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"Fighting Stones" By Hugh Barnes

Details coming at the end of the mission.

Just some general information as I read through the sims. I am leaving the actual wording of the sim as much as possible, to preserve any urtext that was developed. I think someone who "lived" through the events should do a re-cap of the main plot lines, its confusing to experience just by reading. This is all background.

The History of Kallca In ancient times the wise ones kept peace on Kallca, while they traveled through the skies. My people were happy and had no worries, but then the wise ones made a mistake and brought the Avians here, thinking that they would be a food source for the Felines. But although some of the early Avians were eaten, my people found them distasteful, so the Avians were freed and banished to the mountains. We co-existed in peace as long as they stayed in the mountains, but the wise ones were displeased with us for not accepting their gift of food and left us the machine. My father told me that using the machine we learned how to make the fisheries, and other things we needed. When the wise ones came, they mated with the early Felines, and as far as I know, all Felines are now descendants of the wise ones. So the machine was not hard for us to master, but it was my father who figured out the complexities of sky travel. His dream was to find the wise ones. When the revolution began, my father broke the stone key to higher calculations. He said it was too much temptation for any one person not to destroy the Avians. He put two of the pieces in places where I would have much difficulty getting to them. And in places where the Avians could not find them in case they succeeded in capturing the palace. Theo brought me one of them, and my father entrusted me with one. So now I have in my possession two of the stones. With all three stones I can open the calculations and bring peace back to Kallca, but that would mean the destruction of the Avians, and I don't want to do that.

Avian Species Colouration of the feathered ruff: deep purple, dull brown, jade green The ruff signifies the cast. Purple for Leadership. Brown for security, Jade for Managerial. Prime Minister Withaaa -- the leader of the Avian people. The Great Hall - huge room, can be flown in

Feline Species Human sized, ears and head was atypical of Earth's domestic cats but with a face of a human. The upper body and arms are also humanoid, with the exception of the paws for hands. From the waist down they are totally catlike - furred and muscular legs giving the appearance of being extremely agile. Viceroy Whiskers Milady Purrcilla Mia-ow -- was a teenager - she is some sort of royalty who lives in a palace They sit on pillows, use scratching posts, and other play things suitable to amuse a kitten. The Feline's appear to be advancing faster, they are launching ships into space to see "what's out there" Rul Grawl is another Feline character.

Feline Palace - Cyrus A staircase to the basement level. The entrance was gaurded. The room on the other side of the guarded area. It was a large room but seemingly nothing more than another guest quarters. At the end of the room was a large fire place. The fireplace seemed real enough but it was too deep to be a standard fireplace. A switch on the wall shifted slightly to reveal a small entrance way - a pitch black cavity. The only natural light was from the room ,the walls were closed in. It was only about 5 ft high and quickly came out the other end of the cavity and found a small doorway. The doorway opened into another cavity. At one end was a full size wooden door. The door led to the corridor that was gaurded. Sure enough there was a hatch beneath him that appeared to be locked. The door was clearly designed to be very very heavy and would take 3-4 people to lift it. Underneath the heavy metal slab up, it was dark the other side, leading down to a stone staircase, narrow and imposing, there was no sign of any light from the other side.

Interesting Side Notes A cloak - made from meta-materials which cause electro-magnetic distruptions causing the light to flow around the object in the same way that flowing water flows around something placed in it.

Whthaaa: ::Looking around the Room:: My people traveled across 10 light years of space, in ships that were falling a part. Our systems' star cluster went supernova just after we left. The impact of that nova damaged 90 of the 400 ships that left. That was two hundred years ago. Most of my people don't know any other planet than the one below us. ::Looking at Purrcilla:: None of us like change, but it's time we began to work as one, rather than two races.

T'Pen: We only know you as Avian and Feline. What are your races?

Purrcilla: Felines were known as Pifili.

Withaaa: We were once called the Aarakocra.

T'Pen: And now you are both Kallacians. No longer two separate entities occupying the same planet.