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SB118 Ops
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Nimbuz Elleazar
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species El-Aurian/Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 236708.08
Age 33
Birthplace New Atlantis, Risa
Writer ID D240010NE3

Ensign Nimbuz Elleazar is currently serving as an Engineering Officer on Starbase 118


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Fit Athletic
  • T/E: T3/E4
  • Length of Hair: Longer than most but not long, wavy.
  • Skin: Light Olive
  • Face: Rugged with dark facial hair
  • Mouth: Usually smiling
  • Arms: proportional
  • Legs: muscular, avid runner.
  • Notable marks: A scar along his left shoulder on the back, from hitting coral the first time he surfed.
  • Carriage: Upright and confident.
  • Poses: Tends to stand up straight and moves with swiftness, but is also a very relaxed person.
  • Voice: Has a refined voice, as someone raised on a university campus, also have a natural lisp that is hardly even noticeable, just very soft S's.
  • Off Duty Appearance: Tends to like long dress pants and dark turtlenecks
  • Shoes: Boots, always boots
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous, writes with the right, but does most other things left handed.


Dr. Corey Wethern

Corey was the first friend met on Starbase 118, the doctor that did his medical exam coming onto the station. He helped put him at ease, and relaxed around a white-coat. The two had drinks at the Officers Club the second day of Nimbuz's arrival.


  • Mother: Hazana Elleazar
  • Father: Jal Elleazar
  • Brother: Minaza Elleazar (Killed)
Nimbuz's Mother, Hazana (El-Aurian)
Nimbuz's Father, Jal (Betazoid)

Hazana is a remarkable El-Aurian whose life story embodies both the resilience of her people and the boundless spirit of exploration. Born on the enigmatic planet of El-Auria, she was blessed with an enduring curiosity and a natural inclination towards empathetic understanding. Hazana's journey through the galaxy has been an odyssey of compassion, wisdom, and adventure.

As a young El-Aurian, she exhibited a remarkable talent for listening and providing comfort to those she encountered. Her people are known for their exceptional capacity for empathy, which, in her case, manifested as an insatiable desire to understand the myriad emotions and experiences of the universe's diverse inhabitants. This deep empathy led her to embark on a journey of exploration and diplomacy at an early age after fleeing from the Borg.

Hazana journey led her to join Starfleet, where she quickly became a renowned diplomat and mediator. Her skills in empathic negotiation were unparalleled, and she played a pivotal role in resolving complex interstellar conflicts. Her calm demeanor and soothing presence helped bring warring factions to the table and find peaceful solutions.

In addition to her diplomatic endeavors, Hazana also became an avid historian, chronicling the histories and cultures of the many species she encountered during her travels. Her writings and lectures have been instrumental in fostering cross-cultural understanding throughout the galaxy, and her work has been celebrated as a testament to the importance of shared knowledge and understanding.

Hazana's explorations have taken her to the farthest reaches of the known galaxy, where she has encountered phenomena and civilizations beyond imagination. She has faced challenges, witnessed wonders, and demonstrated time and again that the El-Aurian capacity for empathy is a powerful force for good in the universe.

She is now retired from the Federation Diplomatic Core, she will teach from time, but has spent the years writing books.

Jal and Hazana met on Risa at seminar.

Professor Jal is a distinguished Betazoid scholar, known for his profound contributions to the academic world and his unwavering commitment to education and enlightenment. He has dedicated his life to nurturing the intellects of students at the prestigious University of Betazed, leaving an indelible mark on the academic landscape of his homeworld.

Born on the serene and telepathically gifted planet of Betazed, Jal exhibited a passion for learning from an early age. His unique blend of Betazoid telepathic abilities and a brilliant analytical mind set him on a path towards academic excellence. It wasn't long before he recognized the value of education in promoting understanding and harmony among diverse cultures.

After completing his own rigorous education on Betazed, Jal ventured to various planets, seeking to broaden his knowledge and to understand the philosophies and cultures of different species. His travels led to a deep appreciation for the beauty of diversity, as well as a desire to bridge gaps in interstellar understanding.

