Mitul Shah

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Mitul Shah
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USS Garuda
Garuda NPCs
"I've read about this sort of thing happening on another ship before with their EMH."
–Shah, regarding technical difficulties with Dr. Karaav, the Independence's EMH, who was terrorizing David Whale on SD 238710.14

Mitul Shah is a 62-year-old senior nurse aboard the USS Garuda. He previously served aboard the USS Independence-A, USS Tiger-A, and USS Mercury.


As a seasoned healthcare professional, Shah has great disdain for frivolity and prefers communication be direct when talking to either colleagues or patients. That said, he is not a harsh man. With his direct manner, his respect and care for those he treats is also clearly shown.

As one of the most experienced members of the Independence-A's medical staff, Shah proved invaluable as a teacher to the junior physicians and nurses such as Faryul Nishal and as a trusted adviser to the ship's younger (and technically lower-ranking) chief medical officer, Tenzin Zhou. After the destruction of the Independence in late 2388, Shah was reassigned along with most of the crew to the USS Tiger-A. A few months later, he returned to Earth for planetside assignment, where he was promoted to lieutenant commander. In mid-2390, he was reassigned to the USS Mercury and later the USS Garuda.

Born in Surendranagar, Earth, Shah is married and has three grown children, the youngest having just started her post-secondary education. His wife Rajni, a university professor, remains on Earth along with the couple's eldest son in their native India.


Shah is soft-spoken but formal. He commands respect from the intensity and focus of his words, not their volume.

Additional Information

  • Shah is an NPC created by the writer for Zhou/Sampi/Rahman, but anyone is welcome to use him in a sim and add to his backstory and other characteristics.