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USS Columbia
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Jason (Jas) Holza
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237004.10
Age 31
Birthplace Tarka, Lotha Province, Bajor

Ensign Jason Holza is currently serving as a (your duty post) aboard the (USS Your Ship).


  • Height: 6ft 2 inches (1.96 m)
  • Weight: 104 kg (230 lbs)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Athletic
  • Distinguishing Marks: Heavily tattooed upper back and shoulders which includes his mother and sister's names on the left side of his neck in plain Bajoran script. The symbol of the Bajoran religion, and by extension, Bajor, on his left pectoral. With a coin sized gap of fresh, uninked skin from a healed bullet wound. B'hava'el star system, all fourteen planets, their many moons, the Denorios Belt, and celestial temple. All displayed on the same black spacescape that comes over his right shoulder, goes down his back past his waste, and across to his left. There is an exit wound sized gap in the design over his left shoulder blade. On his left shoulder, almost reaching to his elbow, is a pin-up of a 23rd century Starfleet Yeoman, skirt uniform and all; it's a little tacky, but very well done.


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  • Father (Biological): Anthony Wood, Civilian Engineer - Deceased
  • Father (Adoptive): Holza Zan, Businessman - Cava Fruit Plantation
  • Mother: Holza Sandra (Formerly Wood), Lecturer at the University of Ashalla
  • Sister: Holza Amn, Sophomore Cadet - Starfleet Academy, Earth.
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


The Human Jason Wood was born on Bajor early in the rebuilding period that began in the years that followed the end of Cardassian occupation. He was raised in a simple farming community in Lotha Province by his mother Sandra and adoptive father Zan. His biological father Anthony died just before Jason's first birthday in an antimatter explosion whilst working as a civilian engineer on the Bajoran moon Derna.

Originally holding ambitions of becoming a scholar or a teacher like his mother, he eventually decided to enrol in the Bajoran Military Academy. His efforts and application earned him acceptance into the Space Patrol Training Program, a significant achievement for an 'off-worlder'. As time went on, more and more of the Bajoran military was absorbed into Starfleet, so instead of continuing his career with the Militia he also took the plunge and joined Starfleet. Enlisting was the only route as he did not meet the Starfleet Academy's academic entry requirements at the time.

After fleet basic, Jason was assigned to the USS Traveller as Crewman Apprentice in the Operations Department. He served on the Traveller for several months before the ship was ambushed near the Cardassian border and left adrift and thought lost by Starfleet. Once the Traveller was recovered, he received mandatory medical leave before being transferred to Security Occupational training on Betazed, on the recommendation of the ship's counsellor on the basis that his personality and disposition fitted the role well.

Jason spent most of that period guarding weapons lockers and being drilled in anti-boarding procedures and evacuation duties. He persevered for 8 months until he decided against re-upping his enlistment.

Jason spent the next year living back on Bajor, working labour and security jobs, and living with a female friend named Elin, who was attending the Bajor Institute of the Arts. The relationship became terminal within a year, and Jason began to have difficulty keeping work. So, without somewhere to live and no job, he re-enlisted.

For the next two years, Jason served in security aboard the Steamrunner-class USS Boudicca, earning himself a spot on the ship's close protection unit as the ship explored deep space in the Gamma Quadrant. While aboard he took on additional studies taking condensed Starfleet courses. He graduated with a major in Security, with a minor in Communications/Operations.

Near the end of his tour on the Boudicca, he applied for a Starfleet commission based on his security experience, with letters of recommendation from his current master-at-arms and commanding officer. His application was approved and he was subsequently enrolled in an officer training program at the Starfleet Academy annex on Beta Ursae Minor I.


While unable to be a pacifist, Jason detests violence, and is rather sensitive to it. Unnecessary use of force angers him, but he loves his line of work, enjoys training the skills required, and is proud of his abilities when they are required. Everything about how he holds himself and how he moves suggests that he would be willing to fight, perhaps even aggressive. The truth of it though is he is guarded, and always a little anxious, never truly relaxed unless he is alone or in an agreeable environment.

