SIM:Ensign Caitríona Cayne: Reminder Of The Dead

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Caitríona Cayne SIMs

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 236407.17.

(( Primary Sickbay, USS Triumphant ))

::As soon as they appeared in the middle of the Sickbay aboard the Triumphant, Caitríona began barking orders at those around her. Some were wide-eyed and in shock, not expecting to see them in the state they were in. They would have been informed they were being transported - but Marshall looked like a dead woman, and Caitríona herself looked like she could sleep forever.::

Cayne: We need to prepare Lieutenant Commander Marshall for surgery. - Nurse, please show me where I can get into surgical scrubs.

::Nurses lead the unconscious Marshall away in a biobed and Caitríona was brought another direction to prepare for surgery, one of the Triumphant's officers hot on her heels to ask her questions.::

Doctor: What happened?

Cayne: She was stabbed. A part of the weapon is still lodged inside her abdomen and I am suspecting a slow-acting poison is very close to killing the woman.

Doctor: Let us handle this then.

Cayne: All due respect, -Sir-. I had the past god knows how long to imagine -exactly- what I was going to do when we got here. I got this. oO You got this. Oo

::And so Caitríona left the officer who she suspected was superior to her left standing still in the middle of the room as she went to prepare for the surgery.::

::The nurses were preparing Jo Marshall, slowing the process as much as they could - bringing her vitals back up and keeping them steady - for now.::

(( Moments Later - Surgical Theatre, USS Triumphant ))

::Caitríona later appeared in the white, clean surgical room; her stark red scrubs were a deep contrast to the walls behind her. In front of her was a biobed in the middle of the room, equipment sprouting from underneath like spiders legs positioned at an angle towards Jo Marshall who laid on the bed.::

::Two nurses were present and keeping watch on the multiple view screens positioned around the middle. A heart rate monitor, brain scans, bi-spectral monitor, among other things. Also present was the man from earlier - he too was in the stark red scrubs worn by the Ensign.::

Triumphant Doctor: While you were getting ready - Ensign. I read your file.

::Here it comes - she thought. "You are not experienced enough for this, you will evidently kill this woman."::

Cayne: Oh? ::she approached the biobed.::

::Just below her, in view, she could see Jo Marshall. She looked so peaceful now - relaxed. That frightened Caitríona, it reminded her of the dead.::

Triumphant Doctor: I cannot let you perform such a procedure on your own.

Cayne: Agreed. ::she nodded:: However, I will lead it.

::She noticed the man was about to open his mouth again - in these scrubs, there were no pips, so still she didn't know how "experienced" the man was. She was a persistent woman, and she wasn't going to let someone else do this - she knew exactly what she needed to do.::

Cayne: If you read my file - you would have seen I was a nurse for a long time, and I may not have performed many surgeries, ::any surgeries, and he knew that.:: but I know what I am doing. So, Sir, I would ask you to let me get on with it.

Triumphant Doctor: ::reluctantly - with a sigh:: Very well, but if something goes wrong it is on you.

::Caitríona positioned herself on the opposite side of the biobed to the other Doctor. Positioned to the head of Jo Marshall - one on each side, were the Nurses. After pressing a few buttons on the console in front of her, a mound of metal with viewscreens covering it from side to side - the surgical support frame - which was covering the Commanders feet began to move. It stopped once it was covering the wound in Jo's stomach.::

::Running her finger along the screens on the surgical support frame which Caitríona activated; the viewscreens which showed an image of the body that laid underneath. After more tinkering, Caitríona was able to narrow the scanning technology of the bed to show a view of the inside of Jo Marshall, a view of what was happening underneath the skin.::

Cayne: As I suspected. Here. ::she pointed to a small part of the screen and it zoomed it.::

Triumphant Doctor: What is that?

::A small - microscopic - piece of the blade Theeda used to stab Jo Marshall had become lodged in one of the woman's blood vessels. The oozing black tendrils sprouted from this spot and entered the bloodstream there, working their way towards the Commander's heart.::

Cayne: This ::pointing to the silver bit - the blade:: is part of a blade, we will need to remove this - and then, ::she pointed to the black bit:: poison. We will need to drain the blood, specifically from this stream which is slowly making it's way up to her heart. Your nurses have already been able to slow the processes by slowing the heart but still preserving life. We still need to act quick.

