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USS Vigilant

Awards and Service Ribbons
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Ensign Kydy, an Argelian, is currently a medical officer aboard the USS Vigilant.



  • Height: 4'11
  • Weight: 89lbs
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Variable


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Medy (Deceased)
    • Step Father: Dr Regis Milesan
    • Mother: Kyra (Deceased)
  • Siblings: None

Personal History

Kydy was born the daughter of Kyra, an Argelian pleasure therapist. Her natural father, Medy had been killed in an accident on their homeworld before her birth, despite Starfleet's attempts to save him, and other victims on the planet. Kyra and her unborn child was among the natives saved. It was then that Kyra met Dr Regis Milesan of Starfleet Medical. He fell entranced with her, and her beauty, especially her eyes, which had a rare Argelian ability to change colors. When he left Argelias, he took still pregnant Kyra with him as his wife. Kydy was then born, named after her mother and natural father's names, as was customary with the most respected Argelian customs. It is theorized that Kydy was born prematurely, and that is reason for her short stature as an adult, reaching less then 5'0" in height.

Kydy's early childhood was spent among starfleet with her mother, and stepfather Dr Milesan. They transferred frequently from base to alien planet to starbase, and again. She rarely saw her stepfather as his duties often took him on long starfleet cruises away from them to troubled spots in the galaxy.

When Kydy was a young teenager, her mother Kyra met with tragedy on deep space station 6. Kyra was serving as a massage therapist for a new ferengi enterprise when she accidentially caused minor discomfort to a Zaldan client. In typical Argelian custom, she began to profusely apologize and attempt to meekly and humbly placate the offense with her client. The Zaldan grew and grew in rage that spiraled out of control. By the time Security arrived, Kyra had been killed.

Young Kydy returned to Argelias, her native planet where she had been conceived, to be with family, but not having been born or raised there, her lifestyles clashed with the rigid confines of Argelian culture and laws.

Once again Starfleet Medical saved her, by offering a chance to escape the conflict she faced on Argelias. Kydy enrolled in a Stafleet Federation Medical Student program, sponsored by her stepfather. Her heightened empathic abilities, inherited from her natural parents proved extremely effective in this career, which quickly lead to Starfleet Academy and a medical officer commission.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 239004.15
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Vigilant
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer

Medical Career

  • Medical Cadet Kydy

Kydy was found to be a natural in the field of medicine. Her empathic scale which was rated as an E6 often allowed her to understand her patients at a profound level, even before a medical tricorder could compute a bio scan. This ability turned out to be a blessing and a curse, as she has from time to time, been distracted from her duties by sensations she feels in her body, in relation to her patients. Her training to shield these effects from herself has been an on-going process. Her natural talents, combined with a profound love for life, prompted Kydy to enter the pioneer medical field of Sentient-Theriogenology.

  • Sentient-Theriogenologist Kydy

Kydy was quick to join the few medical professionals and students pursuing a new Federation medicine field known as Sentient-Theriogenology. The field was in short, a study of the reproductive systems, obstetrics, gynecology, and andrology of sentient life. The field promotes a more contemporary look at how life works and is made at the very basic level of sentience, claiming that more traditional medical fields are incapable of studying life as diverse as what exists in the galaxy. In short as Kydy herself coined it, "Life, as the Galaxy understands it, starting at its most basic roots and origins on a species by species basis." Her pet project which she became well known for in the field and received acclaim for was her studies on what has become known as "Galaxy's Child".

  • Ensign Kydy

Kydy graduated from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 239004.15, and was assigned to the USS Vigilant as a Medical Officer, serving under CMO Cmdr Jennifer Malcom.

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg

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