Upon returning to Betazed, Jal joined the University of Betazed's faculty as a professor of Interspecies Diplomacy and Cultural Studies. His groundbreaking research and lectures emphasized the importance of empathic communication, cultural exchange, and diplomacy in fostering peaceful coexistence among the galaxy's diverse inhabitants.

Professor Jal's impact reaches far beyond the classroom. He is an active participant in various interstellar conferences and summits, where he uses his telepathic abilities to facilitate communication and empathy between delegates from different worlds. His exceptional skills in understanding the nuances of cross-cultural dynamics have played a pivotal role in resolving disputes and building bridges of understanding.

Jal's commitment to his students is equally remarkable. He is known for his nurturing and encouraging teaching style, and he takes a personal interest in the academic and personal development of each of his students. Many of his former pupils have gone on to become influential diplomats, scholars, and peacemakers in their own right, a testament to his dedication as an educator.

Professor Jal's work stands as a shining example of the potential of education and cross-species cooperation to promote peace and understanding throughout the galaxy. His life's mission is a reflection of Betazed's rich tradition of empathy and diplomacy, and his legacy continues to inspire students, scholars, and diplomats alike.


Born on Risa in New Atlantis in the year 2367. His father Jal Elleazar was a professor of Biotechnology at the University of Betazed in Medara. A few years before the Dominion War, the University opened a new campus on Risa in New Atlantis dedicated to Medical Engineering, so Jal took an opening as the first Dean of Students there. That is where he met Hazana, who fled from El-Auria in 2265 as the Borg invaded as a very young girl, the two were married within a year.

One year later in 2367 Nimbuz was born, a very healthy boy, along with his twin brother Minaza. Minaza was killed by a Dominion attack in 2374 , while on Betazoid and visiting his grandparents. Nimbuz, came down with a very bad Risian Flu and was not able to go, the flu saved his life.

Nimbuz went to the University of Betazed in 2386 majoring in Astronautical Engineering, with a focus on Aerospace Bio-neural Technology, with a minor in Physics, graduating in 2390. For the next few years, he worked for Vortex Fusion as a Project Manager for development of impulse control systems.

Deep Space 5 Space Station and Fleet Yards

Vortex Fusion is one of the largest Engineering Contractors to Star Fleet, with locations at Antares Ship Yards, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Beta Antares shipyards, Deep Space 5, Earth Station McKinley, Luna Shipyards, Oakland Shipyard, San Francisco Fleet Yards, Starbase 47, Starbase 235, and Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Nimbuz was station on Deep Space 5, a Regula I – Type Space Station in the Ivor star system, near Ivor Prime that was completely destroyed in 2373 by the Borg, however the station was never attacked.

Arriving at Ivor Prime 17 years to the date after the Borg attack, the scares were still very visible, even though the colony has been replaced and even grown, along with some very large engineering and manufacturing complexes for building starship engines. Nimbuz could feel the haunting effects of that attack still in the air.

Nimbuz worked in his lab on deck 14 very happily for 6 years, he always thought he would be there till he retired. He loved his set-up, a small office, that was extremely messy, every surface covered in PADD’s and even some old books, tools and empty coffee cups waiting to be returned to the replicator.

In 2396 Nimbuz joined Starfleet at the Starbase 118 recruitment center, and was sent to Earth, and to the Academy. While at the Academy, he went to the Starfleet Command School with a Communications/Operations Major and Helm/Navigation Minor. While at the Academy, Nimbuz was assigned to the Astrogation Department as a work detail.

Service History

For the last duty assignment in the Academy Nimbuz was assigned to the training center on Star Base 118 and was on a Holo Mission with the USS Centris-A. The computer was throwing issue after issue at the cadets, all while saying nothing was wrong. It was interesting to say the least.

After graduation, Nimbuz was sent to Denali Station to serve in the Operations Devision, however he was only there for a few days. He was transferred to the Operations Division of Starbase 118 as an Engineer.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240010.09 - 240010.27 Denali Station Operations Officer
Ensign 240010.27 - Pressent Starbase 118 Ops
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png
Engineering Officer

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