::Feeling a lump in his throat now understanding how dire the situation was. He wondered if the professionally young Doctor was going to be able to do this. She certainly already had the solution, but could she execute it? He gulped and nodded::

Triumphant Doctor: I'll follow your lead - Doctor.

::She nodded and turned her head toward the nurses. Pointing towards the spider-like equipment as she spoke.::

Cayne: We will need to use the micro-surgical equipment. Please power up the protodynaplaster, while also keeping power going to the micro-viewer on the SSF ((surgical support frame)), we need to be very precise so don't even breath.

::Looking to the nurse who seemed to break out in a sweat, she smiled, she was trying to make light of the situation - much to the disapproval to the other doctor.::

Nurse: ::touching some controls:: Ready when you are, Doctor.

Cayne: ::nodding:: Keep an eye specifically on the bi-spectral monitor. Any spike in brain activity and I want you to administer 10 cc's of Kayolane and 5 cc's of Terakine right into the affected area.

::The nurse nodded. Kayolane - the same drug she had given Theeda on the ship, the person who created this mess in the first place. Caitríona was beginning to think why she saved her in the first place, but she should not think like that - she felt disgusted with herself for even thinking it. She whipped the thought from her memory and moved on. Terakine - yes, that will ease the pain. She didn't want Jo Marshal waking up with her stomach cut open and feeling every ounce of pain.::

Cayne: I will now begin by using the protodynaplaster to create an incision where the original stab wound is. Reopening it fully where I originally treated it with a dermal regenerator.

::The doctor across from her watched on nervously. Dermal regeneration, it was a good choice, maybe she did know what she was doing. But still - he worried.::

::Cait activated the protodynaplaster. Bright red lasers - brighter than the scrubs - erupted from the ends of the spider-like legs of the biobed. They were aiming for the wound, the surgical support frame was designed for the lasers to pass-through so they were still provided with the microscopic view. Another image was on the left-hand side of Caitríona - a more accurate view on the outside body so she could keep an eye on the direction and angle of the lasers from a normal viewpoint.::

::Bit by bit Jo Marshall's cells are destroyed as the laser makes its way toward the knife piece lodged within her stomach.::

Cayne: Preparing to stop the protodynaplaster... now.

::A press of the console in front of her and the laser had stopped. Just before it got to the knife piece and destroyed it.::

Triumphant Doctor: What are you doing?

Cayne: Evidence - or at the very least, a souvenir.

::Again, the man wasn't impressed with her humorous attitude but didn't say anything on the matter - so far everything was going well. Why should he?::

::Pressing along the viewscreen of the surgical support frame, Caitríona activated an extractor beam.::

Cayne: I have to control it manually to be precise. The piece is so small.

::Using the viewscreens to her advantage, Caitriona positioned the beam, using a control panel which was placed to her right-hand side. Carefully she moved it, up a little, to the left, just a little more, a little - bingo! She looked to the Doctor in front of her.::

Cayne: Be prepared to activate the PTD ((protodynaplaster)) and seal the blood vessel on my say. Seal - do not repair, not until we drain it.

::He nodded::

::She took a deep breath and with a nod to the Doctor, she released the beam, the piece of the blade vanishing almost immediately.::

Cayne: NOW!

::The lasers activated again and destroyed any of the poisonous material that leaked out - it essentially burned the end of the blood vessel and it remained as if the piece of the blade had never been removed.::

::Checking the viewscreens and confirming it was so far so good, Caitríona quickly wiped her brow with her forearm. She could feel the sweat developing there and now it was transferred to the somewhat plastic feeling scarlet scrubs.::

Cayne: Good work - but we are far from done. We need to drain the blood and poison from this bloodstream. ::she looked to the nurse:: Nurse, prepare micro-tubing and...

Triumphant Doctor: Micro-tubing? Why don't we just transport the...

::She cut him off.::

Cayne: I appreciate the concerned Doctor. However, I want to make sure every last drop of the poisonous material is drained. I will be satisfied when I see a stream of red and not black, would you be willing to take that risk?

Triumphant Doctor: I...

Cayne: Also, I sincerely doubt the transporters could lock onto something so small and we still don't know exactly what poison it is. Even if the transporters could pick it up - we do not have the time to experiment right now.

