Faryul Nishal

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Faryul Nishal
Head Nurse
USS Astraeus
Stats & Service Record
Important Relationships
Memorable Quotes
"Don't worry, doc; I'm pretty thickheaded as my dad would say..."
–Faryul, after getting a bruise on her forehead during Operation Bright Star, SD 238709.17.

Faryul Nishal is the head nurse aboard the USS Astraeus. She previously served aboard the USS Tempest, USS Independence-A, and USS Tiger-A.

Stats & Service Record

  • Full Name: Faryul Nishal (her given name is Nishal and said after her family name Faryul per Bajoran custom)
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Date of Birth: 236106.12
    • Age: 40
  • Place of Birth: Ilvia, Bajor
  • Gender: Female

Starfleet Career

  • Commissioned: 2383
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, Beta Aquilae II, 2379-2383
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238306.22 - 238502.15 USS Tempest
238502.16 - 238608.11 Medical Starbase 253 Advanced Clinical Fellowship
238608.12 - 238811.16 USS Independence-A
238811.17 - 238903.03 USS Tiger-A
02-LtJG-Teal.png Lieutenant JG 238903.04 - 238909.15 Head Nurse
238909.16 - 239210.11 USS Astraeus
03-Lt-Teal.png Lieutenant 239210.12 - Present


Faryul is casual and often playfully sardonic. She usually prefers using the term "doc" instead of "doctor" if not addressing physicians by their first name in the same way she does with the rest of the medical staff. The notable exception was with her mentor Nurse Mitul Shah aboard the USS Independence-A, whom she always referred to with his title or "sir" in her speech and simply "Shah" in her mind.


Faryul (her given name is Nishal and said after her family name per Bajoran custom) was born in 2361. Her mother died during the Occupation of Bajor. Unlike most Bajorans, Faryul is neither religious nor particularly spiritual (in fact, she is an atheist), which would surprise her father, the Vedek of Ilvia. Besides her father, she does not hide her unorthodox views from most people. Still, she wears the traditional Bajoran earring bearing her family's symbol as a mark of her love for them. It is her sense of respect for the precious and temporary nature of life rather than religion that has led her to a life in healing.

Important Relationships

She has learned much from working with Mitul Shah, and although he comes across as stern compared to her bedside manner, she still enjoys when the two are assigned to the same shift.

The same cannot be said of her relationship with Tori Parker, a nurse's assistant aboard the Independence. In 2387, Parker violated patient privacy protocols and helped Chrissy Bennett, a medical technician, gain access to Captain Sidney Riley's medical records. Once Faryul discovered the transgression, she informed Doctor Tenzin Zhou. During the confrontation, Faryul and Parker exchanged hostile words, with the latter woman feeling particularly resentful about the perceived favorable attention being given to Faryul by the Independence's chief medical officer.

While she did share a close working relationship with Doctor Zhou that often involved light banter, Faryul's relationship with Zhou's successors Charles Sampi were more reserved. Among the medical staff, she grew close to fellow nurse Ayelet Kadosh and Zeet Tidari, a Marine medic and pilot.

After the destruction of the Independence, Faryul was reassigned along with most of the crew to the USS Tiger-A. On SD 238903.04, she took on the role of head nurse following the departure of her mentor Nurse Shah and was reacquainted with Grishols Mol, a doctor she had met during her time stationed aboard Medical Starbase 253. Doctor Sampi later left with Doctor Mol, and Faryul then served under the direction of chief medical officers Velana and Lance Firestarter before she was reassigned to the USS Astraeus.

Memorable Quotes

Zhou: I really don't see what's so funny about it.
Faryul: I'm sorry, doc. You're right. There's nothing funny about your manbag.
Zhou: Ah, aren't you ever the mature one, Nishal. Well, I checked, and this "manbag" is considered highly useful for the modern backpacker, and the shopkeeper on DS17 told me it's quite the trend back on Antica.
Faryul: The poor Anticans. Someone should let them know.
-Exchange with Tenzin Zhou, SD 238802.07

Faryul: First Doctor Zhou's manbag. Now Lieutenant Tan's pink apron. What is it with Trill men and horrible fashion sense?
Zeet: Well, I've often thought the same thing. See, I think it's because Trill's just all kinds of messed up colours; purple sky, blue ground, red oceans... all their food is weirdly coloured too, with their yellow chocolate and the like. I think they just... they see colours differently because of that. I mean, we think "sky blue" but they think "sky pink". In Tan's eyes, that's a perfectly manly apron...
Kadosh: Now, now, Nishal. IDIC, remember?
Faryul: I think even a Vulcan would be tempted to nerve pinch the man out of his misery.

-Faryul, commenting about Alleran Tan's chef attire, SD 2388009.08

Faryul: Well, truthfully, I don't really find fault with those who still believe that the lifeforms in the wormhole are the Prophets.
Kadosh: Oh? Care to explain further? Or is that too much to ask for today?
Faryul: Well, let me just sum it up like this: in a world or a universe filled with countless dangers and unknowns, where people don't know when their next meal will be or if they'll live to see their loved ones, people turn to things that bring them comfort. Especially when those things can help make sense of the seeming arbitrary nature of life.

-Conversation with Zeet Tidari and Ayelet Kadosh about faith, SD 2388009.10

Tan: So hey, what next, huh? I'm thinking... flowers. You like flowers, right? What's your favourite kind?
Velana: Lieutenant, I hardly think that...
Tan: Okay, here's a deal, cuteness. Tell me your favourite type of flower and I'll let you do the test. Deal?
Velana: Nurse... I'm sorry. I don't know your name.
Faryul: It's Faryul. Nishal.
Velana: Nurse Faryul. Can you please prep that sedative?
Faryul: Do you want me to just shoot him, doc?
Sampi: (arrives on the scene) No one is shooting anyone! ...again.
Faryul: (confused) ...what?

-Exchange with Doctors Charles Sampi and Velana concerning patient care for Alleran Tan, SD 2388009.19

Sampi: Lieutenant, please calm down.
Tan: Calm? I'm perfectly calm! Things are awesomely-kicking right now. It's not my fault that everyone either wants me or wants to be me -- why? You jealous?
Sampi: Nishal, if you could help Mr. Tan disrobe to his undershirt.
Faryul: Uhh...
Sampi: Nishal...
Faryul: Look, you don't quite understand that-
Tan: (smiles) I understand *perfectly*, don't worry.

-Nurse Faryul is a bit hesitant about following Dr. Sampi's orders, SD 2388009.20

Additional Information

Faryul is an NPC created by the writer for Tenzin Zhou & Charles Sampi, but anyone is welcome to use her in a sim and add to her backstory and other characteristics.