SIM:Ensign Caitríona Cayne: The Fox Becomes A Rat

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Caitríona Cayne SIMs

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 236407.02.

((The Slims, Nassau))

::The ride was quite... how should she describe it? - Exhilarating? - Frightening? - Amusing? - Disturbing? - In a way, it was almost like all those things. The speed they went, the feeling of the wind ripping through her hair as they narrowly past through buildings. She felt like one of those old bullets leaving those old weapons of before. Metal flying through the air - immortal yet vulnerable. It was incredible to her.::

::As soon as they pulled out into the open expanse, there was not much building were Blackbird was leading them and it was probably smart too. She could see the stars here - and somewhere up there, she hoped the Gorkon was waiting for them. How pitiful it would be to be murdered out in the middle of no-where like this. Was that why he was bringing them out here? - She shook her head. No. Her gut told her that, but could she also trust her gut? - She removed the thought from her head and they began their approach to the others. They seemed to already be with the Bird.::

::The engine stopped and Cait could feel the vibration slow humming vibration that travelled from her feet up come to a halt. The Commander had slipped off and Caitríona stretched out her fingers - open and shut, open and shut, - she didn't realise how tight her grasp was until there was nothing to grasp onto. She smiled at the woman who was now holding out her arm for her and she used it to keep her balance as she slipped herself off from the bike, it was a lot harder now the weight of the other woman wasn't there to hold it still.::

Marshall: Easy does it. You'll get the feeling back in no time.

Cayne: Thank you, Sir.

::She nodded and pointed the way to the others - a small gesture she was alright to regroup. The two approached, and Caitríona could start to make out who was who now that they got closer.::

Fortune: So, have we proven ourselves? ::She grinned lightly.:: Or do you have more riddles for us?

Blackbird: Riddles? I value my life. On this rock nothing is certain.

Marshall: Yeah, we're starting to get that feeling. ::She took a deep breath, holding onto her stomach.:: Not the most welcoming of places to pick you up from, I've got to say.

Fortune: We've got a way...we just have to get on over there.

::Caitríona nodded along - it was almost instinctive to do so when the Counsellor did.::

Cayne: Yes - come with us...

Blackbird: Just like that? I don’t know even know who you are. For all I know you’ll take me straight to one of the highest Syndicate’s bosses.

::She sighed. It really wasn't going to be that easy. At the very least she hoped that was the end of the chasing.::

Marshall: That would be a tad foolish. The last thing we need is the Syndicate knowing we're here to give you a lift home. That'd be like taking the keys for a Defiant and handing over the deeds for a Sovereign.

Cayne: Wouldn't we have shot you or something by now if...

::He laughed, not a joyous laugh, more hollow or empty.::

Blackbird: Of course you haven’t shot me yet. I know first hand that the Syndicate pays more when spies are delivered alive. They like to torture spies, you know. Get more information out of them before they deliver the final blow.

Cayne: ::she bit her lip, of course, he was right:: Yeah... I just meant that's not what we're here for.

::She folded her arms, feeling a little defeated. She looked towards the others deciding maybe it wasn't best for her to be trying to make the situation any better. Maybe right now, the experience was better in resolving this.::

::He eyed the four of them, dark eyes swimming underneath a dark brush of hair. The man looked tired; weary of walking the world where words were his weapons. Caitríona herself was feeling it - this had been a long journey for them all. She turned looked towards the Commander, she felt like her tone changed a little but she wasn't sure - was she getting fed up of this back and forth. Cait wouldn't blame her and she definitely sounded more serious now.::

Marshall: Kid, keep your eyes peeled, shoot anything that looks mildly suspicious. Even Blackbird here.

Blackbird: Darling, I’m totally outnumbered here.

Marshall: Just taking precautions. You reach for a weapon, I'm not going to take a shot while we fumble to catch up. ::She wiped her hand over her face and blew a sigh.:: I can stand here and recite General Orders until they're coming out of my entrails with you, Sailor, but shall we just assume that neither of us are going to kill one another and/or hand anyone over to organised crime for thumbscrew tactics?

::Cait smiled a little - she couldn't help it. It was like she was watching a kid get scolded and for some reason, she relished in it.::

Blackbird: See, no weapons in these hands.

Fortune: ::She turned to Jo, shrugging a shoulder.:: He's empty, we're empty...

Marshall: Jo Marshall. This is my team.

::Caitríona watched as Jo approached his bike and offered her hand to him. A glance to said team drew a smile out of her, though it was a short and thin one, before she looked back to the dark-haired agent.::

Marshall: Our shuttle is waiting in the New Providence Port, our pilot has likely gorged himself on marshmallows, and whether we'll be able to take off is another story entirely, but rest assured, we're here to take you home.

Blackbird: Home, one would forget what home feels like living in a place like this.

Cayne: Great. Is everyone okay for travelling?

::She did more so mean it in the Medical sense - although she still wasn't sure if she should be so open about her profession right now, and here. Did all of this mean Blackbird truly knew who they were?::

Fortune: I'm up for it, going home sounds very good right now.

Marshall: Now, we need to start planning on how to get back to the Port in one piece. Thoughts, anyone?

Blackbird: Not the way we came from.

::Cait rubbed her arms with her hands. It was chilly out here - more so than it was in the city. It wasn't surprising since they were out in the open here.::

::Whether it was their imagination or not, there was a distant rumble that seemed to be edging closer to them.::

Cayne: oO What now?... Oo

::The thunderous sound was starting to come closer - at least Caitríona thought it was. Maybe it wasn't her imagination then.::

Fortune: Well, that's not good...

