Rolor Nebula

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Kivis Sector
Sigma Dorphus Sector
Free Haven Sector
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Stellar Phenomenae

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The Rolor Nebula is an interstellar dust cloud located near the Demilitarized Zone, in the flight path between the Bajor system and the Dreon system. Ships moving between the two systems generally go around the nebula. Most of the nebula is within the Kivis Sector but part of it does extend down into the Sigma Dorphus Sector.

For more info on nebula see Starfleet Science file Nebula.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

Captain Sisko's investigation of the Maquis

In 2372, Captain Benjamin Sisko questioned Kasidy Yates on which alternate route she took to avoid the Rolor Nebula, when he was suspicious of her possible involvement with the Maquis.

See Starfleet records labeled File #DS9-002813 for more information.