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Hey Guys! Thanks for visiting my page :)

My name is Elisa Kolk and I primarily write for the character of Ensign Ilene Torza. I've been with UFOP: SB118 since October 2007.

So far, I've served on:

Here are some facts about me.


  • Name: Elisa
    • Age: 31
  • Gender: Female
  • Country of Residence: USA
  • Occupation: Family Medicine Resident
  • Main Language: English
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Ethnicity: Mixed - Venezuelan and Caucasian (including Dutch, Irish, Scottish, English, and French)
  • Height: 4'6"
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Date Joined UFOP: September 21, 2007

Primary Character

Ensign Ilene Torza - Science Officer on the USS Columbia.

Previous Primary Characters

Cmdr. Karynn Ehlanii Brice - Counselor on the USS Columbia. Currently stationed on SB118 as a Junior Professor in the Counseling Department.


Marcel Doubleaux

Megan Barkett

Ayaka Kumiko


Armand, Reina


Favourite Author: JRR Tolkien.

Favourite Classical music piece: Emperor Concerto (Mvt 2) by Ludwig van Beethoven

Favourite Day of the week: Sunday

Favourite Food: Grilled Chicken

Favourite Sport: American Football (specifically college football)

Favourite Location: unknown... ;) I don't think I've found my favorite yet.

Favourite Musical Group: depends on my mood

Favourite Poem: In Western Lands, by JRR Tolkien

Favourite Season: Spring

Favourite Star Trek Series: TNG!

Favourite Star Trek Character: fluctuates between LtCmd Data and Counselor Troi

Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings


Laila Renek
Writing Challenge Haliian Family