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Kael Thomas

((USS Darwin, Captain's Ready Room - Deck 11))

::Kael hadn't spent much time thinking about how the Captain was faring after the incident in the Conference room. Given how emotional he was feeling now, he was glad he'd remained objective about it earlier. Stepping in the Captain's ready room, he put a call into Commander Brice in sickbay.::

Thomas: =/\= Thomas to Commander Brice =/\=

Brice: =/\= Brice here, Sir. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Commander, if you're not too busy down there, I could use you on the Bridge, and I could use an......update on the Captain. =/\=

::Kael had no idea of the situation down in Sickbay and he had no intention of selfishly pulling out the Commander for his own personal update of the Captains well being. However it was likely she was an extra body and Kael could put her experience to use up on the Bridge. However, should she be too busy, an over the comm update of the Captains condition would have to suffice.::

Brice: =/\= I don't think I can come to the bridge unless it is absolutely necessary, Commander, but I... =/\=

::Kael was curious as to why she couldn't get up here but didn't push the issue. ::

Brice: =/\= ...can tell you that he is awake and doing much better. =/\=

Thomas : =/\= That is great news=/\=

::Kael was glad that the Captain hadn't torn up the place or hurt anyone else down there in a rage. Whatever had caused it Kael had no idea, but he was sure hoping for some answers.::

Brice: =/\= Both physicians were instrumental in successfully treating him. I think you'll find him much more reasonable now. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= I'm glad to hear it. =/\=

Brice: =/\= Was there something else you needed, Sir? =/\=

::Kael would have liked her up there to talk him through what happened in the conference room, but it appeared her presence in the Sickbay was a better move. Kael would have the necessary conversation with the Commander later.::

Thomas: =/\= Is there an estimate when the Captain can return to duty? =/\=

::While Kael was trained to do what he was doing, it didn't mean he was anxious about doing it. This ship was Commander Reinards baby and so was the crew. He had no intention of messing anything up and as soon as the Captain was back that chance would decrease dramatically.::

Corbin: ::Taps his own combadge:: =/\=Commander Thomas, This is Dr. Corbin, I am afraid both the Counselor and the Captain need a bit more time before they can return to duties. =/\=

Thomas: oO The Captain and the Counsellor? Oo

::Something must have happened to the Counsellor since the situation on the Bridge that would warrant her not being able to attend the Bridge. Kael didn't push for information as she was obviously being taken care of. ::

Thomas: =/\= Understood, keep me informed. Thomas out. =/\=

((USS Darwin, Bridge - Deck 1))

::Scratching the back of his head as he came back onto the Bridge. Th::

Thomas: Lieutenant Falcon, is the Freighter back inside the sphere yet?

::Falcon was a capable pilot and he knew that the holdup might be just how stable the Freighters reactors were.

Falcon: Just got her secure, sir.

Thomas: Excellent. Lets look at getting up the Containment sphere. ::Turning:: Commander James, we're certain the reactor is stable?

James: Within acceptable error, yes Sir. I am satisfied that any further tampering would have taken too long, or be easily noticeable. I also asked Ensign HoS'elth to run scans on the ship while it was being towed in. He found nothing out of the ordinary.

::The reports were good, and it seemed finally things were moving under control again and when the Captain was able to return to duty at least everything would be as it was.::

Larson: I'm picking up a transmission to the freighter.

::Ensign Larson has snuck onto the bridge while he was absent, and it seemed was right on the ball. He had picked up a transmission heading into the Freighter. Kael's heartbeat went little quicker. Any transmission heading to the freighter could prove to be interesting. ::

Thomas: Origin?

Larson: :: So far the signal had been bounced off of five separate relays with no apparent pattern. :: Unknown the signal is being bounced all over the place.

::Kael wasn't' surprised that it was being bounced around and proving difficult to trace. Still, they needed to work on that. Getting a fix on any location could help the long term investigation into the origin of the weapons.::

Thomas: Commander James, I want that signal transmitted back as though it should be coming from the Freighter, or at least look like it.

::Kael didn't want the person on the other end catching onto their identity just yet.::

James: Aye Sir. It should be done within the next few seconds.

Thomas: Ensign Larson and Ensign HoS'elth see if you can track down through the connected relays where it came from.

HoS'elth: I'll do my best Sir.

::Kael now had a few things to consider. They could put it on view screen and show his face off to the person sending, but that would likely make the connection shutdown or the person change their tone. ::

Thomas: Lieutenant Falcon, when James provides the go ahead, put it on screen, but only transmit our Audio.

