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He's posted to the new USS ATLANTIS, Intrepid class. After a few missions on this ship, including the first real charting of space behind the Jenatris cloud, he's promoted to Lt. Jg. on stardate 238207.06 by Commander Jennifer Greene, the Atlantis was called back to DS17 after a diplomatic crisis and he's transferred to the USS COLUMBIA under command of Captain Mal Avatar.

On his first mission on the Columbia they undergo a diplomatic mission with a species named Deloreans, a reptilian species. After some problems involving the kidnap of the captain and others, and facing a civil war, they finally managed to exit there without compromising the Federation in the war. Dickens helped in discovering a romulan cloaked ship that was behind the war in an attempt to get Delorea in the empire and have a post inside Federation space. On Delorea they find a device, not from the planet that, after asking Delorea government, they get to study.

The studies on the data they sent to R&D of the Federation was used to try a new propulsion system that will send them very far away in a few minutes, many times more faster than warp drive. However a problem with the device during the experiment send the to a unknown planet where they survived, finding a complex. After trying to use it to cover from strong lightnings from outside Dickens found himself possessed by a strange entity, a conscience of one alien named Kelrod and later by Tantalus, leader and self claimed emperor of Ambrosia.

However after discovering the Columbia wasn't destroyed, the crew managed to beam aboard with the help of the exo-comps and there Tantalus tried to take Puhvai, a native of the planet, for his plans but commander Moranta and Ramirez frustrated the plan and eliminated Tantalus with a Device taken from Ambrosia. Then they're assigned to SB118, Marcus taking the HCO post.


He's posted on the SB118 Ops from 238306.17 to 238310.15 after that he's transferred to the USS ARROW

There they've to face with a murder almost the same day they took charge of the station after it's recovery from the Romulans and he was able to pilot the USS Arrow in a mission to explore an strage asteroid travelling at warp. After managing to enter it's warp shell and discovering that the asteroid was mostly artificial and with a Genesis device inside, they achieved to stop the asteroid in a safe place and return to SB118 where he received another transfer, this time to the Independence. Unfortunately when they were tranfered the Independence was already destroyed by the Gorn in the Itahassa region, so he served on DS 17 until the arrival of the USS INDEPENDENCE-A, Prometheus class under command of Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi.

On their first mission they faced a biomechanoid that, in the appearance of a Ferengi probe was found near DS17. That absorbed an F-150 that was tractoring it and then jumped to 3A9 system where it started the construction of an object near the sun and another thing next to a colonized planet by the Tzenkethi. The biomechanoid proved to be intelligent and finally, when the crew of the Independence managed to stop the construction of the object that was threatening the sun of the system it dissapeared by unkonwn technology. It's believed that the biomechanoid had returned to it's home.

On the next mission Marcus received a hit in the head when the ship rocked violently and was unconscious. There, Lt. Satscher, the current CMO, noticed that something wasin dickens mind, aside from himself. She then confessed him that she's in love with him and Dickens tell her that he's too feeling attracted by her. At that moment, both were transferred from the Independence to the USS TIGER, under the command of Commander Sidney Riley. Little time was left for romanticism as they faced a new danger. After answering a distress call by the Contellationites, they faced a race named the reapers that seemed to have some problems after attacking the Constellationites themselves. Commander Riley initiated a first contact situation on the Tiger, but the representants of the Reapers attacked the commander and other officers as first strike of a boarding party to take the Tiger. They disables some systems and nearly took control of engineering disabling shields and bringing more Reapers on board. Marcus couldn't do nothing to prevent that and they ended even without internal communications and he thought about using a shuttle to end the outer interference and serve as a relay to internal communications. When the Tiger crew was retaking the ship from the inside he faced some Reaper shuttles that approached the Tiger, disabled one and pulled it out of transporter range. A few moments later, they began to flicker in and out of existence until they finally vanished. The Tiger returned to DS17 with more than a quarter of the crew dead and major repairs to be done. After this he was earned the rank of LIEUTENANT COMMANDER in stardate 238509.

