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John Valdivia
Merrick R'Ven
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Graeme Cook
Isabel Pond
Jora Kalis
Didrik Stennes
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Rendal Rennyn
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Randal Shayne
Nicu Icavoc
Kurt Logan
Emery Rhyn
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Kael Thomas

((Conference Room, Deck 1))

:: Kai took another sip of his drink, while he wondered if his interrogators from earlier had forgotten about him, well perhaps that was a little trite. He hoped that their silence was proof that Bo had done his job and gotten them out of this. Kai smiled as he took another sip of the water and the holographic walls fell away reuniting him with his 'dear' Captain. From there they where moved about into a new seating arrangement, and obviously a new tactic from Starfleet. ::

Reinard: We've just finished a search of your vessel and uncovered a few interesting things that we'd like to discuss with you further. First of all, who is the Orion gentleman we found hidden under your dampening field?

Inala: oO Damn. Still, so far he hasn't mentioned the weapons... or our 'other' cargo so... Oo

Abel: He is a member of our Crew.

Reinard: Alright, well can you tell me what business he had being down there then?

Inala: Believe me Captain... I'm as interested as you are, and be assured once we are off I will be launching a full investigation into why he was there.

Thomas: This member of our crew has now found himself in our Brig, owing in whole to his attempts to impeded our investigations.

Abel: ::Pleading.:: Captain, his behaviour is not sanctioned by us.

:: Kai took another sip from his drink, his lips suddenly dry. They had let that through to easily... There had to be some catch, did Bo break? No, for all he thought of the Orion, he was at least a professional. So what did they have then...? Then he noticed the gun in the rooms back. Could that be one of theirs? His stomach fell out. What if they had uncovered the drugs too... ::

Reinard: Ensign Carter, could you please show Mister Abel and Mister Anala an example piece of weaponry as taken from the freighter's cargo hold? Commander Thomas was leading the away team that discovered these. We also found something else interesting.

:: It was theirs... Kai felt his world reel, the weapons where away from the drugs... Right?! They couldn't have found them, wrecked his plans... Doomed his spices to obscurity. No. ::

Carter: Response

Abel: Commander, where were these found?

Nessa: Response

Thomas: Honestly Captain, do you intend to sit here and tell me that you aren't personally aware of everything on the freight Manifest?

:: Kai readied himself and shook his arm slightly, feeling a slight shift in weight there. Almost unnoticeable, even when he cupped his hand to catch the end of the long thin object coming from his sleeve. ::

Abel: Commander you don't think I would choose to move illegal firearms when I can carry perfectly good cargo?

:: Kai started to tense, preparing for his goal. The subsequent sound of his preys combadge going off, almost forced him to go off early... but he bided his time... waited. ::

Adams: =/\= Crewman Adams to Captain Reinard. =/\=

Reinard: Pardon me for a moment, please feel free to continue Commander.

:: Kai's eyes traced the man as he moved off, his attention on the discussion broke. They couldn't talk their way out anymore, it was time for... ::

Reinard: =/\= Reinard here, what is it crewman? =/\=

Adams: =/\= Mister Bo'Sun keeps insisting he be allowed to speak with the freighter Captain and First Mate. He's becoming more disruptive and insistent on it. =/\=

:: Oh... That was just perfect. Kai almost laughed, in fact he did quite loudly. Bo wanted to see him, it was all so perfect! ::

Reinard: =/\= Unfortunately, they're not available right now and Mister Bo'Sun is not in a position to be making requests right now unless it's for refreshment. =/\=

Thomas: Mister Inala, care to explain what you think is so funny?

:: Kai got out of his seat, laughing harder and harder. By now several faces where looking at him nervously, he was sure they were all readying to strike at him. Barbarians, not that he could speak. ::

Abel: Kai, knock it off. This isn't funny.

Reinard: That's enough. Sit down Mister Inala! ::In a controlled, calm but firm, commanding tone. ::

Inala: ::grinning like an idiot, still unable to contain the bulk of his mirth:: My dear Captain, you didn't think you'd be able to scupper everything did you?

Thomas: Mr Inala  ::Firmly:: Sit down.

Inala: :: his earlier mirth suddenly turning into anger, the smile before being replaced with pure anger. :: BECAUSE I CAN'T LET YOU! NOT EVEN ONE OF MY OWN!

:: Kai launched himself at the man... no, at a barrier, a great barrier like the one that had kept the Laudians from their rightful place for so long - the sand bar, a natural barrier, not an unnatural one like this one. Artificial, made from society. He made contact - knocking the man and him back, and knocking the long thin blade from his sleeve out into his hand. He grasped it, really at this thickness it was more a needle than a blade... served a similar purpose too. He brought it down into the man's hand as they struggled, aware that he would feel almost nothing. For now. Quickly he removed it, throwing it far away. Kai imagined it would be a long time before they found it, if they ever did. ::

Kai Inala

First Officer


As simmed by

Lt. Commander James

Chief Engineer

USS Darwin-A

Dif-tor heh smusma.

nIdjahdj yInlIdj edge bitchehpdjahdj.

Live long and prosper.