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John Valdivia
Merrick R'Ven
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Graeme Cook
Isabel Pond
Jora Kalis
Didrik Stennes
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Rendal Rennyn
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Randal Shayne
Nicu Icavoc
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Kael Thomas

((Conference Room, Deck 1))

::As he entered the briefing room he noticed that a few officers had arrived early and he gave them a nod. He valued punctuality and was pleased to see they were eager to find out what was going on and get under way. Normally he would arrive early to such meetings himself but he’d needed to take a moment to clear his mind before everything kicked off. ::

Reinard: Did you take the opportunity to settle in some or did you come right here? ::Grinning::

Edwards: Just reporting as ordered Sir. :: He gave a smile. ::

Sahriv: Response

Anyone: Response

Reinard: Well feel free to grab a drink while we wait on the stragglers if you’d like.


Corbin: Howdy

::The conference room had a long table with enough seating for all of his senior officers so that none would have to stand. There was also a good view out the port holes over the aft of the ship and a large wall mounted view screen so he could present information to the crew. He was just getting seated at the table and re-reading his orders when the door swished open and his first officer arrived. He indicated the vacant seat next to him. ::

Reinard: Grab a seat Mister Thomas, we’re just waiting on the last couple of stragglers.

Thomas: Thank you sir.

::Within the next few minutes the last of his senior officers arrived and he greeted each with a smile and a nod. He gave them a moment to get seated and the decided to begin. ::

Reinard: First of all it’s nice to have you all assembled here together. Take a good look around as these are the people you’ll be working closely with and getting to know in the months to come. I also want to say thank you and well done for coming aboard and getting organised ahead of schedule. Ops reports that the rest of the crew is aboard and we’re stocked and ready to go.

::He tapped a few buttons on the panel of console that was built in at the head of the table. The view screen behind his sprang to life and showed a map with a picture of Talvath, the colony they would be headed to. ::

Reinard: A little less than 22 hours ago disaster struck! We’ve received a distress call from D'Nal Hheinia, who is the Governor of the Romulan World Talvath, which is pictured on the view screen behind me.

A Nybarite freighter was collecting a dilithium shipment from the planet but a fatal and unexpected malfunction in the warp core sent it plummeting into the planet’s atmosphere. The resulting explosion showered the populace with debris and caused massive damage to one of their largest population centres.

Emergency response agencies and government officials realised that trilithium resin was dispersing through the atmosphere from the freighter’s badly kept engines. As some of you may be aware, it’s lethal to humanoids. Colony leaders realised that the resin would mean the end of all life on Talvath; it would have spread too far before an evacuation attempt could be mounted and they did not have the means or resources to scrub the resin from the air in time, so I think you can see why we’re just the crew for the job!

::He took a moment and handed the briefing over to his first officer so that he could offer any thoughts he wanted to share about the mission. In a moment he would set them to work and get the ship under way. ::

Thomas: We needn't remind you how time critical it will be to get there as soon as possible. The travel time to the colony won't leave us with a lot of preparation time.

Reinard: It’s only going to take a few hours to arrive at our destination. There are a few things we can start to look into as we travel. Dr Malcolm, how does trilithium resin affect humanoids physically and psychologically? Does it kill them quickly or slowly? Does it have a different effect on different species? Is there a way, besides wearing EV suits to protect any crew that may be sent down to the colony from its effects? Work with Lieutenant Orrey, Ensigns Corbin, Phos and Sahriv. To get as much information as possible.

Malcolm: Response

Orrey: ::Jansen nodded his head to the others.:: One of our second avenues should be a way to work on removing the resin.

Sahriv: Response

Corbin: Well, trilithium as I am sure everyone knows is highly explosive and if in high dosages is completely fatal to most races but not all. However lower doses can cause long term effects such as cellular erosion and in the very long term will cause birth defects and permanent changes at the DNA level. Two hundred kilograms of trilithium resin is enough to make a planet uninhabitable to Humans for fifty years. Do we know how much has been released?

::There were a lot of questions there and he didn’t expect them to come up with the answer to everything within the next couple of hours. He trusted Dr Malcolm to guide her team and find out the most important things and hopefully by the time they arrived and assessed the situation at the colony they would have something to report. ::

Reinard: Lieutenant James, Ensign T’Vai since this is the ship’s shakedown mission I’m going to need you to pay particular attention to how the systems are performing. I don’t expect any problems but I’m pretty sure you guys are eager to check things out for yourselves.

::He was pretty sure that Kael would have been pretty eager to join them too given half a chance. Engineering was not something he had a lot of training or knowledge in unless you counted programming holoadventures, which was perhaps not the most important or useful thing overall. ::

James: Aye, Sir. If there are any problems please report them directly to me. New ships are infamous for having slight issues.

T’Vai: Yes, sir.

Thomas: Let me know if there are any problems.  ::Kael would be happy to follow up with Station staff should there be any incomplete jobs.::

Reinard: The rest of you are on the bridge with me.

Edwards: Yes Sir

Falcon: Aye, aye, Sir.


Taybrim: Bridge?  ::His head snapped upwards, his dark eyes shining in surprise:: oO Smooth, Sal, smooth. Oo  ::Clearing his throat for a rebound, he added:: Yes, sir.

Thomas: Response

::Greir shut the viewscreen off and stood up signalling the end of the briefing. He led the way back out onto the bridge and took his seat.::


written by
Commander Greir Reinard
Commanding Officer
USS Darwin-A

with content from other Darwin-A crew: