Luxis I

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Luxis 1.png
Stellar Cartography
Sector Duronis Sector
System Duronis system
Sun(s) 2 (Luxis, Sebris)
Moon(s) 0
Class H
Diameter 3621km
Atmosphere He 41%,N2 26%,O2 14%,CO2 14%
Hydrosphere 0%
Climate Inhospitable
Gravity 0.9
Primary terrain Arid Desert
Points of interest 14d 14hr
Length of Day No Rotation
Length of Year Unk.
Native species Uninhabited
Other species None
Official Language None
Population None
Technological Classification None
Major cities None
Imports None
Exports None
Affiliation None
Government None

Also known as Dil'ahn to the indigenous inhabitants of the system, the Laudeans, Luxis I is a Class H desert world orbiting the system primary, Luxis.

Laudean Interest

Interest in this planet is presently not high as the planet is mostly basaltic rock with an under layer of iron ore. Though in the future the planet may hold a good mining opportunity, at present no company has been willing to pursue the expensive investment that Luxis I would be.


Luxis 1 map.png