Jovenan (alternate)

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Alternate Universe
Mediator JG
Edo Divine Fleet
Science Officer
In Defence of USS Artemis 2400
237310.26 240011.11
Rubicun III USS Artemis
Aged 27
Species Edo
Gender Female
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For the Prime Universe counterpart, see Jovenan.

Mediator JG Jovenan was an Edo Divine Fleet officer. Before her death, she was serving on a secondment as a science officer aboard the CIC Desdemona. Born on the Edo homeworld in 2373, she enrolled in the local University of Lahdin in 2390. Upon graduation with degree in Cosmology, she entered the Divine Fleet Academy. In 2397, she received the commission as Inquirer and was posted to the Divine Fleet Research Institute, earning a promotion to Mediator JG a few years later. In 2400, she was seconded to the Interstellar Fleet ship CIC Desdemona.

After the Desdemona accidentally travelled to another universe, Jovenan began a romance with Vitor Silveira, an officer serving on USS Artemis-A. When the crew of the Desdemona attempted to take over the Artemis, Jovenan sided with the Artemis crew. She was killed by the captain of the Desdemona when she tried to stop the attack.


  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

Early life and education

Jovenan was born on Rubicun III, the Edo homeworld. Her community was also a home to hundreds of Commonwealth refugees and their decendants. Jovenan had very little contact with the realities of the War, owing to the fact that the Edo had been outside the Shint War for its entire duration, although she had heard stories from the refugees. As a small child, she also got to observe how the society on her homeworld changed dramatically, as the Edo organized themselves into one of the few remaining free worlds of the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2390, she was accepted to the University of Lahdin Bachelor Programme in Cosmology, in the neighbouring community. The University, like all schools of higher education on Rubicun, had been founded only a few years before she enrolled there, with much help from the refugees and the Edo God. She excelled in her studies, graduating in 2393.


Divine Fleet Academy

After her graduation from the University of Lahdin, she became interested in the Divine Fleet and the possibility to aid in her planet's preparation to join the war against the Shint. She joined the Divine Fleet Academy in 2393. Her decision to major in science had been obvious to her before applying to the Academy. Already having a degree in Cosmology, she further specialized in the study of theory behind reality altering. She graduated 2397 and was promoted to Inquirer.

Divine Fleet Research Institute

After her graduation, Jovenan was posted to the Divine Fleet Research Institute, the top-most scientific body on Rubicun III and possibly the entire Alpha Quadrant. Her studies in the reality altering earned her a posting in the unit dedicated to the studying the Shint reality weapons. Although they only had a limited access to empirical data from the weapons themselves, the unit managed to improve the Divine Fleet's understanding of the weapons. For her contributions to the unit and the Institute, Jovenan was promoted to Mediator JG in 2399. Due to her assignment to a research body and the fact that the Divine Fleet wasn't in open conflict with the Shint, she had no combat experience and she had never been in a real firefight.

CIC Desdemona

In 2400, the Shint War was reaching its most crucial point as the Commonwealth was predicted to fall within a year. The Divine Fleet decided to take the first steps to joining the war by sending officers to join the Interstellar Fleet ships. Jovenan was one of these officers, and she was seconded to the Interstellar Fleet ship CIC Desdemona. After successfully stealing a set of prismagons from a Shint vessel, Jovenan and the rest of the Desdemona crew accidentally travelled to another universe. Jovenan was killed after she tried to stop the Desdemona crew from taking over USS Artemis, a ship from that universe.

Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now (Artemis)

Part of the mission is played with primary characters. See Jovenan for details.

Soon after Jovenan joined the Desdemona, Major Didrik Stennes showed information the Interstellar Fleet Intelligence had acquired and informed the crew that they would steal a prismagon, a key component of Shint reality weapons, from a Shint ship. Jovenan was ordered to join a team lead by Lt Colonel Genkos Adea and consisting of Captain Luana Yellir and 2nd Lieutenants Lux, Gila Thevn and Kuva. The team's objective was to study and implement new version of prismic shields, which would hopefully provide the infiltration team some protection from the Shint weapons.[1] Despite the somewhat cold reaction from her teammates to her presence and the bad shape of the scientific equipment in the tactical science lab, the work started off well.[2][3] Focusing on the installing the shield generator to the shuttles, Jovenan worked with Lux.[4]

During the preparation of the shield generator, Jovenan found time to visit her quarters. While there, she contacted her liaison in the Divine Fleet and reported the plans of the Desdemona crew to them, asking further orders. She was told to resume assisting the crew in attempting to steal a prismagon. She also received orders for the case that the Desdemona crew succeeded in the operation.[5]

