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Al-Leyan have several different languages on Leya-I, some can be extremely difficult to learn. The Al-Leyan government of Leya-I recognizes 11 official languages. 10 which are native to their homeworld, and one that has been taught in the Valhanna caintone as a second language.

Ka'ilsh is the second most spoken language on Leya.


Al-Leyans conducted research of Earth during trade negotiations with the United Federation of Planets, and came across the first constructed language by humans, called Esperanto. Jalnahar Kuizo, leader of the Giventeh caintone, saw the language a great way to introduce Al-leyans to a variety of human languages and help them adapt and learn many human languages on Earth.

Jalnahar proposed teaching Esperanto at a young age to all Al-Leyans in the Valhanna and Giventeh provinces as a second language. By 2250, it was agreed, that all Al-Leyans within the two caintones would learn Esperanto as a second language. Today Esperanto is considered an official Al-Leyan language on Leya-I. According to census records there are 87.5 million Al-leyans that can speak Esperanto fluently.

Esperanto has become so influential in the Valahnna caintone, that Cienzo has now stopped teaching the old Ka'ilsh language, and teaches Esperanto as its national language.


  • Branching out - Thinking beyond your allotted branch or about “the bigger picture”. Brainstorming
  • By the branch! - Equivalent of oh my god when used as an exclamation. Can be used as a statement - to do something By the Branch is to do it properly/within regs/to a high standard.
  • Branch - What class you are in/what skill-set you have.
  • He must have fallen out the tree and hit every branch on the way down. - Can be used as a general insult of someone. Or disdainfully about someone who moves branch or talks of doing things out of their branch.
  • Don’t count your seedlings before they have sprouted.
  • Unless the winds change dramatically - To say - Yes, unless something important gets in the way.
  • That was hardly by the branch - To speak of something that’s failed.
  • You can only bend a branch so far - A statement about being close to the limits.
  • Never plant all your seedlings in one place - Don’t put everything in one basket, as the humans say.
  • Reading the winds - Any variation refers to having something happen immediately, or shortly following a comment made about the very thing that then happened. As soon as so and so shows up we can leave. Then that person walks in. Similar to "speak of the devil." In some cases. But is more encompassing than that. General term for a precognitive coincidence.
  • Best not to test the winds - Equivalent to not pushing one's luck. Sez Toural regional version.
  • Best not to test the branch - The more common usage of the phrase.



  • Two individuals face each other. Place Left hand on the other person's right shoulder. For close friends hand, placement is closer to or at the base of the neck. This is seen as more intimate.
  • “Warm winds, [full name of the one being greeted]. The Great Tree appears to have been good to you.”


  • "May the sun shine upon you and warm winds carry you on your journey."