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((Conference Room 1, Deck 1, USS Darwin-A))

:: Before he could say much a forcefield went up, cutting him off from his First Officer. Clearly they wanted to catch them off guard in the hope of obtaining a different story. It probably wouldn't be hard, given Gideon hadn't thought about matching stories before they were brought aboard. Gidon didn't imagine the first officer would give up much though, given his passion earlier not to get caught.::

Reinard: Captain, this is Lieutenant Falcon and Ensign Corbin.

::Both men despite the apparent prompt to introduce themselves simply smiled at the Captain. While anything but cordial he didn't expect much different.::

Abel: Surely a pleasure under different circumstances.

Reinard: Can you please restate your name, provide your date of birth and your Federation membership code, as we will now run a check through the Federation Citizens database to verify your identity. Miss Falcon, if you would kindly compare the details he provides that would be greatly appreciated.

Abel: Captain Gideon Abel, 24th June 2366, AG-576H

::Gideon knew it wouldn't take them long to verify that he was telling the truth. He was glad to get the ball of with at least proof that they are who they said they were.::

Falcon: Matches the record, sir.

Abel: ::Ignoring the results because he already knew them, Gideon was intrigued by the Commander. Staring at him for a time, he spoke up.:: I've never seen a Laudean Starfleet Captain before.

Reinard: I'm the only one.

Abel: I would imagine so. ::Pausing for a moment to consider where he was going. He needed to establish some dialogue but also not deliberately avoid the reason they were here.:: I grew up in Bondi. It wasn't until recently, making ends meet for my family at home became difficult that I looked towards the freight industry.

Reinard: Getting established in any field when just starting out is difficult. Your reputation is everything, you want to be careful to make a good impression with the right people.

Abel: I'm just a regular guy and a Federation Citizen, trying to make a living for my family Captain. I'm just trying to work out why you've stopped me.

::Gideon knew why he was stopped but he wanted the Captain to feel something for him also. To know that any decision he took with him here today would be one that would ultimately affect more than just him. He was laying it on a bit thick, but he had to appeal to some of something the Captain might feel sympathetic about.::

Reinard: Let's see, overriding docking clamps and leaving Deep Space 6 without clearance, ignoring hails and opening fire upon a StarFleet vessel, there's also the matter of your cargo. Station security scans picks up weapons signatures which is why an inspection was called for in the first place.

Abel: That remains to be seen Captain.

Corbin: So Captain Abel, are you saying you deny the claims of Captain Reinard?

Abel: I don't deny anything, but I'm telling you I'm carrying perfectly legal cargo.

::Gideon was careful to prevent telling anymore outright lies or anything that might incriminate him. He was carrying perfectly legal cargo, that much was true. But he had also this run agreed to take some weapons to fill some gaps in his holds. He was starting to wish that he wasn't so hung up on making a little more profit.::

Falcon: What are you carrying?

Abel: You'll find a great deal of Fabrics, grains and fine wines.

::That was what he normally traded in when the seasons were optimal. There was a great deal of money to be made if you could sell to the right people, but the market was becoming so squeezed out and oversupplied, he was forced to look to different markets and different buyers. ::

Falcon: Hmm... Not a bad load, depending on the area you're working and how seasonal it is. I've never looked closely at the trade routes out here, though. How's it been coming?

Abel: It's not....a great profit, but I get by.

::Getting by was a loose term that in reality meant he just had enough money to keep operating. The maintenance alone on his ship was crippling not to mention his deliveries were also reliant on the suppliers. If one of those missed or couldn't deliver he was running at a loss. ::

Corbin: So you are saying you have never bent the rules a bit for larger profits?

::Everyone bent the rules, and if the Officer thought that there was any freighter out there not doing the same he must be a little ignorant. The margins are low and it's required to cut some corners were possible. It's the line in which you refuse to cross that separates the Captains.::

Abel: You've got my record in front of you. I wouldn't have my citizenship if my record wasn't clean.

::It took a great deal of effort to obtain his federation citizenship. There were a few times where he just simply thought to give up on it. However in the end, it had opened up doors for him that he never thought possible. Realms that were previously off limits or strictly controlled were not open to him. The time he has no saved has more than surpassed the time it took him to obtain it. He was proud of it, and he was more than a little concerned that the events of today might jeopardise that.::

Reinard: Incorrect. All it means as you were not identified as engaging in illegal activity when the citizenship process was on-going.

::Gideon was unimpressed with the Captains remarks about his record. If he had been convicted of anything it would have been revoked or there would be a record on it. Gideon was tired of Starfleet's insistence on passing judgement on everyone who didn't have it and apparently it seemed, when convenient it also didn't matter if you have it.::

Falcon: Captain Abel, you do have to know that opening fire on us when we were just trying to hail you was extremely suspicious, in and of itself.

