has stopped but I still need to close the wound properly.

Fortune: You've got this. ::She gave a shaky grin to Cait, then used her other-clean-hand to pat Jo's shoulder, then Groz's.:: It's all good, gotta think positive.

:: She grabbed the pseudocutean dressings and used them along with the dermal regenerator, again following the path of the slit so it would seal. Wiping it once again with fresh wipes, she finally finished and took a deep breath before rubbing her hands into her pants, looking at them she could see the same reddish tinge on her hand that was on the stomach of Jo. ::

Cayne: Commander, are you okay?

Marshall: Yeah. ::She nodded, more for herself, hoping it was convincing.:: Yeah, I think so. I'm sorry, I think I blacked out there for a minute. How's it looking?

Cayne: Unfortunately it's only temporary. We will need to go to sickbay immediately when we get back on board the Gorkon.

Fortune: ::She gave a quick nod, frowning.:: Sadly, I don't think we have the opportunity to head back just yet. We've got a deal to either uphold or run from.

Marshall: You sure know what to do in a crisis.

:: She smiled and looked at the voice coming now from directly in front of her. Nodding lightly. ::

Cayne: Thank you. I did my best. I was a nurse before all of this, for many years...

Marshall: It shows.

:: Caitríona found herself looking off into the distance. Her mind filled with flashes of images. She could see herself sitting in a similar alleyway to this, it was a lot more familiar though. The buildings either side were not as tall, in fact, they were only a few stories high. Here the buildings towered over them like giants. What she was seeing was back home, on Earth. Her screams echoed in her head, coming from the alleyway. ::

:: She snapped out of it as quickly as it began. Memories could be a cruel thing sometimes, she thought to herself. ::

Cayne: Sorry - got lost in my own world for a moment. :: She took a deep breath :: That was intense.

Fortune: ::She nodded slowly.:: Don't worry about it...and yes, it was. ::She sighed.:: This was not how I envisioned any of this going, if I must confess.

Marshall: I can't say this was in the briefing. I was under the impression I wasn't going to be nearly murdered today. ::An exhale drove the breath out of her in a huff, a thoughtful twitch in her eye taking its place.:: First class encounter with an Orion, though. That's that off the bucket list.

Cayne: Hah - Is it a common "bucket list" item around here?

Fortune: Not sure! But not like this. :: Her hand pulled away from Jo's shoulder, and finally, the two stood up. :: Okay, okay. So. Do we do what she says or try and find our way out of here?

:: Cait packed away her items. Putting them exactly in place as they were when she removed them. Placing the used wipes that were drenched in Jo's blood into a sterile pocket for items such as this - as filthy as this planet was, she still wouldn't feel right littering. Standing up, she joined the others, wrapping the satchel/medical kit over her shoulder, back in its rightful place. Hopefully, it will stay there. ::

Fortune: If we steal this...Horqa? :: She totally messed that up. :: I mean...I've never stolen a thing! :: She was a bit flustered, and it showed. :: We've got the credit chit but we're down a weapon...but she might get us a leg up on where we're going...

Marshall: I can get another weapon. Chances are, I won't need it anyway. :: She said, wishing she'd had it in hand when the Orion was weaving her magic, or slicing her up. :: You three are armed and a firefight to get out of here wouldn't be in our best interest. Though stealth and cunning have so far managed to get us nowhere quickly.

Cayne: Well, I am not armed. :: She admitted. :: There wasn't any more "disguised" ones on the shuttle and I didn't want to compromise us by taking a standard one. Maybe we will find another one when we go after this... Howga, was it? :: She looked at Corliss, but she too was incorrect. ::

Marshall: No, we're not going to be playing her band of merry thieves. That's a deep well of dung we don't want to be anywhere near. :: Eloquent, as ever. :: Come on, we'll head this way and try steer clear of her.

:: "try" - Cait wasn't so sure they'd be able to try hard enough. ::


Ensign Caitríona Cayne

USS Gorkon