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Located on Deck 14, Main Engineering is the thriving heart of any vessel in space. It has access to almost all systems aboard the starship, and manages repairs, power flow, and general maintenance. It supplies all systems with power and monitors everything that has a blinking light through the system displays. If something goes wrong, an Engineer will have noticed. It is arguably the most important area of the ship though not the most remembered.

There are numerous ladders and access panels to Jefferies tubes, leading throughout the starship . The Ronin has a decent compliment of special access routes into Engineering to take into account. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Engineers never seem to leave the drive room.

Warp System

The Ronin’s engines are the same M/ARA system that works on each of the Federation’s vessels. Apart from the standard Warp Propulsion systems, the Ronin is in essence a war ship and is equipped as such to outlast in near impossible conditions. As such, the warp drive of the Ronin can survive on ‘fumes’ for a short time while the crew are able to evacuate. For the same reason, the Ronin was also equipped with twin Warp Cores to provide maximum power to the weapons. However, full details on the systems are provided in the Academy Engineering Systems section.

Akira-Class Schematics

Experimental Technology

Although the section isn’t exactly what it says on the tin, some of the Engineers on the Ronin have at some point been involved in technology research at Utopia Planitia. Using the resources and multiple opinions available to them, the Engineers on board are able to carry on research into a wide variety of deep space systems, including advancements in the LCARS system and an experimental EEH (Emergency Engineering Hologram).

Continued research into these systems has not had a direct benefit on the Ronin as of yet. No advancements have been made as much of the research hasn’t left the library. However, they’re forever hopeful.

Typical crew compliment in Main Engineering consists of twenty engineers and forty technicians of various grades. During Red or Yellow Alert, that number is increased. Perhaps a single fact about the Ronin is the senior ‘team’ they have, unlike other departments. Due to Engineering being such a vast department, it seemed necessary to have subsection departmental heads, working effectively. It hasn’t failed yet.

The current Chief Engineer is Lieutenant Tobias Walker

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