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USS Arrow
Position Pet
Rank Commander
Species Millipede
Gender Female
Birthplace The "Space Hulk"

Millie is the pet of Maz Rodan, who was reluctantly forced to bring the creature back to the USS Arrow after it formed an unusual attachment to him. It currently resides in a large terrarium in the Science Labs on Deck 4.


  • Height: 1 inch
  • Length: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 50kgs


Initially bred as food for the Gorn on the 'Space Hulk', the strange and unusual bug life on the ancient Gorn ark evolved to new extremes once the Gorn died off/went into stasis. Now having total run of the ship, the bugs live out their lives in peace.

When the away team from the Arrow boarded the Hulk in Hunt for the Hulk (Arrow), Millie was instantly drawn to the heat radiated by Maz Rodan as it ventures across his arm as he accessed a computer terminal. Determined to follow the new heat source, the bug formed an unusual attachment to Maz and followed him around the ship.

Maz was attacked by a Gorn survivor, and suffered severe lacerations to his shoulder and upper arm, and although CMO R'Ariel did her best to heal the wound, it was found that Millie had a disinfectant and cleansing secretion. Spraying the wound clean, it almost certainly saved Maz's arm. Millie was brought back to the Arrow after the mission, and now resides in a terrarium built for it on Deck 4.

Millie is almost four feet long in length and is quite heavy. It enjoys wrapping itself around Maz like a feather boa.