Nurse: The micro-tubing is set up Doctor.

::With a steady hand, Caitríona began by moving the micro-tubing into position close to the blood vessel. She then carefully positioned the angle of one of the lasers, activated and moved quickly. The vessel was open again and she quickly directed the tubing into its place causing the black poison to start flowing into the tube but it was not being forced to move up it quickly.::

Cayne: Nurse, activate the suction in the micro-tubes.

::After a few moments, the stream of black was making it's way up the tubes. Caitríona watched the view screen with an eagle's precision until the black soon became a steady stream of red.::

Cayne: Now we will remove the tubing and using regenerator technology in the PTD we will heal the blood vessel.

::She began to take control of the tubing again which was still sucking blood from the Commander, and moved it out of the vessel and out of the body, while at the same time activating the lasers again to cause rapid healing of the blood vessel - a permanent one this time.::

Cayne: Sealing the wound.

::Again, the laser's did their work, sealing the wound cell by cell - replacing all the ones that were damaged by the laser itself and the ones which still needed to be repaired after the initial dermal regeneration. Now the Commanders stomach was sealed and looked like nothing had happened.::

Cayne: Okay - good work, everyone. The last step - reverse the effects of Metabolic Reduction.

::The Metabolic Reduction was the procedure used by the nurses to slow the Commander's heart and bodily functions to create more time before the poison reached the heart.::

Nurse: Activating neo-anapaptic transmitter.

Cayne: ::nodding: Very good.

Computer: Warning - Patient Vital Signs are in the range of Cardiac Arrest.

::The viewscreens turn the same scarlet red as the scrubs they wear - flashing, flashing. Beeps surrounding them all - the sound of her heart, it was getting slower and slower - fading away. The nurses panic and start reading what is appearing in front of them. Both talking the same time, the other doctor almost frozen in place.::

Nurses: Heart rate is dropping - the patient is going into shock - the...

::A dull singular tone now - no heartbeat. Caitríona's mind went blank for a moment. If she had a mirror in front of her, she would have probably gone pale as a ghost. Everything was going so well. What had happened?::

::Snapping out of it quickly she waved the Nurse closest to her out of her position and rushed into her place. Her hands clicking on the controls - fast and rapid. One little slip-up and it could be too late, her hands moved so fast it was possible and that scared her. She didn't have time to think - just act.::

Cayne: Releasing 2cc's of Norep.

::Norep - a drug used for revival. It was the last thing she wanted to use. There was a hissing sound from the Surgical Support Frame - which now moved up along Jo's body towards her chest. A visual of her heart rate on it - it was a flat line.::

Cayne: Computer - activate the Cardiostimulator - three millijoules.

Computer: Activating... Cardiostimulator ready.

Cayne: Clear.

::She pressed a button on the console in front of her. The body of Jo Marshal jolted for a moment - nothing.::

Cayne: Come on Jo... Computer, raise Cardiostimulator to five millijoules.

Computer: Cardiostimulator ready.

Cayne: Clear.

::Again, she pressed a button on the console, and once again Jo Marshal's body was jolted with the surge of electricity. Still, a flat line tormented Cait. She took a deep breath and felt her fist clench tight - her nails digging into her palm and cutting her a little.::

Cayne: Computer - ready the Cardiostimulator again.

Computer: Cardiostimulator ready.

Cayne: Clear.

::Pressing the button again it felt so surreal to see Jo like this. She hasn't known the woman very long but she didn't want her death to be on her hands, she wanted to get to know her - she was kind to Cait, who would only blame herself for this.::

::Beep... She looked to the scan of the heart rate on the viewscreen on the frame above Jo's body. Beep...::

Computer: Heart-rate stabilising.

::Caitríona felt herself well up inside with tears. Her vision became cloudy as it became suddenly filled. She wiped them quickly, turning to see the others in a small celebration - patting her back. One of the nurses even gave her a hug. She nodded and with a smile and left the room.::

::She found her way to a shower in sickbay - it was the same place she had suited up into scrubs. It felt nice to have a shower. She didn't realise how much dirt and blood covered her until she saw the mixture of scarlet and black fall from her. The pulse from the sonic shower was supposed to be relaxing -yet all she could do was cry. It was over. Finally.::


Ensign Caitríona Cayne

USS Gorkon