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The Ambassador's Office is located in a secured wing of the Embassy Complex. It is only a short walk from the Ambassador's Home - designed with an older ambassador in mind. The Office area actually incorporates a reception and secretarial area, a small private conference room, a turbolift and the actual Ambassadorial Office.


Rocars Office.jpg


  • A = The only way into the office is from just above this position. A Marine guard is stationed there at all times. After reporting to Yeoman Katie Colt's desk, visitors are asked to wait in the area labelled A.
  • B = Senior Counsel/Clerical Assistant's desk (currently Aïowyn Shartara)
  • C = Ambassadorial Office Secretary (currently Katie Colt)
  • D = The Ambassador's Personal Office
  • E = Just left of "E" is a Starfleet replicator
  • F = Large Bay Window behind the Ambassador's extemely large Art Nouveau desk
  • G = Embassy Gardens
  • H = Just below "H" is a large water-colour portrait which depicts the Galaxy-class USS Constitution-B in orbit of Starbase 118. Left of "H" is a small entrance allowing the Ambassador access to his conference room. His seat is the largest and located closest to this small door (and his office)
  • I = Narrower than usual corridor that allows visitors or senior staff to enter the Ambassador's personal conference room without passing through the Ambassador's office.
  • J = The Ambassador's personal conference room, reserved for his own private use at all times. (Other conference rooms can be used elsewhere in the Embassy complex). Slightly compact, the room has a viewscreen on each wall and a distinct round table instead of the usual shaped conference tables. Used for senior staff meeting or diplomatic negotiations with VIPs.
  • K = Ambassadorial Library

Personal Conference Room

The personal conference room is roughly a third the size of the Ambassador's personal office. The embassy contains a large number of meeting and conference room but this is the only one constantly reserved solely for the Ambassador's personal use. Any meeting he is in will be held here, from full staff meetings to negotiations. The main feature is the large circular conference room table at the centre of the room. Each of the four walls contains an identical computer screen for presentations allowing people sitting in a circle on the black leather seats to each get a view. These screens work in synchronization but can be set to each give the presentation in a different language so that each delegation facing a different direction can follow a readout. Apart from the Ambassador, everyone else arrives through the double door that leads to the corridor and back to the reception area.

The Ambassadorial Library

This room is perhaps best known for being the crime scene when Lt.(jg) Elaine Furlong was murdered.

This Library requires Level 4 security clearance. Essentially only Captains and Flag Officers have access. The Library is freely available to any officers with the rank of captain or higher that visit the Embassy.

Within the seal of the United Federation of Planets in the carpet at the centre, there are a set of chairs. The walls are covered with old fashioned books collected from around Duronis II. Mostly cataloguing Laudean history, art, culture and fiction - it is a wealth of information on the Laudean people.