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Occidiena is a constructed language by LLE (Luraula Lingvo Esplorinstituto). It was constructed on the basis that at the time of the era, Al-leyans were trying to create a language which would eventually become the only language for Al-leyans. It is the 3rd most spoken language on the Luraul, and has been around for 56 earth years.


Luraula Lingvo Esplorinstituto was formed in 2271 and pursued in writing, and constructing a world language for all Al-leyans. The idea was the LLE would devise, and write the new Al-Leyan language, so that every Al-leyan regardless of what language they spoke, could learn the language naturally.

The Formation of LLE got its merit, but was also highly criticized for being to Occidentaala(focusing primarily on the Valhanna & Giventeh caintones). However Jalhanar wrote an academic writing which became a bestseller. The text was written in Ka'ilsh, and Esperanto explaining, that the institutes first priority was to create a language that finds a common ground syntax and vocabulary among the Valhanna & Giventeh provinces, without being biased.

Esperanto by then had become a very popular and strong language in the Valhanna province, and was growing quickly. In order for the LLE to make a language that was unbiased they needed to find a common ground between Ka'ilsh, and Esperanto, among the other few languages within the region. Ka'ilsh was a language well spoken, but was decreasing with less people able to speak it as fluently.

Although it seemed that the eastern continent would be left in the dark a little, Jalhanar did state that the LLE would finally try to incorporate the eastern leyan languages later one, after many revisions of the language.In 2331 the LLE first released their new devised language, which was called "Occidiena". Occidiena consisted for once a common ground of all Occidien languages, whilst keeping some Esperanto to make communication with aliens easy. Since the introduction to Occideina there have been 4 revisions of the language. LLE has revised the language once every 9 Al-leyan years, and the next revision won't be due till 2388.


' Bilabial Labial-
Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Glottal
Plosive p b t d k g
Fricative f v s z ʃ ʒ h
Nasal m n
Trill r
Approximant l j


  • A as in Car
  • B as in Body
  • D as in Dog
  • E as in Cake
  • F as in Fun
  • G as in Go
  • H as in High
  • I as in See
  • J as in azure
  • K as in cat
  • L as in Low
  • M as in Mama
  • N as in New
  • O as in Coat
  • P as in Pen
  • R as in Ray
  • S as in See
  • T as in Tea
  • U as in Food
  • V as in view
  • X as in Ash
  • Z as in Zoo



  • ha forms the past tense of verbs.
    • Noka ha labora (I have worked)
  • ia forms the present tense of verbs.
    • Taka ia labora (They are working)
  • va forms the future tense of verbs
    • Taka va labora (They will work)


The suffixes -o, -a, -e, and -i indicate that a word is a noun, adjective, adverb, and infinitive verb, respectively. Many new words can be derived simply by changing these suffixes, just as -ly derives adverbs from adjectives in English: From vidi (to see), we get vida (visual), vide (visually), and vido (sight).



Zaro - Zero
yonn - One
dez - two
twa - three
Katro - four
Sinko - five
sis - six
sete - seven
ywit - eight
nove - nine
dis - ten
san - 100
milye - thousand