::Kael wanted to see them, but he wasn't quite ready for them to see him just yet.::

Falcon: Commander James, ready for your 'go'.

James: I'm ready this end, Lt. You have go.

::Kael waited patiently as the comm was put through. A Tellarite man filled screen as it appeared he was sitting rather close to the screen. Kael wasn't great at Tellarite physiology and as such until he spoke it was difficult to determine a mood or emotion.::

Tellarite: Why are you not at the check in point yet?

::The man was clearly angry and the discussion of a check in point was enough to pique Kael's interest. He wondered if he could draw out enough information about just where that might be.::

Thomas: We've had technical problems. Our navigational computer went down. Can you tell us the coordinates again.

::One of the benefits of the video link being down was that he would need to know the Captain of the vessel very well in order to know if he sounded familiar or not. Kael could have continued to talk back and forth for a while with him, but he needed answers. He knew that pushing for something so obvious would be a stretch.::

Tellarite: ::After a short pause.:: What do you MEAN you don't know where it is? ::Absolutely incensed with rage.:: Why is your view screen down.

Thomas: oO Continue with the cover story! Oo

Thomas: We've got problems like I said. Our link appears broken and we barely managed to receive your comm. We can manually punch in our coordinates for the drop off if you have them.

Tellarite: ::Much calmer, and focused.:: Given I verbally told the Captain and the First Officer of the Tenacity, I would imagine it would be difficult for them to forget.

::Kael knew that signalled the ruse had failed, but he had to see how long he could push it. Checking in with his officers, he walked to Falcon's console and muted the Microphone.::

Thomas: Do we have anything on the Location yet?

Larson: Not yet Sir, they have gone to considerable lengths to hide their location.

HoS'elth: Same here Sir. I've narrowed down the location but I haven't got anything concrete yet. I need some more time if possible.

::It wasn't quite the news he wanted but it was something. It appeared he would need to hold him around for a bit longer, but he knew without video he wouldn't last. He also knew with Video it wouldn't last long either. ::

Thomas: Mr Falcon, it's time to show our faces, unmute the audio.

Falcon: You're on, sir.

::As the Tellarite man saw Kael's face and the inside of the Darwin bridge, his face went bright red with rage. The man was clearly unimpressed that Starfleet had interfered with his planned shipment arrival. What Kael did not' know yet, was if this man was simply a receiver, or the mastermind.::

Thomas: I am Commander Thomas, First Officer of the USS Darwin.

::Even before Kael had finished introducing himself, the man was proclaiming his frustration and outrage.::

Tellarite: Those FOOLS! I knew I shouldn't have trusted them with this.

Thomas: oO Go on. Oo

Thomas: Oh, they almost got away with it. Only, stopping at a Starfleet station wasn't a great move.

::The man got up and moved around behind his chair. with his fists clenched in rage. The man was obviously relying upon these men to deliver their cargo and the Darwin intercepting them had put a spanner in the works.::

::Moving back to lean into the screen, the Tellarite man had a steely determination across his face.::

Tellarite: You may have them Commander, but tell the Captain, he knows what will happen if he betrays me.

::Kael wondered at the threat the Tellarite just made, direct to the Captain. Did this man have some sort of sway over the Captain and was he simply forced to do this now? ::

Thomas: I'm not interest....

::Before Kael finished the Commlink closed.::

James: Sir, the signal is gone. I captured the packet log for analysis though.

Thomas: Did we get a destination for the Signal?

::Kael hoped that at least they could track down with at least relative accuracy where the signal originated. Getting to the bottom of where this Tellarite was would be crucial in working out the supply chain links of what seems to be an organised unit, and it was the team around him that would have those kind of answers.::

Larson: The connection was terminated before I could reach the beginning of the signal source.

HoS'elth: My findings are similar. I couldn't get exact Co-ordinates. My apologies Sir.

Falcon: Don't give up too fast. I think I might have something, here.

Thomas: Go on Lieutenant

Falcon: I've got a ghost of a signal in Subspace Relay 248, tracking it towards Relay 67.

Larson: That would be the second time its been routed through relay 248.

Thomas: Does it confirm anything about the Vega Colony destination?

Falcon: Maybe not Vega Colony specifically, but I'd say somewhere in that sector. Still a lot of space to cover, but that's a start. ::More rapid beeping.:: Signal's fading out... HoS'elth, Larson, I'll keep trying to follow it. Can you pull anything else?

Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas

First Officer

USS Darwin-A