Mavenni Siyel

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Mavenni Siyel, arriving on Amity Outpost, 2399

Mavenni Siyel is a Mother of the Second House of Betazed, head of the Siyel famiy.

In 2399, she visited Amity Outpost to represent the Second House's interests in the Delta Quadrant, specifically regarding the colonization efforts of Betazed.


  • Date of Birth (Age): 234203.08 (59)
  • Gender: Female


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology: University of Betazed, 2369
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology: Dekoa University, 2363


  • Spouse: Caasmed Bri
  • Children:
    • Leya Siyel (daughter), age 30
    • Ramsi Siyel (son), age 27
    • Istrol Siyel (son), age 22


Mavenni Siyel, at the Daughters of the Betazed Liberation Charity Ball, 2380

Receiving the finest education per her family and house's high status in Betazed society, Mavenni originally thought she would pursue a career as a scientist, like many other prominent women from the "House of Science and Mysticism." Mavenni's own mother was a biochemist, and her grandmother had been a famed physicist, who had lectured at universities all across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

After earning her undergraduate degree in biology, Mavenni did field research on the reptiles of Cestus III before earning a PhD from the University of Betazed in 2369. She began teaching and continued her research as a professor and gave birth to her first child, her daughter Leya in 2370.

The Dominion War and the occupation of Betazed in 2374 changed Mavenni's life trajectory irrevocably. Taking care of her second child who'd just been born earlier that year, Mavenni's mother and next head of the Siyel family was killed by Jem'Hadar troops in retaliation for attacks on a Dominion command post by Betazed resistance fighters. While Mavenni had been prepared to eventually take on the duties of a Mother of the Second House, she thought she would have more time.

Following the war, she supported her grandmother's official duties by serving as her representative at various charity and social functions. Her passion after the war focused on helping victims of the Dominion occupation and encouraging more investment in Betazed's engineering research and infrastructure technology--the planet's aging defensive systems having played a large part in its humiliating capitulation to the Dominion attack. She became an active board member of the Daughters of the Betazed Liberation service organization and also sits on the boards of several other major Betazed foundations. Her husband Dr. Caasmed Bri took care of raising their three children while continuing his own scientific career in polymer chemistry to allow Mavenni to travel extensively for her work.

She became a Mother of the Second House following the passing of her grandmother in 2393.

In the late 2390s, Betazoid scientists from the Second House discovered a large benamite crystal field in the Barossa Sector located in the Delta Quadrant, which eventually led to the opening of Amity Outpost, the Federation's most remote diplomatic, trade, and mining facility in the galaxy. The Second, Sixth, and Twentieth Houses have since launched various expeditions into the sector