He then was called to a secret location for almost a year to participate in some investigation of what he's knowledge. No one knows but has to do with the planet Ambrosia and the non-physical consciousness that the Columbia crew found when they're stranded there. Later he's posted on the USS CHALLENGER-A in the rank of Lieutenant and after a diplomatic mission that ended with a war between the Pifili and the Aarakocrans the Challenger-A returned to DS24 and there he regained the status of Lt. Commander (stardate 238609.23)

He took part on the 2387 on the battle with the Vaadwaur, during their Invasion and the retaking of DS17 that was occupied months ago by their forces coming from some kind of vortex leading to what's known as Underspace. The Challenger-A crew managed to tamper a Vaadwaur ship's computer system and discovered the way the Vortex opens to normal space and a way to detect them, at least in short/medium distance. Marcus Job was, along with Engineering Officer Tanjar-Ongra to find how the Underspace works and to tap into the computer of the enemy ship. With the gained data and sent to the Fleet, the retaking of the station was a success.

After that mission, Lt. Chalmers went to visit his uncle in New Edimburg and after and argument with him the Lt. went to take his wife and leave but before he did he's detained as prime suspect of the death of his uncle, Ebenezer Chalmers. Chalmers called the Challenger and explained the situation and they went to help in the investigation, for this Dickens was put in charge of the investigation with all the crew available to him except for the captain and the FO in case they're needed to be the advocates of Lieutenant Chalmers.

With the help of the crew of the Challenger-A Lt. Chalmers was released of charges as there were proves that Mr. Jason Dean could be responsible of the death of Ebenezer Chalmers. After that the Challenger left the orbit towards it's next mission.

The USS CHALLENGER-A was sent to the planet Chaltok IV in order to help protecting some Federation Diplomatics as well as ascertain the situation with the revolts of the Remans. While on the mission Lt. Dickens was recalled by Starfleet to serve as First Officer on the USS AURORA.


Marcus met his new captain shortly before the departure of the ship. Commander Della Vetri was the Commanding officer of the ship and both leaded a fresh comission of junior officers, with the exception of Lt. Cmdr. Barnes that also transferred from the Challenger-A at the same time as Dickens. They're sent to investigate the effects of the Hobus Nova on the Neutral zone. On their arrival they detected a strange Kinoplasmic radiation that was followed by a space distortion that sent the ship 750 LY behind the Romulan Empire. While recovering from the bumpy trip, they discovered a D7 class Romulan ship drifting in space. After some talks with the Romulan crew, some of them joined the Aurora to return to the empire, after knowing what's happened with the explosion of the Romulus star. After being able to return through the distortion and bringing up a cristal, part of some structures that made the distortion stable, they're sent to Mars to leave the Aurora and join the new Luna Class starship, USS AVANDAR.


The new Luna class was sent to return to the other side of the distortion to investigate the area. On their way, the crew of the Avandar was given some awards. Marcus received the Bajoran Campaign Ribbon, the Explorers Ribbon and the Purple Heart Ribbon on stardate 238827.12

On the next mission the Avandar crew founds itself trapped in a planet when the Avandar received an energy wave that made the ship crash on the planet. There they met a civilization that took them as a kind of demons or evil that has to be destroyed. It wasn't without effort that the crew managed to stablish a communication with the natives but an uprising about the way to act to leave the planet by an officer led to a mutiny and a fight between those loyal to Captain Vetri and those who wanted to return home no matter the cost. After finding themselves safe later on the ship and in orbit Marcus had to leave to undergo a deep psicological exams scheduled to check on Kelrod's influence over him. It was after the check that took more than expected that he's able to join again the Avandar crew in stardate 238908.10.

After returning to the Avandar he's moved to the engineering department, becoming the Chief Engineer of the ship, a position he wasn't comfortable with as he had no experience in engineering aside from the academy and the required knowledge to move through the ranks. As the ship was tasked to help the USS DRAKE to patrol the frontier against a possible Klingon attack, they're attacked while helping the Drake's distress call next to a station in the Gateway system. After repelling a Klingon K'Tanco class cruiser attack on the station and the Drake, both starfleet vessels managed to recover the colonists of the station after negotiation with Kadosh, a representative, that ruled the station. The Klingons came back with reinforcements and a new Klingon shuttle class, penetrated the shields while cloacked and rammed the ship, making a hole to drop boarding parties. After a few minutes the boarders were subdued and Dickens discovered that the shuttle has a program to detonate it's warp core when loosing the lifesigns of it's ocupants. He had to blow part of the walls to free the ship and allow the Avandar to take some safe distance. After that, the ship went to Poseidon system where they took a leave and repairs were made to the hole in the hull as well as some little system upgrades. It's there that Marcus was again moved to the First Officer position.