Smith: Yeah, it’s getting closer.]

Cayne: So you guys hear it too, huh?

Blackbird: No one was following us.

Cayne: Well - we have no lights on. Maybe they'll just not notice us?

Blackbird: How about getting out of Dodge, instead of waiting here as sitting ducks?

Fortune: What if they hear the noise and find us faster?

Marshall: They know we're here. No point in running now. I'd rather get shot in the face than the back.

Smith: Everyone just stay calm. We don’t know if they’re coming for us. They might just live nearby.

::She could feel her hands getting sweaty. Not really up for another confrontation - she wasn't sure how many more they could take before it would be their last. Yet - the closer the sound came, it sounded like bikes similar to theirs. It was so close now, in fact, she was sure whatever it was they would be upon them sooner than they thought. Instinctively she backed up a little as she was the one who was closer to the direction of the sound than the ones who had phasers tucked away.::

::They were close to the bikes they had ridden out here and the sound had stopped. Should they run - or stand their ground, at least for now? She hoped the others would make up their minds soon. It was only now she realised just how dark it was out here, they really did ride out into the middle of nowhere. She could hear footsteps - yes it was definitely footsteps and she turned to look in the direction of them, the same direction the bikes last were.::

::From the darkness appeared a tall humanoid - she was still trying to work out who it was and he had others behind him. They were all shadows stepping closer and closer.::

::It was him. The Klingon from the bar - the one who had grabbed her and left the scratch that she now touched lightly with her fingertips. His laugh was deep and bellowing.::

Klingon: ::shaking his head - still in a fit of laughter:: You small - stupid - creatures.

Fortune: I know you! ::She pointed at the Klingon in shock.:: I kicked you!

::He bore his teeth and snarled as a hand came out and grasped his arm, pushing him behind - out from the shadows came the tall Orion woman, Lishesaa.::

Lishesaa: I will deal with them Thontiq.

Smith: We don’t want any trouble. ::Looking at the others.:: right?

Fortune: ...yes, of course. We'd like to just leave, yes?

::Thontiq, the Klingon, stepped back. Still snarling, his lips shifting upward in a nasty grin. Lishesaa stepped forward, eying them all. Glancing at the bag that was wrapped tightly around one of the female humans, her eyes resting back on Blackbird.::

Lishesaa: Let's make this easy - shall we?

Blackbird: What do you want Lishesaa? Am I not allowed to make new friends?

Fortune: Aw, we're friends?

Smith: Cut the bull, what do you want.

::She glanced at the other female who she had spoken to at the Inn. Not the stupid one - not the one with the bag. Although maybe this one was stupid too, being so vocal. Even in this darkness, she was reminded just how dark those eyes were - "mindreader", she thought and spat on the ground close to the woman.::

Lishesaa: This one... ::she pointed to Cait:: you got a -rat- in your pack.

::The Orion laughed and it was almost as deep as the Klingons.::

::Caitríona went white. Why would she do that? She turned to look at the others not sure what to say. It obviously wasn't true - would they believe that? She was new, yes, but she wasn't there to infiltrate.::

Cayne: I - I...

::She looked down towards the bag wrapped around her - a sudden realisation coming over her.::


::Lishesaa was standing outside a door at the Western Inn. She could hear muttering - she wasn't really interested in what they were saying. She knew everything she needed to already. She stepped away from the door, glancing towards the bannister in front of her. Loud clattering and banging from below her. The bar was in a state of eruption - not a surprise.::

::Two Nausican males had climbed the staircase next to her as she looked out at the chaos below, a grin on her face. They were soon followed by the Klingon Thontiq. She turned to him, nodded and waved her arm toward the door before she made her way back down the stairs they had come up. Picking up a chair she screamed::

Lishesaa: HAHNKA!!!!

::Some turned to see the Orion in a fit of rage - or was it a fit of pleasure? She had a huge smile on her face and her eyes were wide.::

::She swung the chair and hit it off the side of the bartenders head, jumping over the bar the rest was obscured from the view of those who watched - and maybe they were lucky - as the chair came crashing down again.::

::Upstairs the two Nausican's crashed down the doorway and saw the two females by a window - they didn't have time to see the man who stood in the window before the Klingon had grabbed them and he tore them back outside the room again throwing them across the balcony and onto the floor.::

::Thontiq - moving wiping his hand across his chest, knowing his finger was placed oh so strategically. Activating a device concealed underneath - a microscopic tracking chip was now on his fingertip. Now was the time to strike, and he grabbed at the closest thing he could see - the female human's bag.::

((End of Flashback))

Smith: Caitríona.. what is it...

Fortune: She was with me the whole time, she couldn't have...

::Lishesaa turned and nodded to one of the men who stood behind her, they handed her a bag and she opened it to check the contents. She grinned and threw it towards the female human, who already had one bag. Now there was another - one that could cause a far deadlier circumstance.::

Lishesaa: Your payment. ::she grinned and winked towards Cait:

Blackbird: Hope it was worth it … darling.

Fortune: Payment?

Smith: I agree.. payment for what?

::Caitríona still in shock, she wasn't sure what was going on. If she wasn't murdered out here, her career most certainly was. How could she make them believe she didn't have any part in this. Would they believe her? She could feel tears welling up inside.::

Cayne: I - I.. I don't know what she is talking about. You have to believe me.

Blackbird: Believe you? I did only a few minutes ago and look now. I’ve heard enough. What is it you want Lishesaa? You've got me, now what?


Ensign Caitríona Cayne

USS Gorkon