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Lieutenant Commander M'Gret was a Romulan female whom graduated Starfleet Academy on stardate 237603.28. She served on the USS Kodiak, USS Kodiak-A, and the USS Victory.

As an ensign, she was assigned as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Kodiak on stardate 237603.29 - during this time, she was promoted through to Lieutenant. When the ship was decommissioned, she was reassigned to the USS Kodiak-A. M'Gret was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on stardate 237701.15.

On stardate 237905.24, M'Gret was assigned as the Victory's First Officer, where she led an away team to the Ferengi homeworld. As events unfolded, M'Gret reluctanatly allowed Ferengi authorities to handle the investigation of the Tellarite Kraxis Fajo's murder.

Having returned to the Lithron system, M'Gret with an away tam was captured by descendants of the crew of the USS Glory, and was severely injured. She and her away team had to be rescued by fellow Victory crew members.

M'Gret suffered a mental breakdown, and left the Victory on stardate 237908.14.