Operation Overclocking: Computational Retrofitting To Galaxy-Class Vessel

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Vol. 325, No. 3, Stardate 239406

Operation Overclocking: Computational Retrofitting To Galaxy-Class Vessel

Choi Ji-hu, Tor, Creet Berenez, Frag, Ix & Te


The USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) has been flying for twenty-seven years, not even a third of the vessel’s expected duration. However, in terms of technology, three decades might as well be three centuries, given the leaps of knowledge in computational systems. The Engineering Systems Programming Office (ESPO) aboard the Constitution recently worked with Main Engineering, Command and the crew of Starbase 104 to requisition and replicate parts for strategic retrofitting and upgrading of the starship’s Class XIX Bioneural/Isolinear processing units, with the goal of bringing the systems up to a Class XXI, vastly improving processing times for the computer systems used by the thousand-person complement.


While the Galaxy-class vessel recently went through a major refit cycle to install a quantum slipstream drive, the majority of computational refitting was, rightly, concerned with the QSD systems and related power regulation.

Even though the bio-neural/isolinear processing units were functioning within normal parameters, the ESPO head identified an opportunity for a minor retrofitting project by a small team during a prolonged shore leave at Starbase 104, and the team brought together a plan designated “Operation Overclocking.” The team put three duty shifts worth of research into contemporary bio-neural technology available, bolstering extensive pre-project research completed by the office head, and compiled a strategy for improving present systems through the replacement of outdated components.


While the Constitution’s ESPO documents the full list of retrofitted systems and components installed below in the detailed examination of retrofitting specifications, the major upgrading includes the following:

  • 42 Class XX inter-deck data buffers
  • 110 bio-neural conduit upgrades to the main computer core data trunk, sickbay computer facilities and lower computer core sections
  • 4 Starfleet-standard replacement isolinear processors
  • 1 AC-20 Micro-Series Krayne Systems bio-neural processor

Holographic Beings & Processing Speeds

In their research, the ESPO team found that the biggest draw on the Constitution’s processors’ bandwidth, aside from primary computer systems, were the two shipboard holographic beings (designations: Georgio & Mark Two). As the holographic beings relied on computer systems as their brain and lifeblood, and with these processes constantly growing, learning and adapting, the ESPO team found that the holographic beings exponentially used up computer systems bandwidth.

The ESPO team resolved to install a dedicated bio-neural processor within the Deck 14 Lower Computer Cores, with complimentary power regulation systems and failsafes, for the holographic beings, which would house their core processes and open up new opportunities for their functions, freeing up precious bandwidth for other systems.

This proved to be the most challenging aspect of the retrofitting. The Constitution’s executive officer stipulated that the holographic beings were required to be isolated from the computer mainframe and self-contained throughout the upgrade procedures with standalone hardware, allowing them no connection, hardwired or otherwise, to the ship's computer during the transition. Furthermore, as designated sentient beings the entire crew wanted to ensure their safety and autonomy during this effective quarantine. This meant educating the holographic beings on the processes and making the ESPO team available to them.

Fortunately Crewmen Ix and Te of Bynaus were already in the process of repairing an older isolinear unit that would serve as this standalone hardware during the process. Mark Two and Georgio agreed, expressing their reservations about the process, but with care and preparation the transition to the dedicated AC-20 Micro-Series Krayne Systems bio-neural processor was a success. This will give the holographic beings previously unimagined processing power given the limitations of the dual isolinear/bio-neural framework they were working from before the upgrade.

Holographic Beings Personnel Files

USS Constitution-B NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Holographic Beings
STO Blank Blue.jpg
Mark Two Hologram Male EMH Shar'Wyn Foster
STO Blank Silver.jpg
Georgio Hologram Undefined Emergency Holograhpic Hairstylist Jalana Rajel


Bio-neural processing is the current standard in starship computational systems, and while a dual isolinear/bio-neural framework in older starship models can prove a challenge to upgrade and synchronize, the ESPO head notes that his team has distinguished themselves as experts in their field by vastly improving the Constitution’s systems by the full, projected 0.015%, an incredible undertaking aboard this storied vessel. Pending review by Main Engineering, this boosts the Constitution’s system into the range where it can be considered a Class XXI Bioneural/Isolinear processing system. Engineers can look to the ESPO team’s example in similar undertakings, and they have provided full specs below for review.

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