New situations make him nervous, not knowing how to act, or how others will act will fluster him, not being familiar with his surroundings makes him uncomfortable, and he relaxes into them somewhat slowly. This is one of the reasons he remained on Bajor as long as he did. The comfort of familiarity allows the typically laconic Jason to become somewhat affable, someone who likes talking about things of interest and absurdity with his co-worker and is tactful enough to calm down a situation between a drunken Andorian Ambassador and a Tellarite General, or at least end it without making it worse.

He lives a mostly spartan, simple life. This does not mean that his life is a lonely or leisure-less one though. Rather, he is a quiet, affable person who keeps his social sphere and wants small. Often, when he desires focus or needs to calm down or rest, Jason will simply want to be alone. He values anyone who can appreciate this and in turn keeps a respectable distance from things that don’t concern him and cause no harm. Although human, Jason has fully embraced the Bajoran culture including the religion. He wears an ear-cuff and is a devout believer in the Way of the Prophets.

Jason is purposely tolerant and welcoming of the many different cultures he has come across, finding the infinite variation both inspiring and enduring. He is especially inclined towards cultures with liberal leanings, as well as those that place a special value in personal freedom. On the other hand, he has certain professional and personal grievances against certain foreign groups bordering Federation space, if not the peoples whom form them and the ideals they claim. Jason is experienced in the mundane task of protecting important, and demanding, persons, a role somewhere between bodyguard and yeoman.

He has experience with planning routes, searching buildings and vehicles for threats, performing background checks, precision piloting, and escorting diplomats through their day to day activities, as well as various other small unit operations and roles. His previous Militia occupation was an enlisted instructor, because of this he holds instructor qualifications in small arms, use of force, and hand-to-hand combat and has had numerous past combat experiences. Training is done religiously, to maintain a high level of performance. This specialisation in security has limited his experience as a tactical officer, undertaking such duties during just one previous assignment. He will freely admit this and is currently intent on improving his effectiveness as a bridge officer. Jason is somewhat better at operating a shuttlecraft, due to his time working as a close protection specialist.

Jason speaks several languages: Bajoran (received dialect and Lotha province dialect), received Cardassian (as well as written) Federation Standard, and Ferengi trade pidgin. He uses languages as a spearhead to understand other cultures. However, while an understanding of language and culture helps when you encounter a new one every day, it does not help you understand what the science officer is saying or what the engineer's metaphor is supposed to mean. This persistent lack of grasp of science is a constant thorn in his side.

While to call Jason a workhorse would be an insensitive use of the archaic idiom, as well as incredibly Terran, it wouldn’t be inaccurate. While he’s usually inclined to take care of himself, if a situation requires that he push himself, whether it be physically or mentally, Jason won’t stop until he breaks. This can be from a days’ long blitz of tasks or a months’ long accumulation of stress, and either way he will begin to get frustrated and unfocused, as well as temperamental.

Jason would ultimately like to teach at one of Starfleet’s academies, though he has the much more practical ambition of establishing himself as a good strong Starfleet Officer. As a child, his favourite challenge was a form of poem his adoptive father taught him that made use of the Bajoran writing system’s octadic rotational characters, though he typically just likes to read, everything from fiction to peer reviewed articles.

He was also taught pre-occupational martial arts as a child. Building on his Bajoran Militia training, he has been able to further his knowledge of it, reconstructing techniques and exercises from old text and collaborations with other practitioners, in turn using it to supplement his Starfleet training. He also enjoys reading the writings of pre-occupational masters and learning other people's training methods. He also enjoys most activities associated with Bajoran moon camping.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239605.27 Graduated Starfleet Academy Security
Ensign 239606.18 - Present USS Columbia (Security Officer)
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Lieutenant JG (Stardate you were placed on your second ship) - (When you left) USS Your second ship (Your duty post)
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Lieutenant (Stardate you were placed on your current ship) - Present USS Your current ship (Your duty post)

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2396
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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