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  • it's orbit is approximately 217 million km from it's star
  • a terrestrial planet with a diameter of 22,439 km (13,943 miles).
  • a density of 3.0 and a gravity of 0.96 G's
  • an axial tilt 15% resulting in minor weather changes due to seasonal changes
  • temperatures are on average 33C during the day and dropping to 12C at night
  • Seasonal changes may affect the weather by as much as +20 or -20 degrees
  • approximately 67% surface water
  • a standard atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.79 earth normal, with nitrogen 77%, oxygen 21% and other gases 2%
  • with a year of 269 days, each day 23.7 hours long
  • primary terrain features are mountains and tropical jungles


  • unknown at this time


  • it has 1 small moon and 1 medium moon
  • Kaclla IIa: is 755 km (472 miles) in diameter, with a density of 3.1 and a gravity of 0.03 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 35,772 km. (22,357 miles)
  • Kaclla IIb: is 2,954 km (1,846 miles) in diameter, with a density of 3.6 and a gravity of 0.15 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 38,627 km. (24,142 miles)


Kaclla II is the native homeworld of the Pifili. The Aarakocra did not appear until more than 500 years ago. They fell from the sky in enormas vessels that lite up the night sky for hundreds of miles. Over night the world now had 2 totally different intelligent races seeking to survive within 1 ecosystem. Fortunately their needs for survival were sufficently different that they were able to co-exist with fairly minor conflicts that never grew in size or degree.



The Pifili have a hereditary system with the leader of the people being called the Overlord. This individual has supreme authority over the people's lives. The chief advisor is called the Viceroy.


The Aarakocra have a Chaste system with those with deep purple feathers forming the government. The supreme head of the government has the title of Prothoa. Below this are the 50 Proth who govern each of the 50 cities of the Aarakocra Union.


The planet has a mild weather pattern with only a rare storm developing that is capable of creating damage. The growing season is more than sufficient to their needs.


They has a fairly diverse ecology with many different types of birds, reptiles, animals and sea life.


Neither species conduct any kind of trade with the other.


According to the last set of cencus numbers they provided to the Federation the Pifili number about 15 million and the Aarakocra number around 10 million.



They prefer to build their communities on level ground with lots of large old growth trees all around. From above the trees almost conceal most comunities. Most buildings are less than 4 stories tall. Only a few buildings per community are usually bigger than this.


They have built all their communities and cities high in the mountains. They are built of native stone and tend to be built into cliff faces or the most extreme verticle slopes. Their ability to fly makes the entire city accessable to them. Over half of any communite is inside the mountain carved from the solid rock.


Both races seem to be fairly close tecnology wise. The Aarakocra use to have a great advantage in certain areas but the Pifili very rapidly closed the gap. Their are still a few major differences between them in this regard. The Aarakocra have better flying, defensive and medical tech. The Pifili have better offensive, transportation and material production tech.

Space Capability

On 238607.07 during a diplomatic mission to the system by the USS Challenger-A, the crew were able to perform a number of scans of the various vessels in the system. The results of thoses scans have been uploaded to the Federation data base. Prior to this very few details were known about their ships and their capabilities.

However due to a major space battle that occured while they were in the system all of the Aarakocra space craft were destroyed and over 90% of the Pifili ships were as well.

Federation Intelligence Files

On Stardate 238503.08 Fleet Captain T'Pen and the crew of the USS Challenger visited Kaclla II. This was in response to their request to join the Federation. However members with in the 2 different races liveing on the planet objected to the need for a unified world government first and joining the Federation as well. See Federation Intelligence File CHL-2385-0214.

On Stardate 238608.11 while Fleet Captain T'Pen and the crew of the USS Challenger-A were in orbit a war broke out between the Pifili (Felines) and the Aarakocra (Avians). The war started in space when a single Avian destroyer opened fire on 2 Feline destroyers. In the ensueing battle both sides suffered massive losses. See Federation Intelligence File CHA-2386-0352