My Brother's Keeper (Chin'toka)

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2397, Episode 1


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

My Brother's Keeper

  • Stardate 239710.21 to 239712.18
    • The crew of the Chin'toka is invited by Grand Admiral Del'san to attend a diplomatic dinner, but soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous mystery. Del'san believes that someone might be trying to kill her newly appointed aide, Dehan Strin, and she seeks the help of the Chin'toka crew to keep the tensions amongst the Valcarian people from leading to outright civil war.


Notable Characters

  • Grand Admiral Lorrein Dels’an - Ambassador-at-large
  • Dehan Strin - Grand Admiral's aide
  • Vet'od Ozu - Diplomatic Liaison
  • General Rotork Asil - Valcarian Council Member, Loyalist, Dels'an's Rival
  • En-Dagri - Dangerous (Reiborian) Feline Hunter-Tracker Scout
  • Lykat Strin - Valcarian Elite Sniper, Zealous Loyalist, Sister of Dehan Strin

Mission Summary


Diplomatic Team: Assigned to talk with the Grand Admiral to find out more about the history between Strin and the other attendees. They will also deal with the attack on Strin and Dels’an’s HQ.

  • Mei'konda
  • Raga
  • McKnight
  • Snow
  • Lephi

Archaeological Team: Assigned to set up a beachhead near the old ruins and protect themselves while scientists investigate the area.

  • G’Renn
  • Kiax
  • Levinson
  • th’Koro
  • Osiris (PNPC)

Chin’toka Team : To deal with any tense situations in orbit.

  • Serala in command
  • Varik Tal’Aura
  • Rosek
  • Logan

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Act One


The Chin'toka crew receives orders that they are to return to the Par'tha Expanse and continue their work in building a relationship with the peoples of the region. However, en route to Tibro, they experience several shakedown glitches such as malfunctioning replicators and doors, misalignment of the torpedo targeting sensors, grav plating malfunctions, rust on the potable water tanks, and shield generator issues. Fortunately, they manage to resolve them.

As they draw near to Tibro, Captain Mei'konda assigns teams. Commander Raga, Lieutenant McKnight, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Lephi accompanied Mei'konda to meet with the Grand Admiral while Lieutenant Commanders G'Renn and Kiax are assigned to lead the archaeological teams composed of Lieutenant Junior Grades Levinson and th'Koro to study the sites in more detail. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Serala remains aboard with Lieutenant Commanders Rosek and Logan as well as Ensign Tal'Aura.

On arrival, Grand Admiral Dels’an contacts the ship to invite a diplomatic party down for a fancy dinner, dress uniforms, etc. The invitation contains notes of curiously high-security measures. That afternoon, the crew arrives on the surface and is greeted by Dehan Strin, the Admiral’s new aide.

While the Captain and his away team meet with the Grand Admiral and her new aide, the Archaeology team establishes a basecamp, replete with static defenses to ensure their safety given the tenuous nature of their previous visit to Tibro.

Meanwhile, the Chin’toka resolves a last few lingering glitches to her systems and stays at the ready to support either, or both of the away teams as needed.

Act Two


The Archaeology team surveys the now abandoned Valcarian digsite, making note of the equipment they left behind. Before venturing together, whilst leaving most of their security detail and runabout behind at the main camp.

The Captain’s diplomatic team continue to discuss concerns over their presence once more, which leads to some heated discussion between the new aide and some of the senior officers. Before the conversation is interrupted by the sounds of weapons fire from outside her office. Guards within the building firing on one another, which leads to an assassination attempt on the Grand Admiral herself.

As the diplomatic team comes under fire and must defend themselves, the Chin’toka is attacked by one of the Valcarian Cruisers in orbit. Without provocation or reason. The ship sustains only minor damage and disables its attacker.

The archaeology team ventures deeper into the ruins, one member, Lieutenant JG Levinson accidentally trips an ancient Chon booby trap. Stepping on a pressure plate linked to a polaron beam. Lieutenant JG th’Koro knocked her out of the way after it was determined the trap would be unable to be disabled.

The assassination attempt fails, as the Starfleet officers manage to rout them, Lieutenant Commander Raga stunned one intent on detonating a bomb within the Grand Admiral’s office. Instead, causing it to go off outside and sparing the occupants from serious injury.

Act Three

The archaeology team presses further into the ruins, finding an immense underground cavern with an ancient Chon structure. Upon entry, they find the interior is massive, and with but a few steps within triggers some sort of automation long dormant. The lighting within comes to life, as well as an announcement by a computer. Which quickly adapts to their translators. Warning that the transit hub was restricted to interplanetary travel. Only one room seems to be functional so they venture in.

With the assassination attempt foiled, the diplomatic team dress their wounds and follow a lead to find out why their communications during the attempt were jammed. It leads to the discovery of a non-Valcarian device hidden under a bed. Lieutenant JG Lephi picked up the device intent on discerning more about it and in doing so sets off a security measure. It releases a pulse of sonic vibrations that knocks back those within the room and causes disorientation and audible trauma to those with more sensitive hearing.

The Chin’toka beams down emergency supplies to assist the Valcarians with relief efforts in the wake of the attempt on their leader’s life.

The Archaeology team learns, after conversing with the Chon computer system, that the chamber they’re in is in effect a transporter. Lieutenant Commander Kiax inadvertently activates it, which causes a catastrophic overload. Due to the lack of maintenance of the machine. The team manages to escape through the portal it opens and wind up thousands of kilometers from their previous location. Thankfully, somewhere they manage to communicate with the ship.

The Chin’toka retrieves all away teams and regroups to debrief and recover from their various adventures. The attempted coup, though flawed, seems to show the Valcarians are headed towards a Civil War.

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After-Action Reports

Additional Notes

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