Luxis VI

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Luxis 6.png
Stellar Cartography
Sector Duronis Sector
System Duronis system
Sun(s) 2 (Luxis, Sebris)
Moon(s) 6 (Do'Min,Exa,Ebet,Fokesh,Argath,Heclath)
Class J
Diameter 77,528km
Atmosphere N 76%, Ar 24%
Hydrosphere 0%
Climate N/A
Gravity 261g
Primary terrain Gas Giant
Points of interest None
Length of Day 19h,33d
Length of Year 232y,143d
Native species Uninhabited
Other species None
Official Language None
Population None
Technological Classification None
Major cities None
Imports None
Exports None
Affiliation None
Government None

Also known as "Pil'ahn" to the indigenous inhabitants of the system, the Laudeans, Luxis VI is a Class C small, frigid world in the sixth orbital position of the system's primary, Luxis. It is not much more than a semi-asteroid.

Laudean Interest

Beautiful and mysterious, Pil'ahn has six moons that have not been fully explored except for long range scans and remote probes. There is hope that one day they will have the time to dedicate to searching the moons at a later date.