Underspace (Challenger-A)

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Misión Report submitted by Lieutenant Commander Marcus Dickens, Stardate 238710.11

The misión started from Midway station after the Challenger had stopped to make repairs due to an ambush by Vaadwaur ships. Those ships appeared from corridors that the Challenger crew managed to identify as the Underspace the Voyager crew encountered in the Delta quadrant. The ambush happened almost at the same time that DS17 was taken by Vaadwaur forces. The information of that ambush later was used by Starfleet Intelligence to ascertain Vaadwaur movement into Federation Space.

Worried by the possibility that the Vaadwaur could move from the Delta quadrant to the Alpha with those corridors, the Challenger was launched as soon as the repairs were done to find out more about the corridors of the Underspace while the Captain Samal Frazier was called for important talks about the recovery of DS17 that had fallen to the Vaadwaur forces. As well, a new addition to the crew, Ensign Tanjar-Ongra, started it’s service on board and Commander Tel-ar was given command of the Challenger-A and Lt.Cmdr. Tallis Rhul became the First Officer.

The Science department with the help of Lt. Chalmers worked on discovering the subspace corridors based on the premise that they alterate subspace. However the sensors didn’t pick up subspace disturbance until they review some data recovered from a probe they’ve managed to get into the Underspace in the previous assault..

The Challenger arrived to the ambush place and began scanning finding nothing. The science team used the data they’ve gathered with a probe in the previous encounter to find out that the Underspace entrances emmit Tetryon radiation, however that was not detectable ‘cause they’re modified by the Vaadwaur to travel below speed of light charging them with energy thus slowing them. By the point they’re about to finally find the entrance to subspace, ensign Tanjar-Ongra suggested using a charged phaser could reveal the entrance to the Underspace corridor. Just when they’re about to find it out three Vaadwaur ships appeared and began attacking the Challenger.

There the ability of Lt. Lawn was put to the test trying to avoid and minimize the impact of the Vaadwaur weapons on the ship as well as maneuvering the big Challenger to destroy a Vaadwaur ship in a point blank attack to the underside of that ship. Commanders Tel-ar and Tallis knew it’s important to get information so they give orders to disable one of the Vaadwaur ships in order to hack into their systems to gain information. For that reason, the Science team was again put on test, but this time more specifically ensign Menar from security and Garpalia from science. Both worked on a program that will help them in their computers while distracting the Vaadwaur ships sensors with multiple scans in a wide variety of frequencies. Finally they’re able to disable a ship and hack their systems. When the ship noticed that they set a ram course for the Challenger who give them the option to surrender. In response they overloaded their warp core in their way towards the Federation ship and Commander Tel-ar has no option but to destroy their ship. Meanwhile Dr. Reid had his hand full with wounded, specially Ensign Solor that was wounded by a Vaadwaur boarder that was later captured. Thanks to his skills and those of the sickbay crew Solor was saved.

The Vaadwaur ship that left run through the underspace corridor and detonate the stabilizer that keep the corridor opened in that point so it closed without any chance to re-open it. After that the Challenger returned to Midway station, transmitting the data they’ve gathered, to make repairs, get their Captain and help with the retaking of DS17.

Apparently the Vaadwaur had initiated a move to the Alpha Quadrant and tried to get foot in it. The ambush to the Challenger seemed to be a response to the presence of the ship next to an exit of the Underspace corridor. It’s yet to be determined if the presence of the Challenger and it’s ambush was a detonator of the Vaadwaur taking of DS17. Maybe it’s advanced the plans of attack on DS17 upon being discovered in the Alpha Quadrant or not. Whoever it’s clear that the Vaadwaur forces didn’t want the Challenger to alert Starfleet of their presence in the ambush and the return of the ship to the Underspace exit was something they didn’t expected. After fighting the Challenger and foreseeing their defeat, the last Vaadwaur ship entered the Underspace exit and collapsed it, making pursue impossible. With that, the Challenger went to Midway station to make repairs while Captain Frazier received orders from Starfleet to join a task force there for the Retaking of DS17.