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Emergency Medical Hologram
USS Tiger-A

Rendered Species: Tellarite
Rendered Gender: Male

"But sir! This is your sickbay! Welcome! Please take off your pants!" -A mildly-malfunctioning Dr. Karaav to David Whale in 2387.

Karaav is the Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the USS Tiger-A


Name: Karaav
Rendered Species: Tellarite
Rendered Gender: Male


Standard Greeting: "Well hello there, [patient name or title]. Welcome to your sickbay. How may I help you?"
Disposition: Excessively friendly but often chides his patients in the manner of a school teacher ("Now, now...")


As with all Prometheus-class vessels, the Tiger's extensive holographic systems allow Karaav to operate throughout the ship. The Tiger-A Medical Department often used Karaav to handle patient overload. His program was also in use on the late USS Independence=A. In 2387, he suffered damage during the various battles engaged by the Independence, and new arrival Lluneh Walker further left Karaav's program in disarray to prematurely end her physical.

Additional Information

  • Karaav is an NPC created by the writer for Tenzin Zhou, but anyone is welcome to use him in a sim and add to his backstory and other characteristics.