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The Security Office's are located on Deck 15, entering from the corridor, there is a small corridor that branches left and right, to the right is the Office of the Assistant Chief of Security (ACoS) and to the left is the Office to the Chief of Security (CoS). The briefing room has two entrances one from the office of the CoS, which only they use, and one attatched straight to the corridor.

Security Office


The Chief of Security's office has a small Tactical Display mounted on the wall to the right of the desk, to the left of the desk is a door which takes the Chief to a small corridor which links with the Assistant Chief of Security's Office and is the main entrance to the CoS Office, at the left of the office is a glass door which bears the logo of Starfleet and the Registry Number of the USS Ronin, this leads on to the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room. The Cos and the ACoS, may decide to decorate the room accordingly, in this case the current CoS has decided to place a Starfleet Flag coloured in Security Gold behind his desk.

The current Chief of Security is:

Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room


There are two entrances to the fully functional Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room, one from the CoS Office and the other from the Corridor, both are doors are different the glass door leads fromt he CoS Office and bears the logo of Starfleet and the Registry Number of the USS Ronin, the other is a standard door on a Akira Class Vessel. The layout of the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room is much similiar in the layout of the USS Enterprise-E's Briefing Room, the main difference is that instead of a display cabinet, the Security Briefing Room/Command Operations Room comes with a viewscreen for Stellar Cartography arrays and overlays which include a large tactical display of the vessel, two replicators and enough chairs to seat eight personnel.

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