When the attack began, Jovenan was assigned to the strike group. She, together with Ares Dakora, Harry Sato, Savel, Lux, Thevn and J boarded shuttle Don Pedro in Turkana IV Deadzone Debris Field. The shuttle was fired upon by the Desdemona, after which Jovenan activated the shields to cover their life signs, in ruse to make them appear dead to the nearby Shint cruiser.[6] While the Desdemona engaged the Shint cruiser, the shuttle breached the cruiser's hull and forced their way in.[7]

When onboard, the shuttle team was divided in two, and Jovenan joined Dakora, Thevn and J to find and take the prismagon from the Aft Control Room.[8] They found their way to the prismagon reactor room, where Thevn and Dakora fought the Shints. During the close contact combat, Jovenan and J disconnected the prismagon just before the Shints were firing the weapon against the Desdemona. Snatching the prismagon with them, they fled back to the maintenance tunnels they had used to come to the reactor room.[9]

On their way back to the shuttlepod, they came across with a group of Mizarian slaves. They stole the prismagon the slave team had been transporting. Soon after, they were spotted by a Shint security, with whom they engaged in a firefight while running away. They were rescued by a blast door closing after an explosion behind them engulfed the pursuing Shints. Finding their way to back to the shuttle, they prepared to leave when Sato and Savel managed to come aboard the last seconds. The other team had also gotten a prismagon, but they had lost Lux. The shuttle left the Shint cruiser. Jovenan worked hard to keep the shields up under the barrage of the cruiser. Suddenly, the prismagons activated, and while trying to deactivate them, Jovenan hit her head to a bulkhead. They were entirely engulfed by bright light emitting from the prismagons.[10]

Jovenan woke up in another universe, on a ship called USS Artemis-A, a Starfleet ship. Resting in her temporary quarters there after being treated by the doctors on the Artemis, Jovenan was visited by her counterpart in that universe, also called Jovenan. Jovenan learnt that the Divine Fleet doesn't exist in this universe, and the alternate Jovenan is instead a science officer in Starfleet, serving on the Artemis. Jovenan tried to persuade alternate Jovenan to help her, appealing to their shared faith while claiming the Edo God is in matter fact the same across multiple universes.[11]

Deciding she needed allies and information, Jovenan approached Victor Olivera, Desdemona tactician. While flirting with him, Olivera introduced her to Vitor Silveira, Olivera's counterpart and Artemis' chief tactical officer. Seeing her possibility to learn more of the weapons the Artemis had used and destroyed the Shint vessel, Jovenan tried seducing Silveira.[12] The attempt failed, however, as Silveira realized her intentions and refused to share information. Instead, he flirted back and invited her to a holodeck.[13]

Silveira introduced Jovenan to the holodecks and activated a romantic Vienna Imperial Palace programme he had created. They changed to dance ball outfits, Jovenan in long, embroidered dress and Silveira to time appropriate uniform. Silveira (and the holographic audience) kept flattering her, and they danced waltz together. Their suspicions lessened, and they enjoyed their time together, captivated by each other.[14] After the dance, they went to rest and watch the starry night sky at a balcony, where they kissed.[15]

The next day, Adea (of her universe) asked Jovenan, J and Kuva join him and Yellir to the Desdemona Computer Lab. He informed them they will try and crack some Artemis weapons data. Jovenan questioned their plan, unwilling to violate the trust of their counterparts, attack a non-hostile ship and hurt Silveira with whom she had fallen in love. She, however, decided to assist the team in fear of them becoming violent against her, but she also begun to plan a way to contact the Artemis and warn them of Desdemona crew's plan of capturing the Starfleet ship.[16][17]

As the team begun to crack the data protection, Jovenan grew anxious as her opportunities to warn Silveira and the Artemis were becoming minimal. Desperate, she decided alterate the computer core cooling system in way that would be visible to the Artemis sensors. She sent an encoded message that was likely unintelligeble to anyone except another person who knew Rubicun Edo language, hoping the Artemis crew would notice the fluctuation, correctly assume it's a message and the Prime universe Jovenan recognizing and decoding the message. The message was cut short as the team manage to gain access to the data.[18] The team, however, discovered her betrayal, leading Colonel Addison MacKenzie (who had joined to observe their progress) to pull a weapon against her. Jovenan stated that her obligation as an Edo mediator was to stop crimes and punish criminals, but didn't fight against the others at that moment.[19]