This year marks a turning point in Marcus career. The captain was called to a meeting of different captain and high ranking officers while the Avandar had to go through the Rabbit hole to explore the space behind the Romulan empire territory. So, with him in the big chair they answered a distress call but were caught in a trap that rendered the ship almost without energy and possibility of defense. After being boarded by Alr'n crew from the attacking ship, they fought back the intruders and then the Alr'n ship left as two other ships appeared. Those ships were hunting the Alr'n and the Avandar joined that search, looking to recover some stolen technology and items, what brought them to planets Salin and Dullimar. On that last planet they found the Alr'n and worked with local authorities to aprehend them. They managed to do so and in doing they learnt that the aliens that helped them, were in reality mercenaries looking for thel Alr'n ship and technology. After a conflict solved with the help of Dullimar security forces and the presence of the USS HALO they resumed their task of exporation. He's then promoted to the rank of Commander by Captain Vetri on stardate 239008.07 During the year one of the events the Avandar encountered was some Iconian gateways that activated around the Alpha and Beta quadrant. Dickens along counselor Jolara, Marine Valentino and doctor Ryan were accidentally transported to the Breen homeworld. After escaping while being captured, they managed to survive the cold climate of the planet and a hunt from the Breen before the Avandar crew, using the USS BOREALIS used the gateway to rescue them. After their return, the gateway was destroyed. All the Avandar crew were given the Gateway Ribbon and they plotted course to planet Sallin to get some rest.

They encountered a strange entity that attached to the warp core and put some of the crew in a REM sleep and then into a Mindscape world product of the mind of T'Sara, the daughter of Captain Vetri and T'Lea. After some attempts to disengage the creature from the core, this, sensing that something was odd in the Mindscape that could hurt the crew and feeling that it has absorbed enough energy to continue it's travel, left the ship with as much mistery as it came with.


ID CARD 'Atlantis'

The Avandar crew received notification of transfers for most of the senior staff and Marcus was transferred from the USS AVANDAR to the USS DISCOVERY-C.

After his arrival to the Discovery, he found himself in a battle with former fleet captain Xan Hebron and Captain Nekkar that had stole the Constitution-B and threatened to liberate the Daris II virus against the Federation. Eventually their captured, the virus neutralized but Starfleet command decided to decommission the Discovery-C and captain Waltas was forced to leave Starfleet and retired on his home planet Ba'Ku. Marcus was transferred then to the USS ATLANTIS as Mission Specialist.

The Atlantis was tasked to escort a Grenushi ambassador to Uzoka 4, in the Par'tha expanse to end some peace talks between his people and the Krayav. Not without difficulties, they managed to get the Ambassador to the talks after painfully discovering that the gift he's carrying were some cloud lifeforms that affected the telepaths and those with latent psi abilities and were attacked by the EJS, activists that claimed their will to free all the clouds from what they consider slavery and mistreatment. In the light of discovering that they're sentient, commander Blueheart asked to view how the "Dancers" were treated on Krayav. It seems that the government accepted the petition. During the mission Dickens was named Chief of Security and once it's over, Cmdr. Blueheart assigned him as First Officer.

Late on the 2391 the Atlantis was caught in a temporal distortion that included a Federation ship, the USS Pike and a Romulan vessel, both from the past. Having part of the Pike crew appearing on the Atlantis led to a series of events that ended up in the captain knowing that Lt. Scott was about to fire on the Romulan vessel and did nothing to stop it. He's forced to lead an investigation of the issue and for some time he had to act as Acting Captain of the ship. Finally the investigation went on and Cpt. Blueheart, with Dickens by his side supporting him, was cleared of all charges given the exceptional circumstances of the situation. Following that, there was an incident between Lt. Jg. Janeway and Lt. Gardener that led to the court martial of Janeway and the demotion of Dickens from the position of FO by orders of Starfleet command, given that they knew it was Kelrod leading Dickens's body. Those details were sealed by starfleet and his new position as CSO regarded as structural reorganization.



For his service from this year on, refer to Kelrod bio