Savel (alternate)

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Alternate Universe
For the prime universe counterpart, see Savel.
CIC Desdemona
Position Special Warfare Operator
Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 237808.14
Age 22


  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 197 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green

Family and Early Life

  • Mother: T'Raya
  • Father: Sendet

Savel's parents are both members of the Unified Resistance, which was a hurried alliance created between the Vulcan and Romulan peoples at the start of the Shint War after it became clear that survival was impossible on their own. Sendet and T'Raya are both respected leaders inside of the Resistance, responsible for a group of cells still operating inside of the Borderlands which remains one of the few places still outside of the direct control of the Shint. Their involvement with the Resistance meant that Savel was a part of the war from his birth. It's all he has ever known. Very little of his childhood could be described as normal, which was the case for a lot of children born into the Resistance, and even the galaxy as a whole at this point. Vulcan teachings also evolved as a result of conflict with the Shint as a clear need for skilled warriors became urgent. No longer did Vulcans teach their offspring to control their emotions and use logic as their primary guiding principle in life. Ancient teachings were restored as the Vulcans slowly began to resort to their old ways as a warmongering society.

Resistance Service

As soon as Savel was old enough, he was pressed into service with the Resistance. In his younger years, he did what he could around any territory that his parent's cell happened to occupy. It was never for long though, they had to stay on the move out of fear of being discovered by the Shint. It wasn't until his teen years that Savel finally started to venture outside of the gaze of his parents. He'd join in with different strike teams on missions that were deemed to be of lower risk. Enough so that he was involved but not exposed to the near-suicide level danger that most of their operations consisted of. His parents were only able to keep him away from that life for so long, and eventually, he found himself leading teams of his own out on missions. They were simple, yet surgical strikes on small yet important targets. Anything that might hinder Shint operations in an area was seen as the perfect place for the Resistance to attack. Their goal was to get in quickly and leave even faster.