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Publicity Team
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Social Media Team

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Welcome to the Wiki-home for the Publicity Team Challenges. Beginning in 2385 (2008), we began announcing regular challenges for people on the Publicity Team, completion of which earned points for the participant. The challenges are geared toward getting our name (and good reviews) out on the Internet, and have ranged from posting in forums about UFoP:Starbase 118 RPG to finding and nominating our group for awards. Below you'll find a brief synopsis of each year's contest and links to a more detailed history.

Publicity Pursuits

The inauguration of the Publicity Team Challenges was announced 238504.16 with the challenge of writing a testimonial and posting it to the Yahoo group list. From there we pursued tasks that resulted in posting those testimonials to RPG databases, posting to Star Trek forums, asking for link exchanges with other Star Trek sites, posting a recruitment ad for our group on a recruitment list, and finding a writing blog. Winning the contest this year by having the most points at the end was Lt. William Rogers.

Mission Possibles

This year's Mission Possibles began by asking Publicity Team members to help encourage other UFoP: Starbase 118 RPG members to go to the Star Trek Games Player's Choice Award for best RPG, a Mission that ultimately resulted in UFoP: Starbase 118 taking top prize for the category. A major change made to the system at the beginning of this cycle was that Points were no longer awarded for every Mission, and the announcement of whether a Mission was points-elligible or not was made after the conclusion of the Mission rather than at the beginning. This year's Contest is still in progress and it is not too late to join! Please head to the Mission Possibles Page for more details.