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Nequencia system Star  · I  · II · Belt

This star system is located at coordinates 12-18-03.

It is in orbit of a class V, type G9 (Yellow) star called Nequencia. The other objects in this star system are

  • 1)a medium gas giant, it's orbit is approximately 58 million km.
  • 2)a class M planet (Nequencia II), it's orbit is approximately 112 million km, with a diameter of 10,955 km (6,847 miles). This planet has a major Romulan colony on it.
  • 3)asteroid belt, it's orbit is approximately 174 to 207 million km

Nequencia is both a large colony and a major military outpost. In fact it is the largest Romulan colony in this sector with 17 million people. The colony is completely self supporting and has a very well developed economic structure.

The planet has 4 orbiting stations. These are a manned weather and science station, a Tal Shiar observation station, a civilian commercial station and a large military starbase with 16 vessels assigned to it.