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((Antares-Class Freighter Tenacity, Deck 3, Cargo bay))

:: In all, things seemed to have progressed quite nicely indeed. All the evidence they needed to further their charges had been found, even if it had also revealed another mystery. James just wanted to know why they were concealing these pills - as far as he knew there was little issue with transporting medicines around which probably meant they were illicit drugs of some kind... Either that or they were caught in a hastily constructed dampening field and actually unrelated. James had doubts about that though, hastily constructed fields where usually had more apparent generators. Still, it was time to contact Commander Thomas and see what he thought of all this... ::

James: =/\= Commander James to Commander Thomas =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Thomas here, go ahead.=/\=

:: James paused, collecting his thoughts. In his mind the pharmaceuticals where the top priority owing to their mystery, after all the weapons had really been expected. ::

James: =/\= We have uncovered something strange in the damping field... Medication of some sort. We are evaluating it now. =/\=

:: Well, Commander Malcolm was evaluating it now. James had very little medical experience... beyond what he had picked up through his friends who it seemed where often Doctors. ::

Thomas: =/\= Understood, continue your search. =/\=

:: James nodded to himself again. Something of a bad habit but one that was unlikely to cause him or anyone else any worry. ::

James: =/\= Sir, we also had a... hostile ::it was as good a description as any for the stunned Orion:: down here. A large Orion who refused to identify himself and actively blocked our investigation. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Had? Commander?=/\=

James: =/\= Stunned, Sir. I recommend he be beamed to a separate holding cell. I doubt he will be happy when he wakes up. =/\=

Thomas: =/\= Hold tight Commander we'll be there shortly. Have the Orion man beamed to the Brig. Thomas out. =/\=

:: James cut off the Com and turned to the matter of the Orion. Fortunately, he usually prepared for unusual beam offs like this, all the more after their last experience on Talvith, and had brought a small amount of micro-viridium patchs. Not enough for their famed two-sector track, but enough for a ship-to-ship transport. ::

James: =/\= James to Darwin, please transport the target into a empty holding cell. Lock on a viridium signature. =/\=

:: James watched as the Orion disappeared in the usual transporter affair, not begrudging the man the inevitable headache he had earned himself. Particularly after having served with an Orion back on the Drake and knowing full well that not all of their species display such brutish behaviour. IDIC was one thing, but so was the ability to resolve ones arguments without resorting to aggression. James turned and looked towards the damping field, yet more weapons having tumbled out in the meantime. ::

Thomas: You’ve been busy. Is that Dampening field down yet Commander? I want the Darwin to get a good look at what’s inside this room.

:: A sentiment James most agreed with. Who knew what else they had in here... ::

James: I agree, Commander. There have been enough surprises already from a purely visual inspection. I gather there has been some dificulty in tracking down the exact source of the field however.

:: James turned to look at his EO, wondering what he thought of it. ::

Baker: Tricorder is having trouble locking down the exact place it's being generated. ::looking back to the men:: I guess I’ll need to fan around do some digging sir. Shall I get started?

:: James nodded, even if it felt a bit strange not doing it himself. ::

James: oO I wonder if this is how Commander Thomas must feel... Oo

Thomas: Yes, could you please and take Crewman Saroa with you.

Baker: Of course Commander. ::to Saora:: Let’s get crackin’ Crewman.

:: James expanded his gaze to look at the rest of the away team and became quite glad of their arrival. Having an Ops officer would make cataloguing the weapons that much easier, particularly if partnered with a SecTac officer. ::

Thomas: Ensign, I want to know what everything in this room is. Grab Ensign Carter and I want to know what every weapon in this room is and it's origin.

:: And apparently Commander Thomas agreed. Verifying their origin would also be useful, now he thought of it. The ones he had seen had looked authentic enough, however without further inspection he couldn't deny that they may just be convincing fakes. ::

Nessa: Response

Carter: Response

:: A few seconds later Commander Thomas moved to walk over to Commander Malcolm who was rather engrossed with the grate of 'medication'. JUames was rather interested in seeing what she had found, so he followed the commander over to her - rather than peeling off to the Engineering team like he rather wanted to do. ::

Thomas: This is what you believe is Medication Commander?

:: James paused, double checking it was the same contents. It never hurt to verify. This crate had vials in it, although it had similar makings to the pill casings. ::

James: Yes, Commander. Or at least pharmaceuticals of some kind. There seems to be a large variance in the distribution method with some in this vial form and others in pill form. ::James brought out the one he had found earlier and showed it to Commander Thomas.::

Thomas: Commander Malcolm, any clues yet as to what it might be?

Malcolm: Response

:: James agreed wholly with that sentiment, a thorough examination seemed to be in order. ::

Thomas: Just what could they be Transporting that requires such quantities?

Malcolm: Response

:: James paused. It seemed wise to bring up a possibility he had been considering. ::

James: Commander, given the presence of one kind of illicit item might it be prudent to consider this may also be one?

Thomas: A sensible assumption.

Malcolm: Response.

James: I'm not sure what the illicit pharmaceutical trade is like on Vega, but I think that might be a consideration if the substance has the appropriate properties.

:: James wasn't entirely sure what those would be, if he were honest. He had never been tempted by drugs or seen the point. That is what music from the 1960's, a cup of green tea and the after effects of a double shift where for. ::

Malcolm: Response.

:: James thought back to the Orion, now in their Cargo bay... It fit. ::

James: In a previous mission, I interacted with a faction of the former Orion Syndicate that carried on operating. Its possible that this is a similar scenario, although it is somewhat presumptuous to declare this related to the Syndicate from the presence of one Orion.

:: It was times like this that James missed Commander Weston, the Intel officer James had served with since being an Ensign. He usually knew the local operations, if only from hearsay - or at least had a contact who did. t was rather an admission, considering how uncomfortable James could be around the idea of covert operations but given that two of his friends where now Intel officers... ::

Thomas: My experience with Orion's has been minimal, but I would expect that he wasn't down here guarding that door for nothing

Lt. Commander James

Chief Engineer

USS Darwin-A

Dif-tor heh smusma.

nIdjahdj yInlIdj edge bitchehpdjahdj.

Live long and prosper.