::Gideon had to be careful in regards to where he went with this. The man knew that firing on the ship pretty much sealed the deal in regards to getting out of this scenario a freeman. He was not yet in the Brig, and he would use this time to try and stay out of there.::

Abel: I do, however sometimes it's the only form of greeting some species know.

::It wasn't exactly true at all, but he couldn't very well confess that he decided to attack so they might in some miracle situation get away. He knew that would be what they wanted to hear, but he'd end up in the Brig even quicker.::

Falcon: ::Small smile.:: I flew freight for a number of years myself. Starfleet may have its flaws, but they aren't the Klingon Empire. Klingons tend to shoot first and ask questions... when they feel like it.

Abel: I can't argue with that. .

Reinard: Where are you taking the cargo and what is your delivery schedule?

::Gideon wasn't naive enough to think that they wouldn't be able to ascertain where they were heading from his computers so he knew lying wasn't entirely a good option. He could see no discernable benefit to mislead or lie about where he was heading. After all, once they knew where he was heading they wouldn't have anything else to go on.::

Abel: Towards the inner worlds. Vega to be specific. We have to be there in just over a month.

::Give or take a few days. It was going to be tight if everything went to play and Gideon knew it never did. Nonetheless, it is when he expected to be there.::

Reinard: Miss Falcon can you check that against the freighters capabilities and tell me what their eta would have been.

::Gideon didn't expect to be trusted but he was surprised at just how much effort they were expending trying to check how much his story matched the reality.::

Falcon: Yes, sir. One moment.

Reinard: Can you explain to me why your vessel opened fire on us?

::It was a direct question and Gideon looked at the Captain for a time. He was envious of the man who had elevated himself well above the status he was likely born into. Probably elevated the Status of his people more than Gideon would accomplish in his life. Allowing his eyes to fall off Gideon thought about his first officer. He had been a good first officer, but he had been at times zealous and assertive in his suggestions and directions. Gideon wondered for a few seconds if the man would be happy to throw his own Captain to the wolves to save himself. Able to resolve that answer in the affirmative in a few short moments, Gideon resolved to consider some self preservation.::

Abel: Captain, we thought you were possible hostiles with the intent on taking our cargo

Reinard: Do you think that's what I'll hear from the first mate when we compare your statements to his?

::Being honest to himself he couldn't honestly answer that in the positive. His first mate was as opportunistic and thirsty for advancement as he was and if he could throw his Captain around as the instigator and that he was the innocent party, he was pretty sure he would. Gideon had to look inside for what he was about to do. Some of which was going to be truthful and some would be a cop out.::

Abel: I'm not as in control of my ship as you might think.

Falcon: What do you mean? She's your ship, is she not?

Abel: Of course I'm responsible ultimately for the actions of my ship, but it's not as simple as that.

::Gideon was aware that they probably didn't know about Bo'Sun so he wouldn't mention him yet, but he did want to allude to the fact that his first officer at least might have been very firm about their course of action.::

Corbin: Not as simple as that?

Abel: is a factor..

::There was a very strict timeframe to meet and the safety of all the crew was on the line if they missed it. It was a good reason why the First Officer was so keen to reach it, and to do what he needed in order to do so. ::

Reinard: Can you elaborate?

Abel: Captain, please understand I'll happily have a conversation after you're done searching my Cargo for whatever it is you want. But i'm not going to incriminate myself.

::Gideon could go on all day denying everything but it would only prove to make it more difficult later when they found the cargo on his ship. Plus, he needed to rethink his options. He was caught off guard when the ship arrived and the line of questioning has put him ill at ease. ::

Reinard: Okay Captain. I can appreciate that but I can only work with the facts I have. The more I know the better it is for you. I think a break is in order.

Falcon: Sir, one thing I can confirm. Transit time from DS-6 to Vega Colony is about 27 days by normal routes, which would give an acceptable margin to the 'about a month' timetable. There was one outlier transit time of two weeks, though I'd be hard pressed to use it. It requires flying close to several dangerous special phenomena. Reinard: Yeah I wouldn't recommend taking that option. No cargo is worth that... Falcon: I only caught it because of old habits; look for any and every possible route from point 'A' to point 'B'. Sometimes we had no choice but to pick a crazy route and hope the pirates following us weren't as crazy as we were. Then again, they'd usually already fired at us a time or two by that point.

Reinard: Well let's see what the first mate has to say for himself. Mister Corbin please get Captain Able a glass of water. Miss Falcon please get a relief security officer in here. I'm going to get the others and I'll see you both in my ready room in a moment.

Gideon Abel