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USS Constitution-B
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Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species J'naii
Gender Gender Neutral
Birthplace J'naii
Writer ID C239402CJ0

Ensign Tor is currently serving as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Profile

  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Hair: dark brown
  • Eyes: blue
  • Build: lean and muscular
  • Face: aside from Tor's J'naii foreheard ridging, they have a long face with a pointed chin
  • Carriage: proud, dedicated, fiery-tempered
  • Off-Duty Clothing: high-collared J'naii robes of neutral colours, gray, navy blue, or gold on special occasions
  • Voice: androgynous, high and slightly nasal
  • Handedness: right-handed
  • Personal Quarters: clean and well organized, a computer console for after hours work is the main fixture of their quarters, although they've developed a passion for collecting and displaying non-replicated prints of famous artists

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Biography

One of Tor's parents, a gender deviant and refugee, fled J'naii when Tor was little more than a baby and they ended up on Beta Ursae Minor II in the Kochab system. Although they tried to raise Tor to be an independent thinker and self-deterministic in terms of their gender identity, Tor was uncomfortable experimenting on either side of the gender spectrum, sought out information about their culture, and eventually settled on the Terran concept of identifying as gender neutral. They have since used gender neutral pronouns "they/them/theirs" as opposed to the more specific J'naii pronouns.

Tor apprenticed with a childless Tellarite isolinear circuitry expert on Beta Ursae Minor II during their youth, expecting to eventually take over the business. During their teenage years Tor saw an FNS on then Lieutenant Renos and they were inspired to finish their studies and enlist in Starfleet, eventually ending up accepted to the Starfleet annex on Beta Ursae Minor II, graduating with a Major in Engineering with a Focus on Components Engineering and Programming, their Minor in Com/Ops.

They were temporarily assigned to Starbase 118 before being shunted into the Engineering Systems Programming Office aboard the USS Constitution, specializing in isolinear circuitry. They served for a time under Lieutenant Sarolk before he retired, and then found themselves as acting office head until a suitable replacement was assigned. While Tor is ambitious and hotheaded, they found the job of running the ESPO office overwhelming and missed focusing on their work. Both the office and their career suffered as a result.