Interrogating her with J, Adea entered Jovenan's mind and, despite her efforts to defend herself, he managed to find out that Jovenan had been romantically involved with Silveira. Threatening her life with limited success, Adea said he would harm Silveira should Jovenan not comply, forcing her to agree to accompany them to the Artemis and help them use the prismagons to return to their universe with the Starfleet ship.[20] When the team prepared to beam over to the Artemis, Jovenan asked what they were planning to do to the Artemis crew. After they responded with intention to kill most of them, Jovenan decided that she would find a way to fight the Desdemona crew if she got a chance.[21]

Aboard the Artemis, Jovenan was forced to follow MacKenzie and J as they retook the prismagons from the Hazardous Materials Lab. Apalled by J killing a scientist in the laboratory, Jovenan wanted more urgently to stop them from taking over the ship. After they acquired the prismagons, MacKenzie and Jovenan resumed to the Deck 15, walking towards the Tertiary Command Processors. They were however stopped by a security patrol. MacKenzie tried to convince the patrol that she was Captain MacKenzie of the Artemis. When the security patrol called Adea – whom Jovenan knew to be a fraud – in order to confirm MacKenzie's identity, Jovenan revealed to everyone that MacKenzie was an imposter. She tried sprinting away, hoping to reach a corner in order to get away from the direct line of fire. When Lt Commander Talos Dakora entered the corridor and ordered everyone to stop, Jovenan had to slow down. She was shot to the back by MacKenzie, vaporising her instantly.[22][23][24]


Jovenan's death was announced to Silveira and her counterpart by Colonel MacKenzie via combadge. Silveira was enrage of hearing this, while her counterpart realised her error and began to grief her. They and their team managed to take the Artemis back right after that.[25][26] After the Desdemona and the remainder of her crew was returned to their universe, Silveira remained depressed about Jovenan's death. He later visited Artemis' counsellor, Hiro Jones, talking about his sorrow that went as far as destructive thoughts. Discussion with Jones helped him carry on.[27]

Silveira and Jovenan's counterpart met to discuss a memorial for Jovenan. The stone was provided by Operations officer, Ensign Jaseb Chevalier, and it was placed in the Arboretum with the approval of the Captain.[28][29] Silveira and Jovenan's counterpart held a small Edo ritual by the memorial stone. The stone was placed near an oak tree in a quiet corner of the Arboretum. The black stone with tree decorations featured words “Saudade” and “Jovenan”. Silveira placed a golden, heart shaped piece of jewellery he had intended to give to Jovenan to the stone.[30][31]

Silveira: Nan has taught me about Edo ceremonies, something I didn’t really want to learn. I hope I understood enough of it so that you, where you might be Jo, can find the peace you deserve. ::he took a deep breath.:: Your choices saved us. Rest assured that there is no reason for you to linger on. Our lives carry on thanks to yours.

He took out the necklace from the jewel case, hanging it from the small branch on the left of the headstone, letting the Heart gently down. Tears dropped to his cheeks.

Silveira: And please… Rest knowing that what we shared was beautiful. We will never truly know where our love would lead us. We never had a chance to build something from our feelings. And although I miss you more than I can express in words, I hold you in my heart for as long as I live. Be certain that more than the pain from your loss I find comfort in our love.

He knelled again, resting his hand in her name.

Silveira: Rest in peace my beloved Jo.

Vitor Silveira at Jovenan's memorial[30]


Love interest

  Vitor Silveira
A man worth bending time and space for
Originally, Jovenan tried to seduce Sil to gain access to Prime universe Starfleet weapons data. This backfired when they successfully seduced each other. They went to a holodeck to dance and kiss. Jovenan later betrayed the Desdemona crew to protect Sil.
Silveira: I love the night sky. Ever since I was a kid. My parents are traders but I was raised by my grandparents splitting my time between Earth and Risa. But I always have a preference for Earth. ::he looked down smiling at her. Again losing himself in Jo’s eyes.:: The Moon can brighten any darkness just like you did to me.[15]


  Crew of Desdemona
Enemies of my enemies are my friends, until I turn against them
Jovenan helped the crew to fight the Shints. While neither side actually liked one another, they could cooperate successfully. This changed when they crossed universes and decided to fight the Artemis, which Jovenan couldn't accept and she turned against them.


Service Record
Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2397 Divine Fleet Academy Cadet
Inquirer 2397 - 2399 Divine Fleet Research Institute Science officer
Mediator JG 2399 - 2400
2400 CIC Desdemona Science officer (secondment)


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