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All laws and regulations regarding behavior and preservation of planetary resources is regulated by the Council, the planet's ultimate authority.

Environmental Laws

Al-Leyans strive to preserve the natural resources of their world. Therefore, it is a punishable offense to take a non-domesticated animal from its natural habitat. In certain circumstances, however, an Al-Leyan might be granted guardianship of a seriously injured or orphaned animal, particularly if the animal’s injury or orphan status was caused by the Al-Leyan’s actions (Please Take the Hint). Also, some professions on Leya-I require those in them to take birth control. These rare instances are strictly regulated by the Council and this is not widely known by the general population.


The Council, which regulates the planet's laws and unifies the various city-states into one governing body has a strict policy of keeping the cultural purity of the Al-Leyan people in place. The ultimate penalty for any Al-Leyan who violates the law that can be weighed upon them is to be Exiled from Leya-I. Which, given the nature of their reproductive seasons, is essentially a death sentence. It is reserved only for those who's crimes are the most heinous, or, subversive. Anyone who refuses to undergo the attitude rehabilitation therapy can, and usually does face immediate exile from Leya-I.

The Council enforces infractions of those Al-Leyans who go against the cultural ways to Hunters, that are primarily tasked with carrying out the order to exile an Al-Leyan from the homeworld. And ensuring that they can't survive the imposed sentence.

There are faint rumors that a small group of Exiled Al-Leyans have established a colony outside of Leya-I in spite of and to fight against the current Council's stifling conservative grip on the planet that not all Al-Leyans support.