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USS Octavia E Butler
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Margaret Walker
Position Director of Intelligence
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 235101.30
Age 50
Birthplace Cumbria, Earth
Writer ID C239203TW0

Commander Margaret Eugenia Katherine Walker is an officer of the Federation Starfleet assigned as the Director of Intelligence for the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force. Her role sees her stationed aboard the USS Octavia E Butler under the command of Commander Lia Rouiancet. Prior to her current posting she served with the Dominion Affairs bureau at Starfleet Intelligence for 28 years, leading the department for 13.


Walker is slightly taller than the average human woman, standing at 5’7” (or 1.72 metres) and, according to her last mandated Starfleet Medical physical, weighs 123 lbs (56 kilograms). She has short dark brown hair in a wavy pixie crop and has hazel eyes. Despite ‘flying a desk’ for much of her career (to quote one frontline officer during the Dominion War), she keeps herself in shape in case she is ever called into the field and therefore has a somewhat athletic and slender frame.


Walker is noted for her direct manner, often to the point of bluntness, and speaks with a practised British accent. She is not one who suffers fools gladly, gets to the point, and often sees things in terms of the bigger picture (mostly likely on account of her job). Some of her former colleagues have spoken jokingly of their belief that Walker is “secretly Vulcan” on account of the fact that she is not given to public displays of emotion, and can easily compartmentalise difficult decisions. That said, she is not cold or unfeeling, merely pragmatic and realistic.

Early Life

Margaret Eugenia Katherine Walker was born on 30 January 2351, near the city of Carlisle on Earth. She was born to bookstore owner Christopher “Kit” Cyrus Walker and Vivienne Iris Walker, a Starfleet Medical technician. She has a younger brother- Alfred Sebastian, a sports journalist for the Federation News Network.

When Margaret was seven the family moved to New Berlin on Luna, when her mother was transferred to a research posting searching for a cure for the debilitating Meenok’s Disease. Margaret did not care much for the austere satellite and missed looking up at a blue sky. After three years (and much protesting from their only daughter), Kit and Vivienne relocated the family to London, where Vivienne retired from service and began a career as a civilian nurse, and her father began studying for a degree in English Literature.

When she was sixteen, Margaret developed a crush on the family’s neighbour, a Starfleet security officer assigned to Spacedock. In a misguided effort to “win him over” she decided to apply for Starfleet Academy, majoring in the Security track. Her crush faded with time and much to her surprise, she found herself still drawn to a career in the service. She was accepted at the age of eighteen and moved across Earth to San Francisco (in part to escape the mood swings of her puberty-inflicted brother).

Starfleet Career: Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence

She was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence out of the Academy (largely in part to her analytical aptitude) and assigned as a Junior Analyst in the newly formed Dominion Affairs bureau. During the Federation bloody conflict with the Gamma Quadrant power, Walker never saw active combat- instead her mission profile was signal intercept and analysis in what had once been known as the Demilitarised Zone. In this period of her career she also frequently worked alongside the Cardassian Affairs bureau, and to a lesser extent Breen Affairs.

In 2388 she became the Department Chief of Dominion Affairs and received a promotion to Commander. At this time, Starfleet and the Federation were pursuing a controversial isolationist path, retreating for the galactic stage. At one stage, Starfleet Command- long believing the threat from the Gamma Quadranr had passed- attempted to shutter Dominion Affairs. Walker was a noted- and vocal- opponent of this direction, noting in an internal memorandum that it was “ tantamount to a collective form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” brought about by recent conflicts with the Klingons, Borg and Dominion.

Starfleet Career: USS Octavia E. Butler

Following the creation of the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force in 2401 and the promotion of its Director of Intelligence- Avander Promontory, to the First Officer of the USS Octavia E Butler, Walker submitted a request to assume the vacant position. Although surprised, Starfleet Intelligence agreed to the transfer and she reported aboard the OEB in May of that year.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2369 - 2373 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 2373 - 2374 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Junior Analyst
Ensign 2374 - 2375 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Signals and Counterintelligence Analyst
Lieutenant JG 2375 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Senior Signals and Counterintelligence Analyst
Lieutenant 2375 - 2382 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Senior Analyst
Lieutenant Commander 2382 - 2388 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Senior Analyst
Commander 2388 - 2401 Dominion Affairs, Starfleet Intelligence Department Chief
Commander 2401 - PRESENT Gamma Fotilla Expeditionary Task Force, USS Octavia E Butler Director of Intelligence

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

SIM Archive

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Commanding Officer
Lia Rouiancet
Avander Promontory LCDR xo.png
Executive Officer
Avander Promontory
Katsim Peri LCDR.png
Chief of Science
Katsim Peri
Science Officer
Karen Stendhal
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Acting CMO
Margaret Walker Commander.png
Director of Intel
Margaret Walker
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Marine Ofc.
Arturo Maxwell
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Chief Tac. Ofc.
Jack Kessler
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Morro Caras
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Kimonzi Lahl
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Chief of Ops
Toxin Arlill
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Asst. Chf. of Ops
Lhandon Nilsen
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